How to Make Money Blogging (34 Proven Ways to Earn Money)


How to Make Money Blogging

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Are you looking to earn online and get rid of 9 to 5 jobs and be your own boss? If Yes, then this tutorial will tell you how to make money blogging with 34 proven ways to earn from a blog.

Monetizing a blog is scary right? But I don’t think so!

Bloggers are worried that if they start monetizing their blog they tend to lose readers. Your readers and subscribers will suddenly think you’re a sell-out, and like others, you have also become part of the corporate machine to think only of making money from your blog.

But here’s the thing – your audience doesn’t just want you to start selling, they need it. In fact, it’s your duty as a blog owner to do it.

Because monetizing a blog isn’t about the money. It’s about helping people.

Every product you sell on your blog helps your audience to improve. You help your audience to know about new products and services in the market. For that matter let it be a book on Amazon or any deals related to WordPress hosting or plugins.

You also help your audience to buy the same product and service at a discounted price and also offer them to choose from varieties.

All of it helps them with their goals. And why shouldn’t you stand to make a little money whilst you do it, right?

So you don’t look at this article as 30 ways to boost your income from your audience.

Instead, think of monetizing a blog as 34 proven ways to help your audience improve their lives. Which is a lot more fun to do, isn’t it?

How to Make Money Blogging and Earn From Blog

It’s easy to think that adverts are the devil.

Because TV advertising also sucks. And it’s products that you don’t want being forced down your neck.

But with your blog, you have complete control over the adverts that you show to your readers. If you don’t approve of it, they can’t put it on your site.

That means you can choose products that will benefit your readers and are related to the topic.

Remove any negativity you have about advertising because it’s simply another way to help your audience.

1. Renting Blog Space For Adverts

Renting Blog Space For Adverts

Renting your blog space for adverts is the most common and easy way to monetize your website.

You can either directly sell advert space on your blog with simple WordPress plugins like advanced ads (check out the best advert-selling plugin supporting Adsense too) or you can create an account with and rent your website space. charge a commission from the publisher for using their platform. Also, you need good traffic on your website to get approved for these platforms.

If you are renting your adverts space directly to the advertisers then you can also set up a subscription service for it. Your website should not be full of ads as it affects the user experience on the website and you may land up without selling even a single space.

For some good guidelines on how to set this up – and convert – Matt’s advertising page is one of the best.

[With Avertising] I was soon making a couple of thousand dollars a month. After eighteen months or so, I was averaging $3,500 to $5,000 a month—not bad for something that had started out as a hobby.” – Michael Hyatt

2. Google Adsense

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the most trusted way of earning from your blog. Getting a Google Adsense account approved is a bit difficult process, but once the account is approved you can place ads on your website with a few clicks via the advanced ads WordPress plugin.

If you are still facing issues with Adsense approval then you should check out the 35 best Adsense alternatives to monetize your blog.

You can make a fair amount of money from your website if you have health traffic.  Like those wonderful viral sites that make upwards of $100,000 a week from them.

You might not run a viral site, but they are still a powerful tool for making you money. Like Justin Cooke, who made $3000 per month from them, in just six months.

3. Product or Service Review

Product Or Service Review

It is the most effective and simple way of monetizing your blog. It will not only increase the relevant content on your website and helps you get better in search engine ranking but will also get you a good amount of income.

You can write a review about any product and service that fit your niche. It will also help your readers to select a better product.

Are there any:

  • Books
  • DVD’s
  • Webinars
  • Physical Products
  • Online Services

that fits your website content, then go ahead and write a review about them.

This works in either of two ways:

  • Paid Reviews: Where services or companies ask you to run an article about their product. They’ll usually give you free access, and you can give your honest opinion.
  • Affiliate Sales: You could promote a really good book on Amazon. A service you’re connected to. Or, set up an account with a site like CJ Affiliate for lots of options to fit your niche.

To put it simply, if there is an affiliate program available for the product you’re reviewing, by all means do sign up. Just don’t make affiliate sales your main goal when writing the review.” – Karol K

4. Udemy Courses

Udemy Courses

Udemy has really come up well in the near future offering tons of courses online.

Mostly because of the success stories, like Nick Walters, who is making $100,000+ a year from creating courses.

If you’re not sure what it is, here’s the simple version: you create video courses to help people in your niche.

