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Last Updated On: 6 Jan 2018

How to start a wordpress blog free step by step? Starting your own WordPress blog is not so difficult, but before we go ahead you must go through my previous blog where we have discussed basic Introduction to blogging and also about the various platforms that facilitate creating a blog like WordPressJoomlaDrupalWixSquarespaceWeeblyMediumGhostTumblrJimdoBloggerShopifyMagnetoGoogle Sites.

The foremost thing one should work upon before creating a blog is selection on a blogging platform. There are many factors on which selection of platform depends, out of which the major factors which one should keep in mind are:-


The major factors on which the selection of blogging platform depends are:-

  • Type of blog you want to create
  • Selecting domain names for the blog
  • Supported web hosting providers for the platform and cost
  • Basic plugins and themes required for the blog
  • Support availability for the platform

Above mentioned are the basic requirement for creating your own blog else one will land up paying more money for web hosting, WordPress Plugins, and WordPress Themes.

Few of the hosting platforms mentioned above are chargeable, selection becomes an important key structure for creating a blog.

We will be discussing all the above factors in details for better selection of the blogging platform. Currently, we will be restricting our tutorial till creating the WordPress Blog.



If you are reading this article then you must have already made up your mind as to what sort of blog you want to create. I will be covering initially about WordPress platform for developing the blog and in future, we will be discussing other platforms too.

You should be actually knowing what type of website you want to create. Whether it is tutorials website like:

Most of the blogging platform supports all these types of websites with additional installation of some external plugins and themes. After selection of the type of website you want to create then comes the selection of domain name.



The Foremost important thing before starting a WordPress blog is a selection of domain name. The domain is a most important thing as it reveals the content of your blog and how it will be useful to the user visiting the website. 10 things to be kept in mind while selecting a domain name for your website.

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When an appropriate domain name is selected as per your blog theme the most important thing is to select the best suitable web hosting service provider. Frankly telling there are many web hosting service providers in the market offering unlimited hosting at a very cheap price, but not all of them will able to host full-fledged WordPress website. This is due to the installation of a number of plugins and themes for your WordPress blog required for various reasons.

Selecting a service provider without knowledge will make your blog dead slow and you will curse the hosting provider. Read our detailed tutorial for selection of best hosting provider for your wordpress website.

There are many hosting providers which dedicatedly provides the package to host only WordPress website. Remember everyone wants to get more and more traffic to their websites. Please do not select a cheap hosting for initially setting up your blog and then migrating to the better hosting provider.

Cheap hosting service will take you lot of time to set up your blog due to speed. Most of hosting providers will suggest you go for VPS or Dedicated hosting, well we will suggest NOT REQUIRED.

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Most of the people will recommend you to buy the domain name and hosting from the same service provider. Well, it is not necessary always until the time you get a better offer.

If you are getting a better offer separately then you must go for that. An important part in this is interlinking of the separate domain name with the separate hosting provider. Well, it is very simple to learn how to link domain name and hosting provider by NameServer. 



The installation of WordPress does not take much time as most of the hosting providers support direct installation from their control panel.

Go through our step by step installation guide for wordpress via various platforms.

NOTE: If you want installation process by any other method please do leave a comment below. We will cover them in subsequent posts.



Great ! Now you must have successfully installed WordPress by any one of the method mentions above depending on hosting package.We highly recommend fully managed Bluehost WordPress Hosting Package.

Your WordPress admin panel and website must be showing default theme after installation. It is the time to install the best theme depending on your requirements. Our step by step guide will help you in selecting perfect theme for your wordpress website. We recommend themes from the below website as they can be customized as per your requirements.

Till now you must have done with the selection of your theme. Hope you must have found a suitable theme for your website from the above-mentioned links. If you are done with the selection then now it’s time for Installation of theme WordPress admin panel or FTP. 

NOTE: If you want customization of any particular theme or any suggestion please free to comment on this post.



Installation of WordPress theme is completed the customization of the themes will be covered in the later stages.

There are certain important plugins which should be installed after the installation of WordPress. However, the installation process of plugins is almost same as themes but we will recommend you to go through the Installation of WordPress plugins via various methods. Few of the very important plugins recommended by are

17 Essential & Free WordPress Plugins For Your Blog
  • Activate the Akismet plugin(You will need the Akismet API key. This tutorial will help you get your free API key and teach you how to add it to your blog.)
  • Install and activate WordPress SEO by Yoast(This is an amazing free plugin to make your blog SEO friendly, and this tutorial will guide you on how to set it up. This is quite easy to do and if you are stuck at any step, just drop me a comment and I will help you along the way.)
  • Shortpixel WordPress plugin(Compresses images on your blog. Important for maintaining a fast website.)
  • WP Fastest Cache plugin(This plugin is important for making your blog load faster. Make sure you don’t use any other cache plugin with this one.)
  • No self-ping WordPress plugin (Don’t ping you!)
  • WordPress related post plugins (Use any of these plugins to add related posts with thumbnails after each individual post. This will help your readers to discover more content on your blog.)
  • SocialWarfare WordPress plugin(These will help you to get more shares on social media.)
  • OptinMonster plugin(This will let you capture email leads for your autoresponder service such as Aweber, MailChimp, etc. It’s responsive and offers ready to use opt-in forms.)
  • PushEngage(Free WordPress plugin to make your blog web-push ready. Highly recommended .) 

Congratulation Bloggers now you ready for setting up your first blogNow you are ready to write your first WordPress post.

Once you start writing your posts and your posts are live, now you require safeguarding your blog from spammers and hackers. To ensure your blog is completely secured you must ensure the various security tips.

Important: 50 Important WordPress Settings For Your Blog


Now comes the fun part!

Writing & publishing your first blog post might seem scary but I’m going to guide you through the process.

First of all login to your WordPress admin dashboard ( and then go to Posts > Add New.

You will be presented with a screen like this-


Let me explain exactly what you are seeing here-

  1. Title Area: This is where you write the title of your blog post
  2. Add Media: This is where you can upload images/gifs/videos
  3. Content Area: This is where you write the main content of your post with text formatting tools above
  4. Publishing: This is where you control if your post is published and live to the world or you can choose to schedule it in advanced.
  5. Other: Choose or create a relevant category for your post or upload a featured image.  If you don’t know what tags are then don’t worry about them.

Feel free to write anything you want for your first blog post as you get used to the WordPress system,

Here is an example post-


Once it is done, just click on the blue Publish button and voila!

You have just written and published your very first blog post!

Now give yourself a pat on the back and take a break because you have just started your very first blog!


Once you are done with the installation the most important part is to secure your WordPress website from hackers and spammers. Below are the few security tips needs to be implemented on your WordPress blog to make it secure.

  • How to change WordPress default username for security
  • 7 Essential WordPress security tips
  • 9 steps to secure your WordPress Blog
48 Tips To Make Your Website Hackproof – WordPress Ultimate Security Guide 2017

The main aim of blogging apart from sharing your knowledge is making money from a blog. Before you start making money you need to promote your blog and improve your search engine ranking.



  • A DIY guide for WordPress Blog SEO
  • SEO optimize individual posts in WordPress
  • Guide to submit your blog sitemap to Google webmaster tool
  • Procedure to submit your blog sitemap to Bing

If you have any doubts then please feel free to contact or you can leave a comment.

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