HostArmada Review 2023: Honest Look at Speed & Uptime (Pros & Cons)


hostarmada review

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If you have recently come across HostArmada web hosting company and planning to buy their hosting offered at the lowest price then you must read our HostArmada review to get complete insights into the hosting with speed, uptime, and its pros & cons.

There are thousands of web hosting services over the internet offering hosting at the cheapest price. But you should consider a few factors before you purchase these cheap hosting plans and get into a trap. There are many other BSV Blockchain and crypto-related websites that are also hosted with HostArmada.

You might not get what was actually claimed by the company initially. Hence you have to perforce migrate to another hosting provider with a high price.

How to Avoid this?

To avoid this you can subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest updates and reviews about web hosting services.

Taking the legacy further today we are going to review HostArmada claiming to have the most innovative and creative approach to Cloud SSD web hosting solutions.

You must read the complete review to get in-depth and honest information about the hosting provider. But if you are in a hurry then here is our recommendation for HostArmada.

Are We Recommending HostArmada?

100%. Yes after carrying a genuine review HostArmada exceeded our expectations. In fact, after seeing the blazing-fast speed and cutting-edge caching technology for the WordPress website I decided to host my website on HostArmada.

Yes, Bloggersutra is currently hosted with HostArmada and you can check it via any means.

If you are looking to start your first website or migrate the existing then we have created a step-by-step tutorial to start your WordPress website with HostArmada.

We have considered all the parameters before migrating our website from FastComet to HostArmada. So you can blindly host your website with HostArmada at the industry’s best price for shared hosting.

Click the below link to get a special discount for Bloggersutra readers.

Now since you are scrolling down then you are interested to know all the features of the hosting before you get your website hosted there. Well, you can continue reading the article and claim the deal at the end of the HostArmada review.

Let’s first know about HostArmada.

About HostArmada

HostArmada is a privately funded hosting company founded in 2019. company is having its own data centers and does not sell reseller hosting plans from any third party.

Important: HostArmada is giving tough competition to its rivals in the market.

The company is having offices at 9 different locations with headquarters in the USA. They have a team of professionals managing servers and clients at data centers located in 5 different countries.

How to Get HostArmada Hosting for Free?

The cheapest plan offered by HostArmada costs $3.99/month. However, we can offer it free of cost with all the perks. This offer is especially for Bloggersutra readers where we are helping beginners to start their own websites.

Additionally, you will have free domain names and access to Premium WordPress plugins and themes essential for every WordPress website.

All you have to do is just follow the simple steps and fill out a form and you will get the HostArmada Star Dock plan free with the domain name.

If you are planning to go with the higher plan then we will refund you the cost of the Star Dock plan and that’s the additional discount you will be getting while choosing higher hosting plans.

The access to premium WordPress plugins and themes will be for 1 year from the date of purchase of hosting. We will give additional 2 months of access if you leave a review of this article after the purchase of hosting.

This will help our readers to choose the right hosting for their website. So click the below link and grab free HostArmada web hosting.

General Info & HostArmada Review 2023

We’ve been monitoring HostArmada’s cheapest “Start Dock” shared plan for over one year now.

We paid for a shared hosting account, set up a live test site, and have been closely tracking their performance with a third-party tool to provide this unbiased, transparent review.

Below is the general hosting overview for HostArmada.

OUR VERDICTCheap & Reliable Web Host with Best Customer Support
SPEED579 ms (January 2022 to Feb 2023 average)
UPTIME99.98% (January 2022 to Feb 2023 average)
SUPPORT24/7 Live Chat
APPSSupports more than 500 applications
FEATURESUnmetered bandwidth, 10 GB storage, website builder, and free email
HOSTING PLANSShared, WordPress, Cloud, Reseller, Enterprise, and Dedicated Servers
PRICINGStarting at $3.99/mo (renews at $13.31/mo)

Overall, HostArmada hosting ranks near the top of all web hosting companies for both uptime (99.99%) and speed (679ms). Their customer support team is knowledgeable, fast, and friendly. All plans come with a Free domain name, LiteSpeed Cache, SSL certificate, and email accounts.

