WPForms Vs Visual Form Builder – Which One is Best For Your Website


WPForms Vs Visual Form Builder

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If you are having struggle with selecting the right contact form plugin for your WordPress site, then today we are going to compare two popular contact form maker plugins.

WPForms and Visual Form Builder both are one of the best online form maker plugins. Both come with enough features at a very reasonable price, it is quite confusing to select one of these.

That’s why in this article we are going to compare them side by side and will try to find out which one is the best contact form builder plugin.

Things to Consider while selecting Contact Form Plugin

Mobile responsive: it makes no sense if you are using a contact form on your website which doesn’t responsive for mobile users. Mobile users are increasing day by day and that’s why make sure your contact form is mobile friendly.

Easy to use: a contact form maker plugin with drag & drop will be better for beginners. It would be very easy to handle that kind of plugins, make sure your plugin has that feature.

Features: Your plugin should have a feature rich in terms of extensions, add-ons, and modules. To build a perfect contact form you should always check the features what you are getting with your plugin.

Pricing: it is one of the most important factors for most of the users that they check before making a purchase. It’s not always been the case if something is costly then it would be better, sometimes the contact form builder plugin offers awesome features at a very reasonable price.

Integration & add-ons: your plugin should have all the essential integration and add-ons, that will help you to make your perfect contact form. Also, your plugin should get easily integrated with other third-party plugins and services.

Security: it would be better if your plugin has an anti-spam feature, it will help your site to avoid spamming.

WPForms Vs Visual Form Builder

If you were looking for a good contact form builder plugin and got confused between these two very popular plugins, then we are gonna help you to find out which one will be the best choice for your site.

Pricing :WPForms Vs Visual Form Builder

We have to find out which plugin is adding more features and value at a cheaper price. And along with that if the plugin has refund policy then it would be better.

Plans & Pricing: WPForms

WPForms is the most popular and powerful plugin which comes with all the required features at a very affordable price. It comes with four plans divided according to features, add-ons, and the number of websites you can use.

1. Basic: Price range: $39/year- In this package, you’ll get all the essential features to make your contact form. You’ll also get a year of support, downloads, and updates. This plan is suitable for only 1 website.

2. Plus: Price range: $99/year- with this plan you’ll get all the features which you were getting with the basic package and along with that you’ll get some extra extensions and add-ons. You can use 3 websites with this plan.

3. Pro: Price range: $199/year- This is the most valuable plan which has all the features you need to build a perfect online form. In this package, you’ll get all features of the plus plan and along with that lots of extra extensions and add-ons. With this plan, you will be able to use 20 websites which is more than enough for most of the users.

4. Elite: price range: $299/year- Elite plan is the costlier plan of WPForms plugin it is no different from the pro plan in terms of features, extensions, and add-ons. The only difference which makes it costlier is with this plan you can use it on unlimited websites.

WPForms also provides 14 days money back guarantee with no questions asked. It is really a good thing that they are so confident with their product if you are not satisfied with their service just raise a return request and they will happily refund your money.

Plans & Pricing: Visual Form Builder

Just like WPForms, Visual Form Builder also comes as a free plugin and its pro version which is known as Visual Form Builder Pro (VFB Pro). In terms of pricing, this plugin is very different from WPForms. VFB Pro doesn’t come as a per year subscription plan, you only have to pay a one-time fee. Let’s have a look at the pricing of Visual Form Builder Pro:

1. VFB Pro: one-time fee: $29 – This is the starting price of Visual form builder pro plugin, this plan can only be used for 1 site and if you want to use addons use have to purchase them separately too. And you don’t have to pay per year again and again for the plugin, it’s a one-time fee.

2. VBF Pro + Add-ons: one-time fee: $69 – with this plan you’ll get what you were getting with VBF Pro and you don’t have to purchase add-ons separately. This plan comes with all of it 6 add-ons included but still, you can use it for 1 website.

3. Developer Bundle: One-time fee: $199 – like the previous two plans, developer bundle is no different in terms of features. Of course, you don’t have to purchase the add-ons separately too, this plan also comes with all of it add-ons included. And the thing makes it different is you can use it on unlimited sites.

The pricing of the Visual form builder is way cheaper than WPForms and that’s only because you only have to pay a one-time fee for VBF Pro. It doesn’t mean that WPForms are expensive, what they offer for the price is actually more than Visual Form Builder.

