30 Free Blog Submission Sites in 2023 With High Domain Authority (DA) + 300 Bonus Sites



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Backlinks play a vital role in increasing traffic and authority on every website. If Looking to achieve a better search engine ranking for your website then grab a do-follow link from the free blog submission sites listed in this article.

Yes, the websites mentioned in this article are authoritative websites with high DA & PA.

As a blogger or webmasters, we are hungry for organic traffic. When I speak about organic traffic it means the traffic which our blog receives from various search engines. So to get organic traffic you need to carry out on-page and off-page SEO for your website to get better search engine rankings.

Creating high-authority backlinks from the website having high domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) forms part of the off-page SEO technique and definitely helps you in getting better search engine rankings. Below are a few topic suggestions that will help you drive traffic to your website.

Search Engines use very powerful algorithms to judge the user’s requirements depending on the search keywords and many factors. Thus Visitors coming via search engines are much more relevant and looking for similar content published on your website.

So if the visitor’s requirements are fulfilled then they will stay on your website reading the articles and thus reducing the bounce rate. Bounce rate is another factor that Google takes into consideration while ranking your articles for specific keywords.

So somebody has rightly said, ” Content is King”. So you must focus on well-researched content before publishing it on your blog.

The Blog Submission Sites mentioned in this article offer you backlinks with a Dofollow attribute. The websites with better backlink profile from high PR and DA blogs helps to improve the overall authority of the website and thus search engine rankings.

Especially, if you are active in niche blogs that allow do-follow blog submissions to generate free backlinks, you will not only get a quality link to your site but you will also be getting targeted traffic.

You will find many website offerings with paid backlinks to your website. But for the long term, you should avoid getting paid backlinks to your website. You need to work manually to generate a better and more relevant backlink profile for your website.

Before we proceed further it is important to know the importance of these blog submission sites for your blog. Do they actually benefit your blog by getting more traffic you will be wasting your precious time by submitting your blog?

What are Blog Submission Sites?

Blog submission sites or blog submission directories are those that allow you to submit your blog to gain more exposure and build some quality backlinks in return. Not all blog submission sites are free.

It is important to submit your website to blog submission sites with good Domain Authority and Page Authority. Submitting your website to all the directories you come across can fetch you Google penalties.

Generating one quality backlink is always better than getting thousands of spammy links with low authority.

So to help you generate quality backlinks I came up with 30 free blog submission sites with 30+ domain authorities and page authorities. So you can safely submit your blogs on them to build some quality links for free.

Also, Don’t forget to check out the bonus list of 300+ blog submission sites.

Note: You must create the backlinks from the blog we have mentioned in the list. Generating a link from the bonus website submission list is your choice.

Do Blog submission sites or Blog Directories Really Matter?

Below in this article, we have discovered blog submission sites with high domain authority and page authority. Few of these websites are paid but most of them are free for blog submission.

The important question is are these blog submission sites really worth it?

Yes, undoubtedly the blog submission sites are worth your time. Here are a few quick reasons why I’m saying it.

  • Free Sites Submission: Most of the top blog submission sites that you find on this page are FREE. So, there is nothing to lose.
  • High DA & PA: Each and every blog submission sites that you find here have a high domain authority and page authority, which can be really helpful to improve your SEO.
  • Quick crawling: These top blog submission sites help you crawl your websites really fast whenever your site gets updated so they are helpful in boosting your SEO quickly.

What are The Different Types of Blog Submission Sites?

Yes, there are different types of blog submission websites. You must always know the type of website on which you are submitting your website for backlinks.

Most of these sites are with good domain authority and page authority. But it is always better to check DA & PA before submitting your website.

Here are 8 types of directory submissions sites:

  • Free blog submission
  • Reciprocal regular web blog listing
  • Paid blog submission
  • Automatic blog submission
  • Manual blog submission
  • Nofollow blog submission
  • Dofollow blog submission
  • Niche blog submission

It is always good to find out niche directories in case your website is about a specific micro-niche. Otherwise, you will find a category and then accordingly submit your website.

I would always prefer to submit on free directory websites only, rather than paying for it.

Quick Note Before We Dive Deep into Details of Best Blog Submission Sites: For selecting and suggesting the websites I have taken the Domain Authority of the website as an important factor into consideration. Most of the blog submission websites mentioned below are free but few of them have started charging a small amount to submit your blog. But it is recommended to submit your blog to all of them.

