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In this article, we will learn how to use keyword everywhere extension to search keywords for your blog post.

Keyword everywhere extension help you to keyword research data directly on to your google search results and also provides recommendations related to these keywords.

Before you start writing the article on your blog it is important to carry our three things:

It is important for all bloggers to carry out the checks and balances mentioned above before to start posting on your website and announce the world about your website.

Your website should be hosted with a reliable hosting provider to get SEO. In my next article, I will explain why a good hosting provider is important for website SEO.

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Installing Keyword Everywhere Extension

Keyword Everywhere Extension comes for chrome and Firefox browser.

Remember the procedure is the same for both chrome and firefox

Go to

Click on install on Chrome Or install on Firefox button

keyword everywhere extension homepage

Once you click on add to chrome button you will get a popup message. Just click add extension button on that.


Once you successfully added the extension you will be redirected to the next page to enter your email address.

This step is important as keyword everywhere extension works on API. To get API you need to enter your email address on the above page.

Once you add the email address – Just click on Email me API Button.

Go to the email address you entered in the previous step.

You will receive the API key on the email mentioned in the previous step.

Click on the link API Key here or copy paste the URL mentioned in the email.

keyword everywhere extension access api key

Once you click the link you will be taken to the next page where you can find the API key.

keyword everywhere extension api key

Copy the API key from the page.

Now find an iconkeywords-everywhere icon on the right side of chrome address bar.

Click the icon and click on update settings.

keyword everywhere extension update settings

Once you click on update settings button, a new tab will be open in chrome where you will be asked to enter the API key you copied previously.

keyword everywhere extension enter api key

Enter your API key and click on validate. You will receive a success message and your installation is completed.

How To Do Keyword Research

Go to google chrome and enter the keyword on which you want to do the research. Once you click to search the results will be displayed on google chrome.

keyword everywhere extension research on keyword every where

Just below the search bar, the various results parameter will be displayed the keyword you entered.

  • Monthly Search volume of the keyword you entered
  • Cost per click cost of the keyword
  • Competition of the keyword

Keywordeverywhere extension also facilitates you to find the keywords related to your search. This feature helps you to find the exact keyword or multiple keywords on which you want to write the blog post.

To find related keywords just scroll down the results and at the end of the page, you will find the related keywords.

keyword everywhere extension research related results in keyword everywhere

How To Save Your Keyword Search

If you want to save the keywords research you have carried out for future reference then you can do the same with keyword everywhere extension.

Click on the star icon below the search bar and click. Your keyword will be saved.

add keywords to keyword everywhere extension

If you want to save all the related keywords also then just click on Add All Keyword at the bottom right of the page. All keywords related to your search will be saved.

To check your saved keywords go to keyword everywhere extension icon and click on My favorite keywords. All the keywords you have saved until now will be displayed.

my favorite keyword in keyword everywhere extension

You can also save the result in CSV, Excel and pdf format or directly take the printout.

my favorite keyword result keyword everywhere extension

If you want to bulk upload the keywords then go to keyword everywhere icon and click on bulk upload. A new tab will open where you can enter the keywords one below the other and upload them.

bulk upload keyword everywhere extension

Bulk upload helps you to check the results of multiple keywords at the same time. It also helps you find the best keyword suited to your post or article.

Keywordeverywhere extension is free and helps you to carry out extensive keyword research.

Apart from using the tool, you should also know how to carry out the keyword research before writing a blog post. You should also know how multiple keywords can be optimized within one single post.

Optimizing multiple keywords in one post will help you get more visitors to each keyword.

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