Udemy provides you the platform to host your courses and get targeted audiences for them. Anyone who registered for the course needs to pay some registration fees ( registration fees vary from course to course).

Udemy keeps some part as their commission for providing the platform and the rest is given to you.

It also works as two simple income streams for you too. Because you can:

  • Create your own courses: If you’re confident standing in front of a camera and teaching your audience, you can create and sell your own courses.
  • Affiliate sales: Camera shy? Don’t fret. You can sell links and places on other people’s courses through their affiliate program so you never have to do the dirty work yourself. Just, be sure to vet the course before you promote it.

5. Amazon Affiliate Sales

Amazon Affiliate Sales

Amazon affiliate sale is very simple to use and provide very good revenue to bloggers.

All you need to apply for the program and once your account is approved you will get HTML codes, that you need to paste in your website.

It’s also the best way of promoting some of the more psychical products – like books and appliances.


  • Run a blog about juicing? Promote your favorite blenders.
  • Run a blog about running? Link to your favorite shoes.
  • Run a blog about fancy dress? Link to all the products that make up your outfit.

Simple. Easy to do. And unlocks a lot of the options on this list for you.

6. Blogging Assignments

Blogging Assignments

Blogging assignments are another good way to earn money for your blog. Simply promote the brands of your niche and get paid.

It’s not about whom you know, it’s about how you can promote their content and brand.

You can directly contact the brand via their contact page and send your promotion proposal to them. You can charge them for promoting their content after a few negotiations.

These assignments come in three main forms:

  1. Events: Attend an important brand event in your niche. Write about it. Get Paid.
  2. Reviews: Get first hands on a new product and write about it. (Read: A2Hosting Review)
  3. Affiliates: Join a brand’s network of affiliates, and get paid to write about their new releases when they come around. ( Create your affiliate account)

7. Recommended Reads

Recommended Reads

This is somewhat related to affiliate marketing. Here you recommend books, guides, and premium products to your readers.

Whatever you are recommending to your readers should be relevant to the content of your website.

Recommending things relevant to your content will give you more weightage and sales.

You can make it really accessible too with simple Amazon affiliate links and images.

8. Recommended Products


Recommending products on your website is different from running an e-commerce shop on the tour website.

You try to recommend the products which are relevant to the content or article that your readers have just read.

Here are some examples to give you an idea of what I mean:

  • Ran a post about how to tune your guitar? Recommend an electric tuner in, or at the end, of the post.
  • Posted about writing your first book? Give them an affiliate link to Scrivener.
  • Written about designing your own blog? Pop an affiliate link to the theme you used at the bottom of the post.

This sort of selling has a really high chance of converting through tutorials, Case studies, and How-To posts. Especially if it’s something that made your life easier.

9. Charging For Premium Contents

Charging for premium content is again an effective way to earn money for the time you have spent creating them. I am a firm believer to help my readers free of cost.

But “Hello”, somewhere you have to create a line for providing the free content on your website. You charge a one-time fee from your readers to access premium content on your website, else you can also create monthly subscription plans.

This is exactly what Brian Clark over at Copyblogger did with his Authority program.

He decided to keep giving away free content on the blog, and valuable eBooks to free members and the general public. But, he sorted the wheat from the chaff by only allowing paying readers the opportunity to read their most valuable content.

It benefits you because you know your readers are getting their best results.

It helps your readers because they get exclusive content nobody else can.

And, you get an actual return on your time invested in your longer, more actionable content.

That is what we in the business call a win/win/win.

10. Donations


You require some money for maintaining your blog or website. If at all you have decided to provide the content free to your readers and even not advertise on your website.

This is the best thing can ask your readers in lieu of the time you spent researching and writing content for your readers.

You can ask for a small amount of donation from your readers either one time or in a monthly subscription form. Well, if you are really providing the content of their need they will not hesitate to donate to your website.

But sometimes – like Maria Popova at BrainPickings – your blog is a service people want or enjoy, that you can’t quite monetize. It’s quite common with your more artistic, less practical blogs.

Of course, you shouldn’t try and build your sole income from this. But it’s a good source of income if you really don’t have other options for monetizing a blog.

11. Live Online Workshop

Got an authority blog? This is the perfect method to monetize your blog.

You might get afraid that you must be a good public speaker to carry out a live online workshop. Well, it’s not as you think. It is like having a Skype call with a few of your biggest fans.

