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Ecommerce business grew considerably all around the web over the last few years, with plenty of new online stores and platforms popping up every single day in lieu of disappearing physical stores. Having an online presence has become a symbol for all brands.

Most of the brands have moved towards starting their own online eCommerce stores instead of selling their products with a third-party website. Whether selling physical goods or digital products, eCommerce has the solution for all.

Setting up an eCommerce website or business is unlike starting your own WordPress blog or website. It requires lots of planning and integrations. Starting from the domain, Web Hosting, eCommerce platform, and so on till carrying out in-depth SEO of your website to rank better on Google search engine.

So I guess setting up a eCommerce store is not sufficient until you start getting orders for your products.

This was the one online eCommerce business model to start your own online store. However, if you don’t have any physical goods to sell on your online store but still want to have a successful eCommerce business then you can go ahead with a Dropshipping store.

So what ever business model you choose everything requires effort to set it up.


Don’t worry if you don’t know how to set up your eCommerce store then we have the best and cheap solution for you. Yes, you have heard it right. We will offer you a solution that will be more professional and cheaper than the traditional methods of getting your store developed by developers.

But before we go further let’s first know some basics of eCommerce business. This will surely help you to select your own business model.

What is eCommerce?

E-commerce or electronic commerce is a platform that allows multiple ways to buy and sell products online. It allows performing the transactions online and hence there is no requirement for physical transactions.

The services sold on the eCommerce platforms are either physical goods or digital goods. Physical goods are those in which the seller needs to deliver the physical items to the doorstep of the buyer.

When it comes to digital products then it has a wide variety. It can be either any downloadable content, videos, skill-based services, social media marketing, or any other service which doesn’t require any physical delivery of the product at the doorstep of buyers.

So in simple words eCommerce is a platform that connects buyers and sellers online.

So if you are looking to start your own eCommerce website then follow the article till the end to setup a successful eCommerce business.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method in which the eCommerce business owner doesn’t require to keep the physical stock to sell it. Instead, he sells the product on his online store and then passes on the sales to the third party supplier.

The third-party supplier then ships the product to the buyer. The owner of the Dropshipping store keeps and commission margin for selling the products on his eCommerce website.

Dropshipping is becoming very popular as the store owner sells other people’s goods and take a cut for yourself. However, he keeps himself from the day to day management and supply of the products.

It is not a get-rich-quick scheme but a smart way to earn online without much of investment and efforts.

So we have seen both the methods to generate income from the eCommerce business. However, still, the most important question is to start the eCommerce store and scale it up to generate decent revenue.

Let’s jump directly to the best solution to start and scale up your eCommerce business.

Best Solution to Start & Scale Up Your eCommerce Business

If you go with website development companies to get your eCommerce store developed then you will end up paying more than thousands of dollars. Yes, you have heard it right whenever you contact developers for an eCommerce business they just take it as a money-making opportunity.

Most of the people end-up paying that heavy amount for development and then end up shutting down their business because of no sales. Starting an eCommerce website is just not enough. It requires much more than that to get established.

Here in this article we will tell you the best solution for your eCommerce business.

So what’s the solution to setup and scale up your eCommerce business?

The simple Answer is Fiverr.

Fiverr is a top-rated freelancing platform where you can find experts from all niches. Because of its features and policies, it is loved by both buyers and sellers. It has successfully attracted 2.4 million customers worldwide.

The Fiverr platform offers wide varieties of services starting from writing, designing, editing, eCommerce, website development and much more.

One among the most popular services is setting up an Dropshipping and eCommerce business.

If you have already made up your mind the let’s get into details of making the best use of the Fiverr platform for setting up your eCommerce website. But before that let’s look at the reasons for recommending Fiverr.

Why Choose Fiverr?

  • Expert service at a cheaper price.
  • Lots of options to choose from
  • Fast service with better results
  • Buyers protection from Fiverr
  • Let’s you focus on Vital issues of your business

How to Get Started With Fiverr?