Best Blog Submission Sites to Submit Your Blog in 2023

best blog submission sites

1. WordPress.com (DA 92 & PA 88)

WordPress.com is the best website to get a quality backlink for your website. Well, it’s not a traditional blog submission site. So to create the backlink you have to take some extra pain. But don’t worry you can generate a quality backlink for absolutely free.

But before we go ahead with the process you must not get confused between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, I personally recommend creating my blog with WordPress.org

Here is how to submit your blog to WordPress.com

Step 1: Click Here to register a free account with WordPress.com

Step 2: Follow the simple step and create your own blog on WordPress.com (No need to purchase the domain use the free domain offered by WordPress.com)

Step 3: Make necessary changes to the headlines and tags of your blog

Step 4: Delete the sample posts and create your new post.

Step 5: Write a small article related to your website and place one or two backlinks within the article.

Step 6: Publish your blog post and launch your website

You’re Done! these steps will hardly take much of your time but you will definitely get a high authority link back from the WordPress.com domain.

2. Boing Boing (DA 89 & PA 73)

Boing Boing is an award-winning blog directory website with very high domain authority and page authority. It is difficult to submit your blog to this submission site but you must give it a try.

The website offers two options to submit your blog. Either you can submit to their directory listing or you can leave a valuable comment with your website link within their discussion forum.

It might be difficult to get your website approved but if in case they like your website then it will come as a big asset to your website.

How to submit your website to Boing Boing

Step 1: Click here to submit your website to their directory or click here to leave a comment at their discussion forum.

Step 2: Contact them to submit your website and once you the confirmation email, simply add your blog or website from their home page. You are done!

3. Alltop (DA 68 & PA 64)

Alltop is developed by one of the finest internet marketers. It is among the best website to submit your blog for free and get high-quality links.

The website covers most of the niches ranging from technology, marketing, blogging, fitness, real estate, and much more. You name the niche and you will definitely you will find a relevant topic to submit your blog for free.

Alltop also excepts the RSS feed of your website and displays all the published articles on their website. However, currently, they are not accepting the new blog on their directory but soon they will again start it.

Meanwhile, you can contact them to submit your website for some little favor.

How to submit your blog to Alltop for free?

Step 1: Click here to submit your site after completing a simple registration form.

Step 2: Alltop team will review your website completely and if they find it suitable they will send you a confirmation email.

Step 3 (optional): Once your website is approved you can add the Alltop badge to your website as a favor.

4. Blogarama (DA 58 & PA 46)

When it comes to blogging submission sites then Blogarama is one of the oldest and most trusted websites with more than 200000 registered users and hosting thousands of blogs.

Submitting your blog to Blogarama is very simple, just follow the simple step mentioned below and your website will be submitted without any hassle.

Step 1: Click here and register yourself on the website with your email.

Step 2: Add your blog/website to their blog directory for free and you’re done.

5. Blog Flux (DA 51 & PA 45)

Blog Flux hosts more than 200000 blogs from all various niches. It can also be considered as the one-stop destination for blogs. Submitting your blog with Blogflux is not at all difficult. In fact, they accept most of the blogs.

Let’s see how to submit your blog with them.

Step 1: Click here to register a free account for blog submission

Step 2: After getting the confirmation email, just add your blog or website from their home page. That’s all!

6. Blog Engage (DA 67 & PA 39)

Blog engage is not a completely free blog submission site but of course, it is among the popular website where most bloggers and developers promote their blogs and website.

If you are looking to promote your blog with blog engagement then you can do so by joining it for $25/month.

How to submit your blog to Blog Engage?

Step 1: You can register your website with Blog engage.

Step 2: Blog engage accepts the submission of the website after either their banner ad or review article is published on your website. So it is basically given and taken. But as a beginner, you should not hesitate to add them to your blog.

7. Entire Web (DA 51 & PA 58)

Entireweb is again a free blog submission website used by more than 5 million people worldwide. The Free Search Engine Submission service of Entireweb helps webmasters to submit their sites to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more.

They do have paid submission plans with extended features, but as a beginner, you should go ahead with the free submission plan. Submitting your websites to the Entireweb network is very simple. Just follow the simple procedure given below to submit your website for free.

So how to submit your site for free at Entire Web?