I have run it myself and the intensity of your fans will keep on increasing every time hold a workshop.

The way to create the content for these is simple:

  • Carry out keyword research and think of a popular question in your niche
  • Answer it in your own way and own style to make it interesting

Think of it as a Podcast or spoken blog post that your students openly interact with. Which, if they’re reading your blog already, they’re going to want to do.

It doesn’t matter how niche your blog is. How obscure the question is. Or how little you think people want to hear you talk. If they’re on your blog, there is a workshop to be made for them.

You might be thinking, “How do I promote it?” though. This is a really good question.

There are a couple of easy ways you can do that, though:

  • Set up your own affiliate sales program
  • Guest blog and link to your new course
  • Feature on someone else’s podcast
  • Facebook and Twitter ads

Follow the same principles you have been doing whilst you build your blog, and you’ll soon find lots of people willing to pay you for the pleasure of your time.

12. Sell DVDs or Recordings Forever

If you are planning to hold an online workshop then don’t forget to record it. Now you have a real product liked by your fans and you can sell it again and again.

Don’t forget to update your recording content regularly. The way things are changing globally you need to update your content and methods regularly.

With your own live workshop, you have just started passive online income. Well, Done!

The next question is what to do with these live workshop recordings or how to sell them online. Don’t worry just continue reading!

You can turn it into a:

  • Online Course: Just like the Udemy courses you saw before, but straight from your own site.
  • Multi-Level Package: You could charge $99 to own the workshop. But if they want to e-mail you and ask questions? Well, that’s going to be $149.
  • eBooks and PDFs: Jump on Elance and hire someone to transcribe the whole course, and turn it into a cheap, easy-to-download eBook.

There are a lot of benefits to doing this outside of money, too.

For example; you can connect with your readers in different time zones, or reach out to people with different learning styles who need more auditory or interactive learning styles.

The value here is endless – to you, and your audience – so when you feel you’ve established enough in your niche (let’s say 1,000 e-mail subscribers as a benchmark) this is a brilliant way to go.

13. Write & Sell eBooks

If you have a blog and you have the knowledge about your subject then you should think of writing an ebook on your subject. Writing an ebook is not only preferred by readers but also gives authority to your content.

Why people prefer ebooks:

  • Is always accessible to your reader
  • Carries more authority than a blog post
  • Makes the reader more invested in the subject – because they paid for it

Ebooks are much more popular with Kindle publishing and pdf downloads.

I am also planning to write an eBook on a topic of my niche and publish it on Amazon. I will surely update it once it is completed. But what about someone who has already published an eBook.

[Sell] Ebooks. If you can create premium content for your readers, they will be highly likely to buy it. Plus you’ll make more money than if you just shoved ads on your blog.” – Neil Patel

14. Rotate From Free To Paid Buy In’s

Every online marketer or blogger always have to buy in’s for their subscriber. Subscribers are the readers who subscribe to your blog with their email addresses to receive regular updates.

Buy in’s are the product or services you offer them via email or on your blog free or paid.

The standard products are:

  • eBooks and Guides
  • Exclusive Podcast’s
  • Checklists
  • Email courses

A really cool way to make a little money from this simple process is this:

  • Create three products
  • Make one your free buy-in
  • The charge for the other two
  • Rotate every couple of months

This creates scarcity for your product – which is a powerful tool in sales – but also creates some hype and buzz when you finally release it as a free product to new users.

It also means that, straight off the bat, you’re able to promote and make the new subscriber aware of some more of your lovely, reasonably priced, products too.

15. Bundle Your Products

Let me make it simple to understand, If you go to Amazon to buy a product, you get an option below saying if you buy this product with another then you get the extra discount.

Still, confused?

Ok! If you have an eBook worth $5 and you have two other books worth $15 and $20 each. How about if I tell you that I will give you all 3 products for $25.

Here your readers will save money and you will increase sales of your product. Also, you will get a good review of your product and promotion too.

That’s essentially what you’re doing when you create a product bundle. And it works. Quite well, actually.

This works well for:

  • Courses and eBooks
  • Physical Products – like the T-Shirt and Journal combo in the picture above.
  • Subscription packages and Services
  • Pretty much anything it makes sense to bundle together

You can mix and match this with affiliate products, and your own products, too. For example:

“Buy this $100 blogging course and get my $50 coaching course for half price!”

