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The last year was great. It was fantastic. Oh, sorry, were you thinking that I am talking about the situation in the regular world? How can I call all those restrictions and pandemics a cool thing? Of course, I was talking about the world of music. The last year was truly astounding for every music lover in the world. Almost every popular musician has dropped an album or single, and most of them were really, really great. Even some old artists like ABBA. It looks like the last year was the year of comebacks, but I have a lot of faith in 2022 what do you think will happen?

Why am I saying that I put a lot of faith in it? Well because I know how the music industry works, and since the last year the number of Spotify users has increased, so did the number of Spotify-represented musicians. And with the growth of user-count and musician-count, the competition growth also. This means more musicians rely on Spotify promotion services. And since I look positively at those services and the things they do, I really believe in 2022. I believe that this year will show us even more brilliant musicians, even more, creative artists. There is simply nothing stopping musicians from creating music and showing it to the world.

Maybe ten years ago music promotion wasn’t a thing, but now, with all those music streaming services, I see a saving a raft in music promotion. Since every musician can afford it, the number of musicians that are using it grows every day, and so does the number of popular musicians and interesting musicians. We all like to listen to good music, so why should those musicians, those budding creators be stopped by rules?

Yes, the music industry is not fair, it is very competitive, but the competition raises the best. When the competition is high, the music becomes better, becomes more fascinating, intriguing, and mind-blowing. And we all want that.  Do you want to know why? Because we all love music. Even if you are reading this, and you are not a musician, I am not a musician also. But I love music, I can’t live without headphones and a good tune that is coming through my ears. The music is my lifeblood, and I hope it is the same for you.

And of course, if you are a musician represented on Spotify, please, please, please, promote your music, because I really want to hear it. And the number of listeners that are waiting for your music is far greater than you can even imagine. Don’t store your music in the box, upload it, share it with the world. We want it, we need it. With your music, the world will be a better place. So, what will it be? When will your music appear in my playlists? Or it already does? I believe in you and your music!

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