Here is an in-depth breakdown of Plans & pricing with all the Pros and Cons.

Pros of Using HostArmada Hosting

HostArmada starts strong with 99.99% uptime, above-average speeds, and tons of extra features that are perfect for both beginners and power users.

Let’s dig in.

1. Free Domain Name

Most web hosting services offer free domain names with their yearly packages. But HostArmada offers more than that.

When you choose to host your website with HostArmada you will free domain name till the time you host your websites with them.

This means if you renew the hosting service for the next term then your domain name will be renewed free of cost. I think that’s the best offer to avoid additional payment for the domain name.

Also, within the price of the domain name you can get free hosting too. Because HostArmada is offering its cloud SSD hosting plans at the lowest rates.

2. Best Performance – 99.99% Uptime in the Last 12 Months

Speed and Uptime are the major factors that are taken into consideration while reviewing any hosting provider. We have continuously monitored HostArmada for the past 12 months and found an uptime of 99.99% which is near perfect.

This makes HostArmada the most trusted and reliable hosting provider among the list of cheap hosting service providers.

Reliable uptime keeps the visitors happy and ensures that the website is up and running round the clock so you won’t miss out when your customers want to make a purchase, either.

Having such a great uptime for a new player in the industry is something commendable. We calculate the month-by-month uptime and speed using third-party tools.

Last 8 month’s average uptime:

  • May 2022 average uptime: 99.98%
  • June 2022 average uptime: 99.99%
  • July 2022 average uptime: 100%
  • August 2022 average uptime: 100%
  • September 2022 average uptime: 100%
  • October 2022 average uptime: 100%
  • November 2022 average uptime: 100%
  • December 2022 average uptime: 100%
  • January 2023 average uptime: 100%
  • February 2023 average uptime: 100%

3. Above Average Load Time (679ms)

Website speed is the second most critical factor that should be considered while selecting the host.

For starters, research by Google shows that 53% of people will leave if their pages don’t load within three seconds. Nobody likes a slow website and not even Google.

You might use third-party tools, optimize the image size, and cache plugins, or use CDN to take on some pressure to improve your website speed. But if your website is actually hosted on a slow host then the thing actually doesn’t make much of a difference.

A slow host will remain a slow host and you will compensate in terms of your website search engine rankings and traffic to your website.

HostArmada Review load time

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that with HostArmada. Their above-average loading time of 679ms isn’t the fastest we’ve seen, but it does place HostArmada near the top at speed.

4. Multiple Server Locations (Total 9 as of Now)

Server locations are important for websites that are designed and functional in a specific region. Having your website hosted on the server within your location will drastically improve the speed of your website.

But if your customers are worldwide then you must host your websites in the location having the least downtime.

HostArmada has data centers located at 9 locations. So you can choose to host your website as per your suitability. We have specifically chosen to host our website at USA Central Dallas, TX.

The list of 9 server locations offered by HostArmada are:

  • USA West Fremont, CA,
  • South Canada Toronto, ON
  • Europe London, UK
  • USA Central Dallas, TX
  • USA East Newark, NJ
  • Europe Frankfurt, DE
  • Mumbai India, IN
  • Asia, Singapore, SG
  • Sydney Australia, AU

You can choose the server located at the time of purchase. Additionally, if you want to move your website to any other server location then you can do so by raising a ticket with the support staff.

5. Best Customer Support Experience

Another important feature that you should look for in your hosting is good 24/7 customer support. HostArmada is one such web hosting offering great customer support.

They offer multiple platforms Live Chat, Phone Line, and Ticketing System by which you can easily approach their support staff. You will find their support staff getting connected to you in a few seconds.

So finally a hosting provider offers less wait time to connect them.

The support staff is quite knowledgeable to handle critical issues within your website. They do offer limited support for plugins and themes and try to resolve them for you.

So let me tell you that you have to just raise a support ticket with your issue of any nature and they give it a try which lacks with another hosting provider.