16. Sell Your Website Theme

If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog- If not yet start your own WordPress blog now. A simple way to earn is to sell the WordPress themes that you are using on your website.

Selling their own themes doesn’t fit every niche. If you are writing a fitness or cooking blog, your audiences will not be interested in purchasing a theme from your blog.

They will be more interested in fitness & cooking tips and tricks.

But you can always give it a try of selling your blog theme.

Nikhil from Universal Blogging Tips made $2000 just from promoting MyThemeShop themes last year. Who knew you could make a little bit of money just by selling the theme your site is made from, eh?

If you are interested in my blog theme then go ahead. I did a little customization to the theme as per my requirement.

If you need any help customizing the theme then feel free to contact me.

17. Freelance You Skills

This is again a great way to get some extra money at the back of your pocket.

Seriously speaking as a blogger I am always looking forward to this opportunity. If you are good at the skills that you are talking about then people will be keen to hire you for their projects.

I find you’re going to get a lot of business coming your way if you blog about:

  • Copywriting and Blogging
  • Health and Fitness
  • Accounting or Finance
  • Marketing or Advertising
  • Development or Design

Why not use your own blog and allow people to hire you. Just create a page within your blog mentioning the type of services for which you can be hired. Explain your expertise and that’s all.

Place the page link in the header of your blog and promote it on social media.

“I recommend adding your own products and services to your blog. What kinds? That depends on what you are blogging about and what you are good at.” – Ashley Faulkes

18. Promote Your Webhost

Now here comes the great deal. If you promote your web host you can really make a huge amount of money.

Pat Flynn, the owner of Smart Passive Income, made $37, 650 in February 2015 alone from promoting his host, Blue Host. Even when he was first starting out way back in 2011, he still managed $7000 a month.

This means that this, if you would like to, is a great way to start earning a little cash, simply by referring people to your own host.

There are people out there who want their own sites. And they’ll come to you for advice at one time or another. This is a nice little affiliate to have in your back pocket to help others get online.

19. Coachings Or Consultation

Some people always require guidance to carry out their jobs. So the number of personal coaches or consultants is increasing on the internet too – in all niches

In the interest of helping people, this is where you can have the biggest impact on your readers. It’s also the most common-sense follow-on from blogging.

Because, well, they’re there for you, aren’t they?

Cost, pricing, and timings come down to who you are and the niche you’re in. But you have free reign over all of it.

I can 100% guarantee you that there is someone out there willing to pay you for it. So why not add a coaching page now?

“Even a beginning blogger can usually get $99 an hour for a telephone coaching and sometimes a great deal more.” – Jon Morrow

20. Subscription Forums

Apart from you interacting with your readers, your readers also want to interact with themself and show that all are part of this community.

This helps in close bonding between all the community people and gives more authority to your content.

And, it doesn’t matter what niche it is. It can be anything in the world. Heck, I bet you could start a whole paid forum on Tumble Dryers if you really wanted to.

You might be thinking, “I can start a forum for free!”

And, you would be right. But here’s the thing with that – you’re sacrificing the quality of your forum. If anybody can join, anybody can post. And if anybody can post, they can post any old rubbish they want.

It keeps the spammers away, which leaves your readers – now members – with the peace of mind that they’re in the right place.

21. Create a Job Board

Are there people in your Niche looking to get hired, or find freelance work? If so, you might just have found the perfect income stream.

The ProBlogger Job Board is a perfect example of this.

Not only does Darren Rowse’s blog teach people how to be better bloggers, but it also connects them with blogger jobs too. But like all smart businessmen, he doesn’t do this for free.

To post a job on the board for 30 days costs $50. Which keeps the riff-raff at bay, but allows people to find good quality jobs in the blogging niches.

Even if only one person were to post a job on his board, that would still be $50 in his pocket for little to no work whatsoever.

Could you do the same on your blog?

I’ve seen it done on:

  • Fashion Blogs
  • Marketing Blogs
  • Development Blogs
  • Engineering Blogs
  • Art Blogs
  • Health and Fitness Blogs

If you could put the right people, in front of the right jobs – for the right price – not only are you helping your audience, but you’ve become a networking mastermind.

22. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are those for which you get paid.


Well, yes when you have a blog with good traffic and reader base, there are big brands that will pay for writing or mentioning their products or services within the post.

