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tamilrockers new link

Are you looking for Tamilrockers new link or latest domain name? If “yes” then you are at the right place. Tamilrockers website links are regularly changed and we update them regularly on our website.

Tamilrockers is among the top website for downloading Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu movies and web series. But the Tamilrockers website links are regularly blocked by ISP providers. Here we have working Tamilrockers new link for downloading the latest movies.

It is a piracy website that is immensely popular among south Indian movie fans. Tamilrockers is a desi version of the internationally notorious Pirate Bay from where one can download content for free via a torrent client (like µTorrent).

Although the Tamilrockers itself is blocked by the government, Tamilrockers can be easily accessed by proxy servers or by Tamilrockers new domain.

Tamilrockers domain name is regularly changed to avoid getting caught.

Let’s find out the Tamilrockers new link for downloading your favorite movies.

Tamilrockers New Link

Tamilrockers links are changed once or twice in a month. It is difficult to find out the Tamilrockers new domain if you are not keeping track of them. Below we have provided the 100% working Tamilrockers new link.

The Tamilrockers new domain is regularly updated. So bookmark this page to be the first one to know the latest Tamilrockers link.

Tamilrockers Latest URL: The 100% working Tamilrockers New Link is – (Active).


If the above link is blocked by your ISP then try the following methods.

  1. Try another ISP provider
  2. Open Tamilrockers new link on your mobile phones
  3. Use Ivacy VPN to Unlock Tamilrockers


The movies are also available on their website on the day of release. If you find a movie released on the online streaming website then no doubt you will find that movie available on Tamilrockers within few hours.

What is Tamilrockers?

Tamilrockers is a free and illigal movie downloading website. The website offers the pirated movies on the day of it release. They offer movies in multiple languages.

They have recently started to upload the various origional series of Netflix, Amazon prime, ZEE5 and Hotstart. You can find all the popolar web series from various providers on their website.

Tamilrockers has made people dependent and the other service providers have to pay for it. With the release of all big-budget movies on the day of release, they have gained much popularity.

Another reason for their popularity is social media and online print media. The day the movie is leaked on the Tamilrockers website, the news will be surfaced all over the internet and of course on the popular news websites too.

With this, the people get more updated knowledge of the movies released on Tamilrockers. The online media has also given the platform for movie piracy website to become popular and more and more people are aware of them.

How Tamilrockers Started?

The TamilRockers admin named Bhaskar Kumar, alleges that the site was formed in 2007 because of Superstar Rajinikanth’s blockbuster movie “Sivaji”. Sivaji was a film made with a huge budget and the producers of the movie producers approched anti-piracy cell personally and filed FIR against piracy.

To avoid the piracy their were raid conducted by the Tamilnadu police on the people running piracy of movies CDs and DVDs. More than 400 shops running piracy were cought and put behind the bars.

Bhaskar Kumar and Daniel Raju (mastermind behind Tamilrockers) got the prior information from the sources and they managed to escape. They wanted to make a fail-proof way of pirating movies.

The best way though of offering the pirated movies through internet on their websites. Most protected way to do this was by using the torrent (peer to peer network).

They use to record the complete movies from the small theatres of record the movies in small durations from multiple sources and finally edit and join all the movies recordings.

The caught admin has provided a lot of insights into the billion-dollar business and he has also provided some shocking information on few producers who support TamilRockers along with their sources.

How to Download Movies From Tamilrockers?

Tamilrockers offers downloading of movies in various methods. Users can directly download the movies from the links or they can select to download it through torrents.

The most important thing is one should know the latest Tamilrockers website url to download the movies.

In this article we regularly update the latest Tamilrockers URL but in case your ISP provider have still blocked the latest URL of Tamilrockers then you can simply follow the simple procedure given below to unblock it.

My favourite of downloading movies from Tamilrockers is via torrent. You just have to download the torrent file and open it in any of the torrent client like utorrent.

Your movie will be downloaded depending on your internet speed.

How to Unblock Tamilrockers Website?

We see that the government is regularly blocking the latest Tamilrockers URL whenever it is popular. To overcome the ban Tamilrockers group is trying hard to update and host the website on alternate links.

But the cache is that you can still access the previous Tamilrockers URL even if it is blocked. Yes, you can do that with the help of cheap VPN services.

I personally use Ivacy VPN for accessing and downloading torrent websites. Ivacy VPN is cheap, safe and secure.

So unblock Tamilrockers with Ivacy VPN and secure your privacy online.

Why Downloading Movies From Tamilrockers is Illigal?

Tamilrockers offers pirated movies on the day of release without the consent of movie makers or producers.

The movie is released over the theatres and the websites like Tamilrockers records the movie illigally from these theatres and upload them on their website for downloading.

This causes huge lossess to the film producers and most of the people download the movies from Tamilrockers and watch them at their home.

Apart from the pirated prints the website also uploads the origional prints whenever available. Due to which the viewers don’t buy the movie CD/DVD from shops.

With increase in digitisation the piracy will keep on increasing and websites like Tamilrockers will keep finding new ways to pirate the movies via various mediums.

We are always against piracy and don’t promote it by any means. If you want to watch the movies and series ligally then you must watch ovies in theatre or on these ligal online streaming services like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, ZEE5, YouTube, Voot, Viu, sony liv.

Tamilrockers Monthly Income

The major source of Tamilrockers forum income is via popup ads. They are using propeller ads media to display popup ads on their website. Once you click on a link on the Tamilrockers forum you will find 3-4 popup ads opening on your browser.

The Tamilrockers admin or the team have not disclosed their income on any media. However, the estimation of their income can be done.

Monthly Tamilrockers Traffic: 2M (approx)

Popup ads: 3-4

Most of the traffic from Asian countries

Approx eCPM: 2$

Approx income= 2M x 2 / 1000 = $40,000 (approx)

This is the estimated income of Tamilrockers forum team and may vary depending on many factors.

Tamilrockers Request Section

There is a request section where people can access after creating an account. If you need anything like a new movie link, software or any login access then you can post your request under this section.

Admins or members will quickly answer your request and new links will be added. you can request for Tamil new movies free download in this section. tamil HD movie download request is very popular in this section.

Currently, the Admin of Tamilrockers has blocked the registrations. So people who are not having an account with them can’t use this service as of know. Maybe in the future, they might open the registration for the public.

Tamilrockers Drawback

This website has unwanted popup and ads. when anyone clicks on anywhere in the website an unwanted popup or some annoying ad appears. using adblocker can help this issue. Another way to stop the unwanted ads is by using free proxy servers to access Tamilrockers website.

The proxy servers will automatically block the popup ads. However, advertisements are the only way for them to sustain and continue their services.

Important Facts About Tamilrockers

  • India comes 4th in accessing the piracy websites.
  • 5 people relate to Tamilrockers were caught on 15 march 2018. Out of which one claims to be the administrator and 4 others are the partners.
  • All people caught were well educated and holding engineering degrees.
  • The per day income of Tamilrockers is $1000 – $3000.
  • All the income they get is through the advertisements they show on their website.
  • Tamilrockers is operated globally having multiple people working for them to record and upload the movies.

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Final Words About Tamilrockers New Link

We will be regularly updating the Tamilrockers latest URL. Tamilrockers domain is regularly being blocked by the ISP providers to control privacy.

If you find Tamilrockers New link is not working then do let us know by leaving a comment on this article and we will update the latest 100% working Tamilrockers URL.


It is difficult to find the latest Tamilrockers domain name and it is not available on the internet too. If you find the latest Tamilrockers new domain name then do share with our readers by leaving a comment on this article.

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