15 WordPress Fashion Store Templates to Try Out If You’re In a Rut

The thing is that opening an online store is much easier than doing it offline. At least, it takes much fewer funds to start. However, the choice of a suitable theme may take time since there’re so many variants. Yes, you can say that sometimes a custom-made design is better. And I would agree that it’s true for a small number of cases. Still, it’s often more convenient to choose a ready-made layout since managing them will require minimal technical skills.


wordpress fashion templates

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We all know that nowadays online stores represent serious competition for offline stores. Obviously, lower business expenses and the absence of geographical restrictions are among the most considerable explanations.

It also means that they’re more attractive prices for customers. Naturally, the popularity of online stores with clothing, shoes, and accessories only continues to grow.

The thing is that opening an online store is much easier than doing it offline. At least, it takes much fewer funds to start. However, the choice of a suitable theme may take time since there’re so many variants.

Yes, you can say that sometimes a custom-made design is better. And I would agree that it’s true for a small number of cases. Still, it’s often more convenient to choose a ready-made layout since managing them will require minimal technical skills.

Best Fashion Store Templates

I’ll try to make it easier for you with a list of 15 the most interesting business WordPress themes out there.

1. Clairesclaires fashion template

Details | Demo

This is the template that includes a lot of advantages. Catchy and spectacular design isn’t the only one of them. With the help of a builder, which is very easy to operate, you can work out a perfect look of your home page.

The great Ajax search will help visitors to find the necessary information in the blink of an eye. You’re also getting an attractive interface.

Thanks to the thoughtful usability – all the buttons, sections and icons are placed right where they belong.

The filters, functional elements and numerous modules of the store are already displayed on the relevant product pages.

2. Gracegrace fashion template

Details | Demo

The minimalistic template, one look at which would be enough to understand that it can impress Like a lot.

Its adaptive design will allow anyone to familiarize themselves with the range of products, regardless of which exact device they use. The regular customers will be able to receive messages about the collection updates if they subscribe to the newsletter.

Luckily, all they need is one click to pull this off. The good news is that you don’t need to be a master of coding. The installation process won’t take long so that you can get right to the business.

An extra tip from me: don’t forget about translating your website into several languages to expand its audience.

3. Nodanoda fashion template

Details | Demo

This is a multifunctional template that can be easily customized according to your needs. It gets installed with just one click, in a matter of minutes.

This is an important factor for those who do not want to spend a huge amount of time creating their online store.

The potential online project will be compatible with all of the popular browsers. This means that no user will leave the online store empty-handed, frustrated or angry.

One vital bonus to add is a protection pack from the hacker. Otherwise, there’s a sad possibility of setting up a perfectly functioning site only to have it later damaged.

4. Foxyfoxy fashion template

Details | Demo

This stylish looking template will definitely inspire quite a number of visitors to do a little shopping in the online store. Its sleek and refined image plays up to modern fashion trends.

It means that you can create a website that stands out from the crowd but in an elegant way. There’re so many user-friendly features available in this template that can make a significant difference in the shopping experience.

For example, people are able to add products they like to their wish lists. In addition, they will be able to compare them with each other in order to make the right choice.

5. Verdangoverdango fashion template

Details | Demo

The selection of fashion templates would be incomplete without this one. It includes multilingual and multicurrency support.

Thanks to these great features, the audience of the online store visitors will definitely be several times larger. You’ll also be able to cover a lot more in terms of the virtual territories.

It’s a right fit if your vision gets somehow limited by the situation in the country you’re currently in. For example, you’re dreaming of a fancy boutique but it doesn’t seem to be in demand.

The aforementioned details downplay the impact of such geographically given factors. In addition, a wonderful slider will help to present the hot offers or new range products in the best possible way.

6. Woostroid2woostroid2 fashion template

Details | Demo

This template for a fashion store offers more up to 6 design options for the home page and all of them look modern and relevant in 2019.

The stylish Woostroid allows curating a blog and there’re interesting tools to familiarize the site visitors with its latest updates. I mean that you get to decide upon the form factor, be it a list or a text icon.

Let alone the demonstration of new products in a convenient slider format and news widgets to showcase exactly what you need to. The best part is that it’s a drag-and-drop kind of thing which almost feels like playing.

It means that you’re free to adjust the page content however you want. Still, even you’ll stumble upon some problems, there’re comprehensive tutorials to guide you through them.

7. Nakesnakes fashion wordpress template

Details | Demo

This is one of the best-specialized templates for the fashion store. It distinguishes itself with a flexible and simple setup and a convenient user interface.

The Live Customizer tool allows you to change the design of your store in a real-time mode. It also allows buyers to easily sort the goods out according to several criteria.

There is a special widget for the carousel of regular, promotional and new products, as well as categories. The theme code is quality written and clean.

It meets all the recommendations of Google, which enable you to get to the top quickly and easily.

In addition, the store is fully adapted for the mobile devices and this feature is really appreciated by the Google system. As well as by the millennial generation of customers.

8. Bambinobambino fashion template

Details | Demo

This would be in handy for those, who are thinking about a fashion store for the kids. Its bright design catches the eye, which is crucial for this specific niche.