I would like to bring up a recent incident wherein one of my clients migrated from HostPapa to HostArmada. The HostPapa hosting was bought during Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals with the 3-year hosting plan.

He was hosting a single website on one of their best-shared hosting plans. After a few days, he started getting emails from the technical team regarding the server resource and he should move his website to the higher plan.

Well, in most cases it is a tactic to upgrade the hosting plan of a customer and in some cases, it is genuine too. However, in this case, the website was not getting enough traffic to generate regular spikes.

After optimizing the website there were no spikes because he was getting regular emails to upgrade the plan else his current hosting plan will be suspended.

He approached the technical staff to help to resolve the issue but there was no action. Finally, he go back to us and we recommended him HosArmada.

He is happy with their service and customer support team.

Below is just a screenshot of the email conversation.

migration from hostpapa to hoatarmada

We have noticed that their customers are already spreading the word about their experience with HostArmada’s support.

hostarmada reviews hostadvise

So definitely customer support plays a vital role in selecting web hosting for your website.

Good experience all around.

6. Free Site Migration

Website migration is a critical step and causes downtime for your website and you tend to lose your customers during that period. But when a web hosting provider asks customers for a “DIY migration” option, it makes us a little anxious.

To avoid this most webmasters stay with their respective web hosts (good or bad).

HostArmada might be the exception to this rule, though. They offer free website migration services from any host.

Unlike other hosts, HostArmada offer 3 website migrations in their higher shared hosting plans. All you have to do is contact their support staff or raise a ticket and they will do all for you.

I have used their service for the migration of my website and they did it perfectly within a few hours including setting up my CloudFlare account too.

Isn’t that exciting?

Not only that they have also optimized my website by installing and configuring the LightSpeed cache plugin. I must tell you that there was a huge difference in speed after optimization.

I don’t think you will find any such hosting provider taking so much pain to improve your website.

Excellent service observation.

7. Free SSL Certificate & LightSpeed Cache

SSL certificate is very important for your customers to trust your website. Google has started warning websites without a valid SSL certificate installed.

It is also observed that websites with SSL certificates actually rank higher as they are trusted.

SSL helps to protect sharing of information or interaction between the user’s device and the website, including personal details like IP addresses or credit card numbers. If left unsecured, hackers and others could easily intercept this information.

So SSL certificate is a must for all websites and thankfully HostArmada offers it free for all the domains hosted with them.

You can install the certificate yourself from the cPanel or ask their support staff to do it for you.

LightSpeed cache is another plugin that helps to speed up your website. You require LightSpeed servers to support this functionality. Usually, the shared hosting plans supporting this service are on the higher side but HostArmada offers it at a cheap price with their shared hosting plans.

the best part is that you can raise a ticket and their support staff will configure the plugin for your website and you will definitely see a drastic improvement in speed.

8. Security

Being a new and well-established company HostArmada uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a secure environment for your websites. Website security is the top priority for HostArmada.

Their cutting-edge technology ensures multiple layers of security to all their data centers and servers. So you are actually hosting your website in a secure environment.

HostArmada hosting security Includes:

  • Network Firewall
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Advanced Firewall with herd immunity
  • Proactive Defense
  • Next-gen IDS / IPS
  • Hardened PHP
  • Brute-Force Protection
  • Malware Protection
  • Virus/Malware Scanning
  • Hotlink Protection
  • Directory Password Protection
  • Client Area TFA
  • CageFS
  • Web Hosting Account Isolation
  • Cloud Linux
  • Daily Backups
  • Live Server Monitoring

Their Advanced Network Firewall and WAP significantly lower the risk of defacing your website due to security holes in its code.

Furthermore, they have implemented modules for underground attack monitoring, script execution analysis, and proactive malware scanning, but not least DDoS protection service.

Alternatively, if you feel your website is compromised then you can ask for a manual scan of your website from their technical support team.

So we recommend HostArmada to host your website in a secure environment.

9. Backups

There are many WordPress plugins offering free backups for your website. However, these plugins will use your server resources and bandwidth to carry out that task.

