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A contact forms plugin is very essential for any WordPress site. It helps your visitors to contact you effortlessly. If you are looking for a good contact forms plugin and confused between Formidable forms and Gravity forms then read further. In this article, we are going to compare both plugins side by side and try to find out which is the best one.

Formidable forms and Gravity forms both are one of the best contact form builder plugins for WordPress. These plugins are so strategically made by their developers that you can’t be wrong with any one of these.  Both plugins are recommended by most of the popular boggers and reviewers.

If everyone recommends both of these plugins then choosing one of these two might be difficult for you. Both come with tons of fully loaded and essential features, so which one you should use on your site, let’s find out.

The things you should look while choosing a Contact Forms Plugin

Features: The plugin should have all of the essential featured that you need to build proper contact forms on your WordPress site.

Support: You should always check the support before making a purchase of anything on the internet. If you’ll face any issue with your product then their support team will assist you in no time. So make sure that support of your contact forms plugin is good enough.

Ease of Use: If you are a beginner then this might be the essential thing for you. There are lots of plugins are available out there but which one is easy to use as a beginner, try to choose a plugin with drag and drop builder.

Integration:  The contact forms plugin should be integration friendly it should get integrated with other third-party plugins and services.

Management: When it comes to essential features the management is one of the most important factors that you should look after. Make sure you can access all of your plugin’s features from one place WordPress admin panel.

Security: The plugin should easily get integrated with any third party security captcha service to avoid spamming.

Pricing: I don’t think so if you want something best for your site then the pricing will be your first priority until you have a very tight budget. But still, you will get more than what you pay if you are going to choose the right plugin.

Formidable Form vs Gravity Form

Now let’s start the comparison between Formidable Form and Gravity Form according to important characteristics.

Pricing: Formidable Forms Vs Gravity Forms

The first thing any buyer checks the price of any product before making a purchase. Everybody always wants to pay less and at the same time, they expect more in return for what they are paying.

But still, there are many people who want the best they don’t think too much about the pricing of the product, all they want is the quality. Of course, quality is the key to success so you should check the quality of your forms too.

In the comparison of plans and pricing for these two plugins, the one who offers maximum features for the reasonable price will be the winner.

Plans & Pricing : Formidable Forms

You can easily check the pricing of Formidable Form from here. It offers four plans, Personal, Creator, Business and Elite. All these packages are divided according to their, features, support and how many sites you can use.

  • Personal: Price range: $49/year In this package, you’ll get 1 year of Standard support, 1 year of update and all formidable pro features which are listed on their site.

Restriction: Suitable for only one website.

  • Creator: Price range: $99In this package, you’ll get everything in the personal package and standard support, MailChimp, Aweber, MailPoet Newsletters, Bootstrap Forms styling, Bootstrap  Models, User tracking and locations.

Restriction: Suitable for only three website.

  • Business: Price range: $199In this package, you’ll get everything of creator package and
  • Priority support
  • PayPal standard
  • Zapier
  • User Registration
  • User Registration
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Twilio SMS
  • Formidable Form API
  • Datepicker Options
  • Quiz Maker
  • Constant Contact
  • GetResponse
  • Highrise
  • WPML Integration
  • Polylang.

Restriction: Suitable for only fifteen website.

  • Elite: Price range: $399In this package, you’ll get everything of the business package and Elite support, stripe, AIM, WooCommerce, ActiveCampaign, Salesforce, HubSpot, Forms action automation and 1 year of access to style and forms template library.

Restriction: There is no restriction, use for unlimited sites.

Formidable Forms also comes with a lite version which is free and can be downloaded from WordPress plugins store.

There is no monthly pricing in the Formidable Forms plugin you can buy only annual packages according to your need. Although you will get 100% no risk 14 days money back guarantee.

Plans & Pricing: Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms don’t come up with any free version of it. There is only one way to use this plugin and that is you have to purchase a premium subscription.