Suppose, if you are writing an article about the best theme for a WordPress blog. There are many brands that are offering free and paid themes.

Carry out in-depth research about the topic and get to a conclusion. Contact the theme providers and ask for some sponsorship for writing about their theme.

Believe me, you actually get paid via this.

But you’re definitely wondering how you get these posts, aren’t you?

There are a few ways:

  • Pitching: If you want income this way, you can actively pitch to companies or advertising agencies and offer the space.
  • Create an Advertising page: Outline how much it costs and sit back and wait.
  • Network: Speak to companies and agencies to see what they want from native advertising, then offer it to them.

You could stand to make a couple of hundred dollars, and lighten your content load all at the same time.

Sponsored content is what a publisher creates and then a brand pays for.” – Copyblogger

23. Create A Shop

An online shop might be something you never even considered. But, through the power of affiliate sales – and marketing – it’s a great place to put the products your readers might need; right next to the content, they love.

You could:

The only limit to this is your creativity and the relevance of the products you’re selling. But, at the core of it, you’re just making your readers’ lives much easier.

24. Promote A Relevant Service

There are a lot of services that are released on a daily basis for your niche, find them. They all have their marketing manager who is looking to promote them via various means.

Why don’t you provide them a space on your website to promote their services on your blog? Join their affiliate marketing and promote their products.

Helping your audience doesn’t end on your blog. It ends when they’ve achieved their goals. So putting them in touch with the right products and services makes you even more helpful than you were before.

If it’s truly a product you believe and would use yourself, you’ll have no problem selling it and turning a profit.

25. Paid Membership Groups

Mastermind Groups and Blogging are a match made in heaven when monetizing a blog.

It’s where the truly committed minds from your audience can come, talk about ideas and you can help them – quite directly – move forward towards their goals, or with your niche.

This is a bit different from a forum. In the way that it isn’t ‘Ask a question; get an answer.

It’s more that you pose a question or a task, and your readers can join in, or achieve a weekly goal that they’ve committed to with the group.

Think of it more as a support group for people working towards a common goal. Like Alcoholics Anonymous but for your niche.

This makes a great subscription service, and can even be an addition to your forum for those elite members. It’s simple to set up as a Facebook group or private area on your site too.

But, wait…

It also comes with a ton of benefits for you:

  • Content Creation: You can ask, directly, what your audience is looking for – and how you can help them.
  • Evangelists: Help enough people and you’ll have people marketing your blog for you.
  • Instant Customers: Just add water. Or products. Whichever works for you is the best.

Prices for these kinds of groups vary. So it depends if you want a lot of members, for a lower price. Or fewer members for a higher price.

The Nichehacks Private Mastermind has over 1,000 members on Facebook right now. Imagine all of those people were giving you just $3 a month? You’d be laughing all the way to the bank…

26. Create A Membership Site

Throughout this article, you’ve read about:

  • Courses
  • Forums
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Workshops
  • eBooks

Now, this is where you roll all of those into one, lovely, membership site.

Technically this is an extension of your blog. But, my g**, is it a good one or what. If you’re positioning yourself as an authority in your niche, this is one of the best products you can create.

For example, Jeff Goins’s Tribe Writers is a membership site that only opens three or four times a year. And it only lets in 150-200 students on average. Which are always filled in a matter of days?

It’s a full-blown course with forums, eBooks, mastermind groups, and personal coaching that teaches you not only how to become a better writer but to find your whole entire audience.

He also charges upwards of $100 per membership.

You can make one of these sites for literally any niche.

Here are a few ideas that I’ve come up with for some main blogging niches that might get your creative juices flowing:

  • Parenting: The New Parents Crash Course – How to manage your life from the moment your baby is born, through to teething and everywhere in between.
  • Finance: The No-Debt Society – A full membership with strategies to manage your cash, get out of debt and plan each and every month.
  • Personal Development: Mindfulness Matters – A step-by-step course, with a forum, that helps you get from overthinking life to living in the moment.
  • Business: The Well-Fed Affiliate – How to start an affiliate business, from scratch, with a forum and mastermind group for guidance.

They might not be a million-dollar idea, but you see what I mean.

Take all the questions your audience might have and give them a place to find the answers and work alongside you.