  1. Create a free account on Fiverr.
  2. Explore the different services that you want for your eCommerce website and business.
  3. Choose the best services based on the previous reviews and ratings. You should try the new sellers too on Fiverr as they will provide you the best services at much lower costs. So if you have a limited budget then you can go ahead with new sellers.
  4. Chat with your sellers and discuss your requirements in detail.
  5. Place the order and wait for the delivery.
  6. If you are happy with the delivery they accept it or as the seller to make the necessary changes as per previous requirements and discussions.
  7. If the seller is unable to complete the task as per your requirements then you can raise the dispute with Fiverr and their support team will take care of the rest.

I have personally used Fiverr for scaling up my websites and never had any issues where the seller is unable to deliver what he had promised.

Bonus Suggestion: You must take some time to search for your service. Try the new sellers and chat with them before placing the order. You must be clear about what you are ordering and what will be delivered.

Personal Case Study For Using Fiverr

I am using Fiverr for the last few years and very much satisfied with their services and policies. But let me tell you a recent incident and hope it will help you to choose the right service for your business.

I was looking to increase the Domain Authority for my website and, I explored the services on Fiverr and found hundreds of services are listed with them.

The solution would be to apply filter on your search and find the services which are having great reviews. Well, I did that.

I found out few best service based on the rating and all of them were going out of my budget. I initiated chats with few of them to discuss their services in details.

Well, finally I thought to search for new sellers who are offering a similar service. Guess what I found one with decent reviews but less in number. I chatted with him and got convinced to buy his service.

I bought the service for my both the websites and within a week he delivered it.

So when I received the delivery I was amazed to see the Domain Authority of both my website were increased to 50+. You can check it yourself of MOZ. So with just a little extensive search, it saved lots of money.

I ordered the same service at $10 per website instead of $50 per website.

So this is a simple example to tell you how your can save more on Fiverr and get the professional services from experts.

Let’s get back to eCommerce business development with Fiverr.

How to Start eCommerce and Dropshipping Websites With Fiverr?

As we have discussed earlier if have knowledge of web designing and already worked on similar projects then you can order the selective services from Fiverr. But if you are a beginner then you must go ahead with the pre-designed services.

All you have to do is select your requirements and Fiverr with give you the best options to get your eCommerce website developed. So below are the listed services that you can use to create your eCommerce website or Dropshipping website.

The above-mentioned method is a hassle-free method to get your websites developed easily. I recommend the same method to my clients who are new in this business. However, in some cases, you might feel the cost at a higher side but you will get the product as described in the Gig.

But if you have made up your mind to go for selective Fiverr services as per your eCommerce business requirements then you can search your requirements in the search bar giver below and you will get thousand of solutions from the Fiverr.

Choose the best service and place the order. Rest Fiverr and its support team will take care.

So using the above search bar you can search the required eCommerce services to start and scale up your business. This is actually the coolest way to search for your service.

The above services are mainly designed for those who already have some knowledge of the eCommerce business. But if you are a beginner then just creating an eCommerce or Dropshipping store won’t be enough.

To help you better I have created a list that you should keep in mind while starting your eCommerce and dropshipping business and another list while scaling up your business after it is fully developed.

I would recommend you to go through both the list deliberately and find our if you have missed anything to take your eCommerce and Dropshipping website to next level.

So let’s go ahead with step by step process to setup your eCommerce website like a professional.

How to Setup Your eCommerce Business With Fiverr (Step by Step)

1. Selection of Domain Name

An attractive domain name for your eCommerce website is very important. The domain name should be such that it is easy to remember and should dictate the products that you are going to cell on your store.

There are various factors that should be considered while selecting domain name for your business. But Fiverr takes care of everything.

All you have to do is click on the below link and you will find various services offered by professionals to help you suggest the best domain name for your business depending on the products you are going to sell.

You can also search for “Domain name services” from the search bar and then filter the results as per your budget of requirements.

Click Here to Get Domain Name Suggestions From Experts

2. Selection of Web Hosting

Another important asset for your store is selecting the right web hosting for it. You will find lots of web hosting providers online but which suits the best as per your requirements is very important.

Well, the experts offering services on Fiverr can help you out selecting the best web hosting for eCommerce website.

