Create Your Own YouTube Like Website With WordPress

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To create your own youtube like website with wordpress is not a difficult task, however selecting the correct theme to create is difficult. You will find many wordpress themes are developed on daily basis offering you to create youtube like wordpress website. Before you go ahead it is important to select a correct domain name for your video website. If you have already selected your domain name for your website then it is important to select the best hosting provider to host your website.

It is important to find an effective theme that could help to easily show off your videos and you can create your own video featuring and sharing site in a couple of time. People could find it difficult to pick the correct one that will perfectly suit their business niche and requirements. You should be aware the basic features required to start your own video site and whether your wordpress video theme is offering that features.

Ideal Video Featuring And Sharing Site

An ideal website to show off your videos have following features-

  • Allow users to upload and feature their own videos.
  • Allow users to watch and share existing videos.
  • Ability to earn money from your videos.
  • Make video searching easier for the audience.
  • Should be easy to navigate with organized categories and a search box.
  • Helps you to make money from ads.
  • Quickly curate streams of content.


videocraft wordpress theme bloggersutra

Video Theme That Fits For Your Needs

If you dream to have your own video sharing popular site like YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Flickr, etc then you are at the right place.

Videocraft is a powerful wordpress theme that offers you all the features required to start your own youtube like video site. It’s an effective video sharing WordPress theme by which you can easily create video sharing website and share your videos online. Let’s discuss its feature one by one.


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Important Features Of Videocraft WordPess Theme

Videocraft theme comes with lots of features. however, we will be focusing the important feature integrated within the theme that is necessary to start your own video website.

1.    Multi-User Registration Module

Videocraft wordpress theme comes with multi-user registration module thus allowing users to register on your website with a built-in registration form.

Registered users will be allowed to upload videos to website from their respective user panel.


2.    Allow Video Uploading

It is quite simple for you and your website users to upload the video with Video Craft theme.

As an admin, you can directly upload video to your website with the video option appear under the dashboard. Moreover, your website users can successfully upload their videos and submit it for admin review using video uploading option. Once the video is reviewed and approved by the admin it will be published on the website.



Additionally, you can also set the option under theme optional panel, which allows user to publish videos directly on your website.

3.     Built-in Advertisement Module

As an owner, you definitely thought this question- How do I maximize earning? Isn’t it?

So the most popular form of making money from a website is by placing ads on it. With Video Craft theme, you can display ads on the header and video page of your website and earn lots of money.


You can enter the ad code in the header and video page banner section appears under the theme options panel.


4.     Embed Video Through URL

How easy it was when you can directly embed the video through URL from other video sites.

Yes! Video Craft gives you a two video submission choices, one is to upload your own video and other is to get video from other popular video sites like- YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, MetaCafe etc.



5.     Share Videos Among Social Networks

No doubt, once a video shared on popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn it goes viral.

In Video Craft, videos get easily shared to social networks via social sharing icons associated with a video, so that it can have more likes and shares from huge audience.




6.     Inbuilt Template

Using a website template is not only help you to create a page in a few minutes but also save lots of time.

So apart from inbuilt templates like Contact Page, Blog Page or Default Template etc, Video Craft theme has Video listing page template in order to create a page where all the videos are listed and Submit Video page template to create a video submit page for the user.

Above all, you can create unlimited video categories, track number of video views, add media files, customize sidebar, footer, show recent/ popular videos and much more with this amazing theme.

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There are many themes available in the market, that vary in design and functionalities. But selecting a theme that is best for your niche requires lots of things to consider. I hope effective features of Video Craft theme makes things easier for you and it proves to be a perfect solution for your business. And, you get productive ideas to make video sharing sites.

If you have any query regarding anything, do share it in the comment section, moreover, share your thoughts about this one and how much it is worth for you. If you find or feel any other better theme to start video website with wordpress than do let us know via comments section. We will personally review the theme and publish it for users.

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