“[They] launched ViralURL four years ago and the site currently boasts 74,494 members with a total all-time membership count of more than 210,000. Since the launch, Klinkert and Bauer have seen a total income of $3.2 million.” – Marla Tabaka,

26. Surveys & Polls

Google Consumer Surveys now gives you a way to make money by simply asking your audience questions.

The amount you stand to earn from these depends hugely on your traffic. The split is 50-50 between you and Google. But you can earn $0.05 per question answered. Which, over time, is a nice little piece of passive income.

And it could even give you a little insight into what your audience is really thinking too.

Be sure to take a look at these other survey sites too!

27. Promote Membership Sites

Don’t want to set up your own membership site? Then try monetizing a blog by promoting another one in the meantime.

Again this is a great affiliate scheme that can really help you make a few extra dollars each month.

oDesk – the freelancing site – is willing to pay $50 for every lead you send them, which converts into paid work for someone. If you know people in your niche looking to hire, why not send them that way?

Find a relevant site, join the affiliate program, and promote it. It’s really that simple.

28. Email Adverts

Earlier you read about Native Advertising, and how it can be used in blog posts.

But do you know what’s even more valuable to someone looking to advertise? Your email list. This is the Holy Grail for them – and, if used sparingly – can be highly effective for you, too.

It can come in many forms:

  • E-mails about products
  • Adverts in your footer or signature
  • Direct promotion
  • Affiliate sales

From renting space to sending that e-mail, there are lots of ways for you to make money with the right customers.

However, don’t ‘plug’ too often, or you run the risk of being the boy who cried wolf and disengaging your audience.

29. Sell Your Blog

There comes a time in every blog’s life when you feel that you’ve taken it as far as it can go. This leaves you with three options:

  1. Let it die: Log out and never log back in again.
  2. Give it away: Find someone good to run it and hand it over.
  3. Sell it: The smart option, right?

Sites like Empire Flippers help you sell your site to the right person, for the right amount of money. And, if you’ve got the right following, you’re able to sell it for quite a good sum of money too.

Think of it this way:

You’ve taken the time to build a business. That’s what your blog is at the end of the day. You shouldn’t just hand over the keys and walk away, you should get the best possible return on your investment.

This is it.

30. Newsletter Adverts

Newsletter adverts are similar to email adverts. The main difference is email can be solely used for promoting some product or service, whereas newsletters are generally used to provide updates to your blog to your subscribers.

You can always promote link ads or banner adverts via your newsletters.

A website like also sells the newsletter advert space over its platform.

31. Paid Review Posts

Well, this is a bit tricky, I have already mentioned the product or services review previously in this article. Well this little bit different from that.

There are 2 types of review post

  • Normal review post – Here you carry out the research on the product and write the review. You get paid from the affiliate links to the product that you reviewed.
  • Paid Review – You get paid for writing the review and posting it on your own blog.

Remember not all brands pay you for writing paid reviews. But new startup brands will definitely pay you.

check out how much I charge for writing reviews on my website.

32. Web Push Notifications

Now, this is the latest way to monetize your blog. You can earn a good amount of money if you have a good subscriber base.

Remember here we are not talking about your email subscribers. These are the subscriber which allows getting notification from your website via your browser.

There are many web push notification providers in the market supporting almost all browsers.

You can push affiliate products and banner ads via web push notifications.

33. Promote Deals & Coupons

Delas and coupon codes are generally with affiliate links. You get paid once someone purchases from the coupons you have provided on your website. It is basically a type of affiliate marketing.

But what I am talking about here is different from that.

What if I ask you for a monthly or one-time subscription to promote or place your deals and coupon codes on my website.

Yes, it is possible and I came across many websites that are following it.

You should have a good amount of traffic on your blog.

I personally feel you should go for one-time subscription fees rather than charging monthly.

34. Native Ads

This is a new form of advertising which picking up the pace very fast. Even Google has entered into this. There are many companies offering native ad platforms.

They show the adverts related to your content and thus get more click rates.

The content of your article is first analyzed and then the relevant ads are placed on that article page.

If you have not tried it you should definitely give it a try.

Wrapping Up Make Money Blogging

You have seen there are many ways to monetize your blog. You should have only a few of them together to start earning.

Few monetizing methods require more time than others. You should always consider the time factor too.

In my opinion, you should start with banner ads and affiliate marketing on your blog. Side by side you can also create your eBooks and courses.

If you have any other method to monetize your blog, feel free to share it with our readers via the comment section.

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