Winner – Visual Form Builder Pro

Features: WPForms Vs Visual Form Builder

This is the most important quality you should check out while making a decision for a contact form plugin. If your plugin is cheaper and doesn’t offer the required features then how you can build a perfect form for your WordPress site.

WPForms and Visual Form Builder both offers all required features and easy to use for a beginner because they both offers drag & drop builder to their users. Some of the features are similar to each other but let’s compare them to find out which plugin offers more than its rival.

Features: WPForms

WPForms is the most popular and well-reputed plugin for it awesome and easy to use features. With over 2 million + active installations WPForms has crushed the contact form making industry. Lets see the features of WPForms:

  • Drag & Drop Form Builder
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly
  • Instant Notifications
  • Multi-Page Forms
  • User registration
  • Form Templates
  • Smart conditional Logic
  • Entry Management
  • File Uploads
  • spam protection
  • PayPal Addon
  • stripe addon
  • constant contact integration
  • AWeber Addon
  • MailChimp Addon
  • Campaign monitor addon
  • GetResponse Addon
  • Drip Addon
  • Geolocation Data
  • Surveys and Polls Addon
  • Zapier Addon
  • Post Submissions Addon
  • Form Pages Addon
  • Form Abandonment Addon
  • signature addon
  • Offline Forms Addon
  • Form Locker Addon
  • Conversational Forms Addon
  • Form Templates Pack Addon

You can check the more details from here.

Features: Visual Form Builder

Visual Form Builder is a free contact form maker plugin which offers most of the important features for free but still, it has a pro version of it. If you purchase VBF Pro then lets see what are the features it offers to their customers:

  • Easy Interface
  • Rock Solid Validation
  • Form Fields
  • Email Designer
  • Upload Attachments
  • Data Migration
  • Entries Management
  • SPAM Verification
  • Rules Builder
  • Import and Export
  • Fully Responsive
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Unlimited Use
  • Automatic Updates
  • Drag & Drop
  • Multiple Confirmation Options
  • Autoresponder
  • Templating System
  • Bulk Add Options
  • Scheduling
  • Limit Form Entries
  • Save Form State
  • Advanced Validation Settings
  • GPLv2 License

Those were the name of features what you’ll get with VBF Pro, if you want to know in details then you can check all the features from here.

WPFroms and Visual form builder both these plugins are providing all the essential features that are required to make a perfect contact form for your site. Both plugins are beginner friendly as they both offers drag & drop builder.

Still, there is a but always remains, when we are comparing the two really worthy contact form maker plugins. Both plugins have kind of similar features and you can make your perfect online form by using any one of these. But in terms of features what you are getting with WPFroms is way more than Visual Form Builder.

WPForms is providing more features and addons that can help you to improve your contact form even better.

Winner: WPForms (Get 50% Discount on WPForms)

Support: WPForms Vs Visual Form Builder

When it comes to supporting both these plugins are providing good after sale service. If you’ll face any issue with your plugin you can raise a ticket and the support team will assist you as soon as possible.

It is important to make sure that you’ll get good enough support after purchasing your contact form plugin.

I’ve researched a lot to know which plugin is offering a good amount of support and finally got a conclusion that WPForms has a huge support team but also they have more customers too.

Visual Form builder also offers very good support to their customers. You can check the support policy from here.

Even though WPForms has a large number of customers, still somehow they manage their customers little better than Visual Form Builder.

Winner: WPForms (Get 50% Discount on WPForms)

Final Words

In this article, we have compared WPForms and Visual Form Builder plugin and got a conclusion that both the plugins are made for beginners. Both offer no coding required to make a perfect contact form.

Both plugins are easy to manage, easy to use, good enough support and spam protection. In short, you can say they are offering everything we have mentioned above that an idol contact form maker plugin should have.

If you consider pricing then Visual Form Builder has an advantage that you don’t have to pay per year for the plugin, just pay once and the plugin will be yours. So if the pricing is your criteria then you can go with Visual Form Builder.

But if you want more advanced features and add-ons then WPForms offers way more than Visual form builder.

Hope we’ve cleared your doubts if still, you have any questions then feel free to write down your words below in the comment section.

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