So you must choose a hosting provider offering your free backups to avoid additional load on your website.

HostArmada offers free daily backup service with all their hosting plans. So you just concentrate on your website and leave the rest with HostArmada.

You can save these backups to your hard disk or directly use the restore backup feature in the cPanel. So you will never run into trouble of losing data.

Another best part is you can contact the technical support team of HostArmada or raise a ticket and they will restore the backup for you.

10. 1-Click Application Installer

This feature is offered by most hosting providers. But it is worth mentioning in HostArmada Review because the feature is common yet important.

hostarmada review app installer

You can install almost all POPULAR CMS with just 1 click.

It includes:

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • OpenCart
  • Prestashop
  • Drupal

You can easily install it from cPanel with a SOFTACULOUS app installer.

11. 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Another important feature is a money-back guarantee. HostArmada offers a 45-day money-back guarantee in all their web hosting plans.

That means you can use their service for 45 days and if you are not happy with them then simply ask for your money back. But I am sure that the situation will never come looking at the type of service they provide.

Like many other hosts, domain name fees and any other “extras” are usually not refunded. And this refund policy only applies to brand-new customers. So you can’t get refunds on renewal plans.

So start your website with HostArmada without any commitments.

Cons of Using HostArmada Hosting

HostArmada has amazed us with its near-flawless uptime of 99.99% and great speed. Also, HostArmada offers a variety of apps to make both beginners and advanced users happy.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider before signing up. So here are some of the bigger issues we ran into during our hands-on test.

1. Higher Renewal Rates

HostArmada’s cheapest plan, Star Dock, features as low as $3.99/month advertised price on their website.

If you are a beginner then it’s the best deal that you can get with tons of features. But when it comes to renewal then the costs are not that competitive.

Like other hosting providers, they offer a different price while renewing the hosting. However, the renewal prices are still low as compared to other hosting providers with similar features.

The cheapest Star Dock plan will cost you $7.99/mo during renewal. But of course, you can always contact their sales department and ask for an additional discount during renewal.

The best solution to this is to lock in the longest term possible (36 months on HostArmada) to take advantage of that low rate for as long as you can.

2. No LSCache on the Lowest Plan

Getting LigheSpeed server hosting at such a low price is the best deal you can get. HostArmada also offers LightSpeed servers with their height-shared hosting plans.

However, their cheapest Star Dock plan is still void of this feature. But as compared to other hosting providers the Speed Reaper plan will be best suited with LS cache.

The plan can be grabbed with a monthly price of $2.69/month. A similar plan with other hosting providers will not cost you less than $10/month.

So I would personally recommend you to get-go with the Speed Reaper plan with a long-term lock-in period.

HostArmada Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

HostArmada offers SSD Shared hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting, and dedicated hosting. Among SSD shared hosting they offer three shared hosting packages. Here are the costs and highlights:

HostArmada Review Plans & Pricing
  • The Star Dock Plan: This plan costs $3.99/month, Can host only one website, and is best for newbies who are just starting with a website. The plan comes with a free domain name, 15 GB Cloud SSD storage with 2 Cores CPU, and 2 GB RAM. It can handle up to 10,000 unique visits per month, with unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 client support, free Cloudflare CDN, free Let’s Encrypt SSL, unlimited emails & Databases, free daily backups, and more.
  • The Web Wrap Plan: This plan costs $4.69/month, Can host unlimited websites. The plan comes with a free domain name, 30 GB Cloud SSD storage with 4 Cores CPU, and 4 GB RAM. It can handle up to 60,000 unique visits per month, with unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 client support, free Cloudflare CDN, free Let’s Encrypt SSL, unlimited emails & Databases, free daily backups, and more. Additionally, the plan offers free loading speed optimization.
  • The Speed Reaper Plan: This plan costs $5.66/month, Can host unlimited websites, and is best for websites having considerable traffic and who love speed. The plan comes with a free domain name, 40 GB Cloud SSD storage with 6 Cores CPU, and 6 GB RAM. It can handle up to 120,000 unique visits per month, with unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 client support, free Cloudflare CDN, free Let’s Encrypt SSL, unlimited emails & Databases, free daily backups, and more. Additionally, the plan offers free loading speed optimization with LS caching, Memcached, APC & OPcode cache.