But since we also recommend web hosting to our clients, here are some suggestions for the best web hosting providers for your eCommerce and dropshipping business websites.

Sincere Advice: You must select web hosting depending on the eCommerce platform that you are going to use to host your website. The selection of an eCommerce platform is covered below in detail.

3. Get Your Website Logo Designed

An attractive logo for your website will always help you to generate more leads. The professionally designed logo for your website is a must. You also require it further for the promotional activities of your website.

There are already many websites that are offering logo designed services. I had checked them all and found that Fiverr is the best place to get a well-designed logo for your store.

Fiverr offers logo-designed services at a much cheaper price than other websites. Personally speaking, even I got a logo designed for my websites from the Fiverr expert services.

Get Profession Logo Designed for Your eCommerce Website

4. Selecting the eCommerce Platform

Selecting a eCommerce platform for your store is very important. There are multiple factors that should be kept in mind while selecting the platforms.

Well, I personally prefer Woocommerce for creating a eCommerce store and Shopify for Dropshipping store. I have personally used them and suggesting it my clients too.

You will find lots of professional experts offering you a well designed Woo commerce website at a competitive price on Fiverr. All you have to do is click on the link below to select the best Fiverr service for the Woo Commerce website.

Get Your Woo Commerce Website Developed From Professionals

When it comes to Dropshipping then Shopify is the most trusted platform. Luckily you will find many experts offering Dropshipping store creation service on Fiverr at a much cheaper price.

Get Your Shopify Dropshipping Store Developed From Experts

Once your eCommerce store is developed then it’s time to take it online and integrate some tools and services to monitor your website traffic and sales. Also, this data will help you make the right decision to take your store to the next level.

Few of those service that you must integrate for you store for better rankings are given covered below.

5. Setting Up Google Analytics and Google Console

It is important to tell Google and other search engines about the presence of your website. If you have got your website developed on Woocommerce then you must install the essential plugins that will help you take your website to the next level.

Submitting you website sitemap to Google search console and configuring Google Analytics on your website to know about your website visitors is very important.

Configuring these don’t require much technical knowledge. But if you are a starter then I would recommend you to use Fiverr services for the same.

Either you can purchase a fresh service or ask your website developer to integrate them for you. Remember to discuss over the chat with the developer before placing an order on Fiverr.

Integrate Google Analytics & Google Console For Your Website

Also, go through the step by step process to improve Google Page Speed Insight of Your Woocommerce Website.

6. On-Page & Off-Page SEO of Website

Most of the website owners either creates their websites or get them developed without considering the SEO factor. Most of the time when the webmaster finds it difficult to rank his website on search engines and get quality traffic then they consider carrying our SEO of the websites.

On-page and Off-page SEO of the websites and eCommerce stores are very important. In fact, it should be carried out regularly to avoid penalties from Google. The most popular tool to carry our complete audit of your website used by professionals is SEMRush (Read Review).

However, SEMRush comes with a monthly subscription and recommended once you have completely developed your website. If you have the budget then you must subscribe to SEMRush from day one.

The best alternative to SEMRush is Fiverr. You can ask experts to carry out the complete on-page and off-page SEO for your website. Also, you can pay them additionally to rectify the SEO issues of your website.

Using Fiverr service to carry out professional SEO for your website will be very cheap. Click on the link below to find professionals to carry our SEO for your website.

Get SEO Audit Done by Experts For Your Website

7. Writing SEO Optimized Articles

Content is the king. Having said that Google loves regularly updated and original articles. People think that writing articles are more relevant to bloggers than eCommerce websites.

However, you must write new articles and post about the products and services in your store. It will definitely gain more attention from users and then finally converting them to your customers.

Hence writing a SEO optimized article that will be loved by search engines is very important.

It is understood that if you are concentrating on your eCommerce or Dropshipping store then you can’t spare much time to write articles for it. Here Fiverr comes in to play.

You can hire experts to write completely SEO optimized articles for your store starting from $5. Choose from various gigs and go for the service you like. Thus it saves your time and money. You can also ask them to make revisions if you are not happy with the content.