Each page is already filled with high-quality demo content, consisting of premium quality images and texts selected by professional SEO-specialists.

Also, there’s Newsletter Subscription option available that allows sharing any important news with the audience.

Thanks to the automatic mailing list, the site owner can inform his regular customers about the discounts, promotions, new arrivals, and special offers.

Comfortable navigation is one of the main advantages of the Bambino template. At the same time, the smart filters help in dividing the products into categories and subcategories.

9. Megamartmega mart fashion template

Details | Demo

The Megamart theme is fully responsive. In simple words, this means that text and indents between the control buttons are easy to see and work with on any device.

In the bundle comes a Revolution Slider plugin, with which you can create beautiful slide shows to advertise your products. For the product catalog, there is a convenient mega menu and a special mobile menu.

Another advantage of this option is a “sticky” header. It remains at the top of the page when the visitor scrolls through the products so that your customers don’t have to go all the way back to the header to open another tab.

10. Modellamodella fashion template

Details | Demo

Inside Modella template you’ll find a new editor for the WordPress websites – Elementor Page Builder. Like all modern tools, Elementor is based on drag-and-drop technology.

This means that in order to create or edit any online page, you just need to select the design element you like and drag it into the editor window. You can also count on the Retina Ready feature for a website.

It’s important considering how many devices on the market are getting high-contrast, high-pixel density Retina displays.

The difference you pay for is in quality and clarity of image and it is significant compared to a regular page-proof.

11. Fabulousfabulous fashion template

Details | Demo

This one is a true gem. Its WPML-ready design allows taking advantage of the stunning visual effects when creating a signature style for the store.

There’s also the Cherry Popups – must-have plugin to inform customers about new products and promotions via email newsletter.

WordPress Social Login is another useful plugin that will help customers to eliminate the boring registration process and enter the website using their accounts in popular social networks.

This is especially good because nowadays most of the people are constantly on the go. Besides, it’s aligned with a tried-to-be-proven sales principle: make the whole buying process as easy as it can be.

12. Donniedonnie fashion template

Details | Demo

This WooCommerce template is easy to set up and use. It integrates with any WordPress theme, has a clean and minimal design, which means your store won’t look strange.

Payments are also easy to set up and you can choose between PayPal, direct bank transfer, cash on delivery or check. It is worth noting the possibility of adding extra payment methods with the various WooCommerce extensions.

Remember: the easier it gets, the more people are willing to pay. You as an owner get some perks too such as integrating with popular accounting software like QuickBooks.

This enables you to handle the accounting aspect of the business like a pro.

13. CartShopcartshop fashion template

Details | Demo

The CartShop template is “light” and doesn’t complicate working with a display window. By this, I mean that it doesn’t distract you with the special effects, complex menus, and other redundant graphic elements.

The pack includes a Premium WordPress Plugin – WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) which is able to transform your website completely in a short time.

It’s a plugin that allows you to build the pages of your site visually (in the literal sense of the word, no programming skills required).

In addition to pages, you can use WPBakery Page Builder and its shortcodes on standard listings, reviews, price lists and on the traditional About Us section.

14. VinShopsupershop fashion template

Details | Demo

The VinShop can boast of flexible design and fast page loading. It’s also well supported and developed so that you’re sure to avoid possible conflicts when WooCommerce releases their updates.

The star of this particular bundle is the Yoast SEO plugin with over 1,000,000 downloads. Here’s why: it gives the webmaster all the keys to create a quality title and description right at the time of writing the new post.

It generates an SEO title and manages to show the webmaster how the outcome looks in the search results.

With the help of Yoast, it’s possible to improve the readability of the text as well. For this purpose, there has been a special tab developed.

15. Stylerstyler fashion template

Details | Demo

Styler has a clean and elegant design with many powerful features behind the scenes. In addition to responsiveness, Styler allows choosing from several premade layouts so that your store works as quickly as possible.

It also allows you to create your own layout. The features include an advanced real-time search, product carousel, product offers, store catalog, powerful customization features such as the impressive range colors and fonts, various title options and a mega-menu.

Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer – both cross-browser and cross-platform are provided.

The social networks icons for sharing information about products, promotions, reviews or articles from the blog are also available. This is very important for the gradual increase of the reference mass flow.

Final Words

Finally, I want to make a little caution. You see, it’s easy to get fascinated by some super-duper heaped-up templates with all the special effects and flash animation.

However, it usually leads to such programming jungles that you don’t know how to get out of it. All while you’ll lose potential customers because of the inappropriate functioning and slow loading of a website.

The only thing you can do then is to remove half of the code and wonder how you got here. The result is unlikely to resemble a good site, by any means.

The solution to the problem is this: focus on the solid foundation. It consists of:

  • large and quality photos of the goods
  • a readable font size of more than 12 px;
  • CTA (call to action) buttons on each page;
  • detailed catalog, side or drop down;
  • sections of reviews and characteristics in the card;
  • understandable section of payment for goods.

All of the variants above provide exactly this while extra functionality inspires your creative spark. So grab one and see how it goes!

If you have come across some other great WordPress fashion templates then leave a comment on this article and we will update it to the list.

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