You can select the plan as per your website requirements. However, you can upgrade your plan any time in between. So if you are a beginner then start your website with Star Dock and once it is fully ready with good traffic then plan to move to higher hosting plans.

All shared hosting plans come with a free Domain name, free email account, free SSL, and unlimited bandwidth.

  • Domain: Free with all plans
  • Ease of Signup: Very easy, one-page sign-up process.
  • Payment Methods: Credit Card and PayPal (there are other options available through chat)
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses: No hidden Charges, You just pay what is shown on the website.
  • Upsells:  A few… but nothing too bad.
  • Account Activation: Quick account activation.
  • Control Panel and Dashboard: cPanel
  • Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): Quick and easy install of popular apps and CMSs using Softaculous.

HostArmada Interface

Sticking to the industry standards HostArmada offers in-house designed client areas and cPanel to manage your websites. You can easily manage your hosting plans, domains, and payment options from the well-designed client area.

Additionally, if you face any issues you can simply contact their technical team.

HostArmada Client Area

cPanel is, by far, the leading web hosting management control panel. With all HostArmada plans, you will get your individual cPanel account, which contains all essential tools to maintain your web files and databases effectively.

hostarmada cpanel account

So you can have a great web hosting experience with an easy-to-use client area and powerful cPanel with all the plans.

HostArmada FAQ’s

Who is HostArmada?

HostArmada is a privately funded cheap web hosting company founded in late 2019. they offer multiple web hostings solutions like shared, WordPress, VPS, and dedicated hosting. All their plan comes with a free domain and unlimited bandwidth. It’s one of the most affordable and quality web hosting providers out there.

How to Install WordPress on HostArmada?

HostArmada offers a 1-click application installer. You can find the WordPress installer in cPanel-> Softaculous Apps Installer. Fill in a few details about your website and WordPress will be automatically installed on your selected domain.

Does HostAramda offer Free Domain Name?

Yes. HostArmada offers free domain name/ free domain transfer with all their web hosting plans. Additionally, they will not charge any recurring charges for the domain name till the time you keep hosting your websites on their servers.

What is HostArmada Coupon Code?

You don’t need to enter any coupon code to avail of the maximum discount. However, once the offer is over you can come back to this page and you will find a coupon code with an additional discount on regular prices.

Does HostArmada offer Free SSL & Website Migration?

Yes, HostArmada offers a free SSL certificate with all their plans. You can install SSL on an unlimited domain that you are hosting with them. The free website migration service is different from all the plans. The lowest plan offers 1 free website migration and the highest plan offer 3 website migration.

How to Get Free Web Hosting With HostArmada?

HostArmada itself doesn’t offer free hosting plans. However, Bloggersutra is offering absolutely free Star Dock hosting plans to its valuable readers. Additionally, you will also get 1-year access to premium WordPress Plugins & Themes. Get Details

Is Bloggersutra Hosted on HostArmada?

Yes, is currently hosted on the Speed Reaper plan of HostArmada. We don’t recommend any hosting without checking them personally on our or our client’s websites. You can rest assured of purchasing HostArmada hosting.

Do We Recommend HostArmada?

Yes, we do.

HostArmada has delivered solid uptime for the last year with great speed. And their uptime guarantee makes sure that you’ll probably never have any major downtime issues.

Their site speed is very good. That’s thanks in part to their servers spread out over 9 locations. They also give you a free domain name and SSL on all plans, too.

Pricing is the added advantage when selecting HostArmada. They are offering the lowest plan as low as $3.99/month with a free domain name. This is the cheapest price you can get in the industry at such premium features.

To take maximum advantage go with the longest term possible. Otherwise, you’ll end up hitting those high renewal rates sooner.

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