Find Experts to Write SEO Optimized Article for Your Store

8. Creating High-Quality Backlinks

If you already own a website then you must be aware of the power of backlinks for your website ranking. More the quality backlinks from high authority websites better will be your search engine rankings.

Creating backlinks for your website is a regular process that requires time and effort. Most important is you should know the website that offers high-quality backlinks. We have covered more than 300 websites with high domain authority that can offer quality backlinks.

But creating backlinks in all these websites is impossible. So best is you hire the experts from Fiverr to create high quality backlinks for your website.

They will give you all the details once they have created the backlinks. Always go with professions that make manual backlinks rather than those using software or create automated backlinks.

You must not focus on lots of backlinks but of course, on the quality backlinks rather than quantity. So hire a professional starting at $5 to create high-quality backlinks for your website.

Get Quality Backlinks for Your Website Starting at $5 Only

9. Increasing Domain Authority & Domain Rating

Your eCommerce store will be considered more authoritative if your domain have high Domain Authority. Higher the Domain Authority the better it is.

The Domain Authority of your website depends on various factors and it improves as your website grows. The most important factor is quality content and high-quality backlinks.

As I have mentioned earlier that I have used Fiverr service to increase the domain authority for my website just at $10. So it’s better you go ahead with the Fiverr service to increase the Domain Authority of your website.

Once it’s done you will find the products and post of your website will rank higher on the search engines.

Get 50+ Domain Authority for Your Website in Just $10 Only

We have witnessed all the factors and services that are important to start and set up your eCommerce website or Dropshipping website. But if you want to grow in your business then you must look forward to making your eCommerce business a brand.

You will have to spend lots of money to make your online store a brand but Fiverr makes it more simple and cheap for you. Below we have listed out important services that you must implement to scale up your eCommerce business.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

How Fiverr Can Help to Scale Up Your eCommerce Business in 2021

1. Creative Designs

Graphic designs are most important when it comes to eCommerce websites. Starting from logo design to banners, ads, featured images, icons, and much more.

You definitely need a professional graphic designer else you have to learn complicated software which will be time-consuming. So dedicating your time to graphic design rather than scaling up your business is not a really good idea.

Most of the well-established companies prefer to keep dedicated graphic designers or give them to some other agencies. But as a beginner, you should always go with a cheaper and better option.

Fiverr offers lots of graphic designing services from tons of experts at much cheaper prices. All you have to search for graphic design over Fiverr and filter the result as per your requirements.

Chat with the experts directly and tell your requirement to them. If you want you can take a custom quotation from then and buy the service.

You can take my words hiring a graphic designer from Fiverr will be 10 times cheaper than others. The great thing is the Fiverr doesn’t compromise on the quality of services.

Hire Professional to Design Graphics For Your Website

2. Develop Tutorial & Commercial Videos

Videos are the best source to provide any information to your customers. It is preferred by all and very easy to understand. Creating a quality video requires lots of efforts and time.

As an eCommerce website owner, you must create tutorial videos on how to use your website, refunds, products and other factors that you consider are important for your business. Apart from that you right also need a commercial video for your website.

Fiverr is the best place where you can find experts to create professional videos for your website at a much cheaper price. The best part is that the delivery time is very less as compared to other agencies.

So if you want to take your eCommerce business to the next level then you must hire professionals from Fiverr to create attractive video tutorials for your store.

Get eCommerce Video Tutorials Developed from Experts

3. Business Consultation

Your eCommerce store is up and running now but if don’t have much knowledge about the technical and legal issues then you can be at a fix. To run your website smoothly you always require expert advice.

Fiverr does that for you. You can find professionals offering business consultations for eCommerce websites and take care of all strategical, legal, and financial issues.

They will guide you in the correct direction and help you make the right decision so that you don’t get into trouble. Generally, business consultation requires lots of money but on Fiverr, you can find a consultant at a competitive price.

To find the right business consultant on Fiverr just type “Business Consultancy” and you will see lots of results. Choose the desired service and make the payment.

Hire a Business Consultant for Your Business

4. Make Your Store Viral on Social Media

Social media is the best place to promote your website and especially eCommerce websites. You can post your products and deals on social media websites.

