Formidable Forms vs Wufoo – Who is the Winner?



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Both formidable forms and Wufoo are most advanced plugins offered by WordPress. But it is not possible both of them will win. Let us discuss some of the features that will make one of them superior. We will do head to head comparison that will help you to decide which on the form is best to use.

Overview: Formidable forms vs Wufoo

Formidable Forms

Before the comparison, you must know what formidable forms are and what are their special features? Formidable forms are easiest plugins offered to you by WordPress experts. Its interactive layout will convince you to must choose them rather than ordinary web forms.


This online form builder is advanced too but is preferable for the web marketers who have high budget. If you are in the confusion between choosing the two, this can only be clear by doing the comparison. Ofcourse, that form will be best that offers better management solutions for your WordPress website.

Pricing: Formidable forms vs Wufoo

Let us start the comparison of both forms. This comparison will help you to take the final decision because we will compare each and every feature.

Whenever the user wants to use, the first thing that he bothers is the price and services offered to him. Let us compare the price and packages of both and see which one is best.

Formidable Forms

The personal licence of Formidable forms starts with $49/year. The elite package come with a pricing of $399/year. But if you are a owner of your few websites or having a small business then we would recommend you to go with the Business package starting from$199/year.

What you can get additionally in formidable forms packages?

  • You can enjoy formidable pro features
  • Lead the active campaign
  • Can use the enterprise package for the number of sites
  • You can do styling with bootstrap


The starter package of Wufoo starts by $14/ month, on the other hand, the personal package of formidable forms start with $39/year. If you want cost-effective solutions with best services, formidable forms are preferable to choose. Wufoo forms are costly and are best for those who have high budget.

What you can get additionally in Wufoo packages?

  • Branding customization
  • Collection of online payments
  • File storage options
  • Management of data effectively and efficiently

We believe formidable forms have much more to offer you. So, why should you look for an alternative? Choose the best one in pricing and services which is formidable forms.

Winner: Formidable Forms (Get Formidable Form Now)

Features: Formidable forms vs Wufoo

Let us discuss the features of both forms. Features most often decide. Which form is best one?

Formidable Forms

  • Integration with MailChimp
  • Communication with other forms
  • Low price & high services
  • Responsiveness
  • A/B testing
  • Drag and drop options
  • Easiness
  • Control logic


  • Integration with MailChimp
  • Free trial
  • Drag and drop options
  • Easiness

Wufoo doesn’t support A/B testing and much more features like formidable forms. Formidable forms have many features to offer you. So, why you are chasing towards Wufoo? Choose the formidable forms and enjoy unlimited features in low price.

Winner: Formidable Forms (Get Formidable Form Now)

Ease of Use: Formidable forms vs Wufoo

This decision is little bit different to take because:

  • Both forms provide drag and drop options
  • Both provide built-in templates to save time
  • Both provide blogs OR video tutorials to help you as a beginner
  • Both support hidden fields
  • Both forms are editable through CSS
  • In both forms, you can have interactive layout of form by using conditional logic
  • Both provide user-friendly layout
  • In Both forms, fields can be created with simple clicks

Additional easiness in Wufoo

Except for all this easiness, the user interface of Wufoo is more supportive. In formidable forms, you must restrictions to keep in touch with the user interface of the WordPress backend.

Similarly, Wufoo allows to directly delete and edit fields, such options are not available in formidable forms.

Winner: WuFoo

Security: Formidable forms vs Wufoo

Is formidable forms secure?

Yes, formidable forms provide you the best security. Its regular scan will prevent you from hacking. You can get the advantage of security recommendations. On your data, regular automated scanning will perform that will keep your data safe.

Is Wufoo secure?

Yes, Wufoo is also secure. It supports SSL that is proof of its security. Your data will move in encrypted form and will remain safe with end to end encryption. Both the forms support SSL and you can install it on the server to enjoy secured from the building.

Winner: Tie (Both are secure)

Integration: Formidable Forms vs Wufoo

Let us see, which type of integrations these forms support.

Integration Formidable forms Wufoo
Does it support Paypal for online payments? yes Yes
Does it integrate with zapier? yes Yes
Does it support storage solutions like Dropbox? yes Yes
Does it support MailChimp? yes Yes

Winner: both the forms have common integrations. So it is difficult to decide which form is the winner. For this scenario, both are equal.

User restrictions: Formidable Forms vs Wufoo

In Wufoo, you will face a drawback; it has still some restrictions for users. While in formidable forms, you should not face such an issue.

What are the user restrictions in Wufoo?

  • In the bonafied plan, you will allow to deal with only five customers
  • For having more than 10,000 entries, you should take extra expensive package

While in formidable forms, you can use unlimited forms, which is a big deal indeed.

Winner: winner is formidable forms (Get Formidable Form Now)

Support: Formidable Forms vs Wufoo.

Support of formidable forms

  • Formidable forms provide you best customer support
  • Its support ticket feature will send the answer to your question into your inbox

Support of Wufoo

  • it offers you technical support for user satisfaction
  • it doesn’t offer you support ticket feature

Formidable Forms can deliver the answer of the question into your inbox. You don’t need to do an extra effort.

Winner: Formidable Forms (Get Formidable Form Now)

Conclusion: Formidable Forms or Wufoo?

After the comparison, we have concluded, formidable forms can offer more. You can enjoy unlimited services by paying fewer amounts. On the other hand, Wufoo offers costly packages for those who have no issue of budget.

We Recommend Formidable forms (Get Formidable Form Now)

Another thing that makes formidable forms superior is its additional features. Formidable forms offer you more feature than Wufoo. Although, both plugins are modified and provide the best form building experience but there are still some limitation in Wufoo. Due to these limitations, we declare formidable forms best.

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