How To Link Domain Name And Hosting Via Nameserver

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How To Link Domain Name And Hosting Via Nameserver

Website owners feel difficult to link domain name and hosting via nameserver, hence they prefer to buy a domain name and website hosting from the same service provider.

Well, it is a fact that buying a domain name and hosting from the same service under one account is easy to maintain. Here the question comes – what if you are getting a different deal on the purchase of domain name from one service provider and hosting from another service provider.

Everyone wants to save money while purchasing things online. While we proceed further we will guide you to link domain name and hosting via nameserver on hosting account, so that you don’t miss any deal.

Here we will give you step by step procedure to link domain name and hosting via nameserver on hosting account. However, the procedure is the same for all the domain name providers.

After you have purchased the hosting service you will receive an email fro your hosting provider giving your account login details. The same email will also have the details of nameserver and IP address of the server where your hosting is configured.

How To Link Domain Name And Hosting Via Nameserver is providing 1-year hosting service with free domain name only at 0.99pm. If you have purchased a domain name and hosting from any other provider then do let us know the details of the deal on our comment section. We will be happy to add the deals on our website for our readers.

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1. Login to your client panel

Login into our client panel from where you have purchased the domain name.

2. Go to the Domain Section

After logging in to your panel search for domain option and go to your domain page where you will find the details of the domain name you have purchased.

1and1 login screen bloggersutra

3. Go to settings

Now go for advanced settings or search for DNS setting of your domain name. All hosting provider have their name server setting under DNS settings.

1and1 advance setting screen bloggersutra

4. Check for name server

By default, your domain name will be directed to their own hosting server. You click on the edit button to change nameserver settings.

Once you have clicked on edit you will find options to edit your name server. Just enter the nameserver details (name or IP address) that you have received from your hosting provider via email.

If you are still not clear about the details of name server you can drop an email to your hosting provider for nameserver and IP address details. After you have entered the details save the settings.

1and1 dns setting screen bloggersutra


Please keep in mind it can take up to 24 hours to propagate details of nameserver linked to your domain over the internet. Once you have successfully linked your domain name to hosting provider then you can go to your hosting control panel and install your script.

Go through our step by step installation guide for wordpress via various platforms.

If you still have any problem to ink your domain name to hosting provider then please drop us a comment giving out details of your domain service provider. We will be happy to guide you in linking your domain name.

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