The more people like your product and deals the more they will share it on their social media accounts to make it viral. Increasing social media followers for your websites will take time.

But you can make extensive use of the Fiverr platform to make to eCommerce store viral on social media. All you have to do is find the gigs for social media share on Fiverr.

Interact with the seller and fix the social share counts depending on your budget. Don’t forget to ask the number of social followers the seller is having with whom he is going to share your website.

Make Your eCommerce Store Viral on Social Media

5. Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing is very important for every website but it becomes more important for eCommerce and Dropshipping websites. The eCommerce store needs to send automatic emails to users starting from their registration till the delivery of products and genuine reviews about the purchase and the products.

Managing this manually is impossible especially for a high traffic website. Hence you must get your emails automated on your store.

We highly recommend using Sendinblue – All in one email marketing service to be automated with your eCommerce store.

Most of the email marketing companies will do this for you at a huge cost but at Fiverr you can find the experts to get it one from you. They will help you to integrate third-party service with your website hassle-free.

So go to Fiverr and search for professional for website automation.

6. Virtual Assistance

Ecommerce websites require a complete team to handle each task. Managing a huge team will come very heavy in terms of finance for the store owners.

Fiverr offers the alternative by hiring experts who can work on behalf of you as a virtual assistant. They can be asked to do Answering phone calls, chat as website representatives, Checking replies to emails, Entering data, Documentations, and much more.

Being an eCommerce store owner you must concentrate on important tasks to get your business to the next level. All these time-consuming tasks can be easily outsourced to experts through Fiverr at a very cheap price.

Hire a Virtual Assistant For Your Store

7. Business Promotions & Advertising

The eCommerce industry has lots of competition and a newcomer will always have to be extra smart to create his own space in the industry. More than anything it is important to make your store a brand that everyone remembers.

The best way to create your website a brand is by carrying our regular promotions and advertisements. There are lots of promotional means available to get your website in front of the audiences and you must take advantage of all of them.

It will not only boost up your visitors but also help you to generate more traffic and revenue from the search engines directly.

Fiverr is the best place to find experts in the advertising field. They will not only help you create professional advertisements for your website but also carry out promotional campaigns at a much cheaper price.

Find your Business Promotions & Advertising Expert

8. Technical Assistance & Website Security

Security of your web store is very important. Whatever platform you choose but you can’t risk the security of your customers. Hence you have to extra cautious to implement all the means to secure your servers and customer data.

Astra is one such all in one security solution for websites that are recommended by experts. But apart from that, there might be some technical issues with your websites that need to resolve on priority.

Well. Fiverr offers you everything. You can find the experts who will do the security audit of your website and will carry out all necessary steps to secure your website. Also, you can find a professional who will take care of the minor technical issues of your website.

If you outsource the same to external agencies then you will end up paying a heavy amount. But for beginners Fiverr is the best place to get all the solutions. You must search for your requirements and let the experts do it for you.

Secure Your Website From Hackers With Fiverr

Wrapping Up eCommerce Business

Do we recommend Fiverr to start and scale up your eCommerce business?

Definitely Yes!

Setting up an eCommerce store and carrying out all the necessary integrations is a difficult process. But with the help of Fiverr, that can be done simply by hiring experts from each field.

This will not only speed up your work flow but also let you save lots of penny.

Once you have done setting up your store then you need the guidance of the professionals to take your store to the net level. Fiverr is the best solution to scale up your eCommerce business.

We have covered most of the factors that you need to consider while scaling up your store. You can easily find the professions to do the task for you at a faster and cheaper rate.

So you just concentrate on your business goals and let the professionals from Fiverr handle rest everything for you.

If you find any difficulty in searching for the best service on Fiverr then leave a comment at the end of this article and we will help you. We have tried to cover all the aspects required for an eCommerce business, but still, if feel we have missed anything then do let us know by leaving a comment at the end of this article and we will update it to the article.

If you are a seller of Fiverr and offer any of the services that we have covered in this article and feel free to contact us. We will go through your service and once satisfied we will recommend your service within the respective headings on this article.

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