The pricing of Gravity Forms starts at $59/year, it comes with basic, pro and elite subscription. Although you can check all the plans and pricing of this plugin from here.

  • Basic License: Price Range: $59/year- In this package, you’ll get standard support with basic add-ons. Along with this basic license comes with unlimited form, unlimited entries, conditional logic, multi-page form, file uploads, and automatic updates.

Restriction: Suitable for only 1 website.

  • Pro License: Price Range: $159/year- In this package, you will get everything of Basic license and pro-add-ons.

Restriction: You can use up to 3 websites.

  • Elite License: Price Range: $259/year- In this package you’ll get everything of Pro license with additional elite add-ons.

Restriction: There is no restriction in this package, you can use for unlimited sites.

If you compare the side by side prices of both these plugins, Formidable form is a little bit cheaper than Gravity form.

Winner: Formidable Forms (Visit Formidable Forms)

Features & Add-ons: Formidable Forms Vs Gravity Forms

Both these plugins come with all the essential features and add-ons but we are comparing them with each other to find out which is better.

Features & Add-ons: Formidable Forms

  • Display Forms Data with Views
  • WordPress drag and drop builder
  • Dynamically add forms fields with repeaters
  • User submitted posts & pages
  • Multi-page forms with the progress bar
  • WordPress front end editor
  • Create reports with Graph and chart forms data
  • Cascading lookup fields
  • Powerful calculated fields
  • Smart form with conditional logic
  • Save and continue partial submissions
  • Customize forms HTML
  • Multiple file upload form
  • Confirm email address and password fields
  • Send email autoresponders & notifications
  • Flexible forms layout design
  • Mobile friendly, responsive form
  • Forms templates for Instant forms building
  • Visual forms styler
  • Import & Export entries, form, and views
  • White label forms builder
  • Simple entry management
  • WC accessible form with A11Y compliance
  • Schedule form and limit responses
  • Invisible spam protection
  • Fill out the form automatically

For more details you can directly check out  Formidable Forms features.

Formidable forms have more features than Gravity forms but it’s lacking behind somewhere when it comes to add-ons.

Formidable forms have 28 add-ons which come with its different membership plans. They have 21 more third party addons but if you want to use them you have to purchase them separately.

When it comes to templates Formidable Forms is the clear winner it has 24 different templates considering the applications and 6 different templates for styles.

Features & Addons: Gravity Forms

  • Easy to use, powerful form
  • Conditional Logic
  • Email notifications
  • File uploads
  • Save and continue
  • Advanced Calculations
  • Limit & Schedule form
  • WordPress post creation
  • Fight spam
  • Responsive design
  • For more detials, you can directly check Gravity forms features.

Gravity Forms has 44 add-ons, which is way more than the addons you’ll get with Formidable Form. All these add-ons are divided according to their basic, pro and elite subscriptions.

If talk about templates Gravity Form comes with 13 default templates, you have to customize these form in your way to use.

Winner: Formidable Forms (Visit Formidable Forms)

Support: Formidable Forms Vs Gravity Forms

Support is the most important thing when you are buying any service online.

Formidable forms and Gravity forms both offer very similar kind of support documentation and support ticket system. Both are rated very good and have their own community for a support system.

The knowledge base of both the WordPress form plugins are regularly updated to resolve your simple issues. However, you can almost all the answers related your problems there. But if you don’t find the convincing answer then you can always raise a support ticket for your query.

Winner: Tie

Final Words

So it was the comparison between Formidable forms and Gravity Forms. We have tried to clear your doubts that which is the best option for your site.

But if you want more features, flexibility, easy to use, more templates options with low pricing then obviously Formidable forms would be the best option for your website.

If you want the same features at a higher price then you can go with Gravity Forms.

If you ask me I would like to recommend you Formidable Forms over Gravity Forms. You can get all the essential features at a lower price.

If we have missed any details or if you have any queries then please feel free to write down in the comment section.

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