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Advertising Opportunities on Bloggersutra

50% of the traffic is from the US, UK, and Canada alone! We offer many advertising options on our website to help advertisers to get more sales and users to get more discounts.

1. Sponsored Posts

We receive a lot of emails every day from business owners, WordPress product owners, developers, SaaS startups, asking us to cover the launch of their new plugin, theme, or service.

It is impossible for us to keep updated with all the development going around. So here we are with sponsored posts helping you to reach tons of targeted and interested visitors for your products and services.

Your reach to the people is one click away. What you have to do is to send us a unique article for your product and services ( Approx 800 words) along with relevant images (2 – 5 images).

Of course, our team will go through the article suggesting changes if required. The approved article will be posted on our website.

It is not the end here, your article will be placed as the featured article for the Ist month absolutely free, thus helping you to get more conversions. You can always extend the featured article option with some minimal charges.

Some Sponsored posts Examples:

2. Honest Review About Your Products & Services

Want an awesome review? We are now offering this as a service for the first time ever! We don’t outsource the writing on review posts.

They are personally written by Munish Siwatch. We are featured on blogs such as Ahrefs, Moz, Wishpond, TweetDis, Robbie Richards, Niche Hacks, CodeInWP, WP Dev Shed, Torque, Glip, and more.

We will give an honest review of your product or service with a minimum of 2,000 words.

Review posts will appear on our blog and will remain forever, they will go into our social media rotation queue to be shared with all of our followers, and go out via our newsletters and notifications.

Some Paid Reviews Examples:

3. Comparison Articles

Product comparison is the most important thing that people like to consider before purchasing it. Having a good in-depth comparison article with all the popular products available online with that niche will get you more leads.

It will also help to know the shortcomings and work on them accordingly. The comparison post will remain forever on our website and will be updated from time to time.

It is again a great way to generate more and more sales of your product.

Some Product Comparison Examples:

4. Submit Your Theme or Plugin to our Directory

Add your theme or plugin to be featured in our theme directory or plugin directory, a great way to show off your product to our readers. Our directory listings consistently send traffic so you should see recurring sales once it has been added.

Some Themes & Plugins Examples:

5. List Your Deal/Coupon

If you like to get a deal or coupon listed for your product or service on our website deals page, all we require is a unique 500-word description from you and a high-quality image.

The deal/coupon will be listed on the coupons page as well as rotating randomly on the sidebar widget. If you also purchase a review or sponsored post, we can force the deal/coupon to show on the sidebar of your post.

Some Deals Examples:

6. Ad Slots

All ad slots are above the fold for better CTR and impressions. These are premium placements for serious advertisers only.

  • 300×250 – Right Widget on All Pages

Ready? Let’s Go! Contact us for more advertising opportunities.

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