Step 1: Click on this link and enter the details like your site’s URL along with your primary email address. Remember you need to verify the email address you have used during site submission

Step 2: Click on proceed to submit your site FREE to this blog submission site.

Additionally, they can send promotional emails to the email address you have registered with them. But getting free submission for that cost is a great deal.

8. Blog Adda (DA 49 & PA 50)

Blogadda is another popular blog submission website having tons of blogs published with them. You need to register on their website to submit your blog.

If you are an Indian blogger then you have a high chance of getting your website approved. They have thousands of followers over social media which will come as a boon for your blog once submitted.

Here’s how to join it for free.

Step 1: Click here to signup for their community.

Step 2: Add your blog and all done. No need to submit individual blog posts, rather you can submit the entire blog directly.

9. Indiblogger (DA 46 & PA 42)

Indiblogger is the biggest Indian blog directory having thousands of websites already published with them. You can also find thousands of Indian bloggers from various blogging topics to engage and connect.

You can easily check the various posts that are published by other popular bloggers and also simultaneously submit your blog too.

How to join Indiblogger with simple steps?

Step 1: Click here to sign up for a free account to submit your website.

Step 2: Give details about your to submit your blog on Indiblogger

Step 3: It is recommended to manually submit your newly published blog post to their forum to get more exposure.

You must submit your popular post to their network from time to time to get more traffic to your website.

10. Bloggernity (DA 43 & PA 35)

Apart from submitting your blog if you are looking to interact with other bloggers then Bloggernity is best suited for you. It is among the most preferred blog with high domain authority and page authority.

Submitting your website with Bloggernity will definitely have added advantages.

Here’s how can you submit your blog for free on Bloggernity.

Step 1: Click on this link to visit the Bloggernity sign-up page. You can sign up using your email address which is free.

Step 2: Once you’re signed up with your email, you can use your email login details to log in and click on the “Add Blog” option to add your blog to their directory.

11. Plazoo (DA 41 & PA 54)

Plazoo is a blog submission website that supports multiple languages. You don’t have to submit the individual post of their website, rather you can directly add your blog feed or RSS feed.

The website is having a high domain authority and will definitely provide the link juice to the blog submitted on their directory.

Submitting your blog on their website is very simple, all you have to do is create an account and submit your website RSS feed to their directory.

Here’s how you can submit your blog for free on Plazoo which has 41 DA.

Step 1: Visit this link to add your website or blog’s RSS feed

Step 2: Enter your blog details with an RSS feed to proceed and you’re done. The benefit of using Plazoo is that it gives you access to the Plazoo Reader which is more than a standard RSS reader where you can easily add and manage RSS feeds.

12. Blog Hub (DA 41 & PA 63)

Blog hub is an online directory and community having more than 12 lakhs of websites. It also works as a community for bloggers where members from around the world gather to exchange ideas. 

It’s the best platform with high DA & PA to add your site. You can additionally search their blogger directory for blog templates, blog skins, create a blog, or join their exciting online Blogger forum.

Submitting your blog with Bloghub.com is very simple. Just follow the simple procedure given below and you can easily submit your blog within no time.

How to add your blog to the Bloghub directory?

Step 1: Click here to create a free account to submit your blog.

Step 2: Follow the simple steps by adding your blog details and you’re done.

Don’t forget to activate your account by clicking on the activation link you will receive in the email address you used while creating the account.

13. On Top List (DA 41 & PA 58)

OnTopList is again a very popular blog directory and business directory submission website. It allows you to submit your site according to the niche of your website.

They offer multiple categories where your website can be easily uploaded. Some key benefits of submitting your website with them are:

  • Exposure to a broader audience
  • Exposure to new customers
  • Have your blog feed published daily for your followers and fans to read
  • Get greater link exposure in search engines
  • Access analytical insights to keep a close eye on the performance of your website or blog
  • Mobile optimization to ensure your listing is 100% visible on all devices

Submitting your website to the directory list of Ontoplist is very simple. Just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Click here to join their blog directory community.

Step 2: Once you have submitted your website then their support team will manually review your website before approval. For a faster reviewing process, add their site’s badge to your blog and email their customer support team about it.

14. Bloglisting (DA 39 & PA 48)

Blog listing is among the fastest-growing free blog submission sites. Within no time of launch, they have become popular enough to host thousands of blogs on their listing.

However, they have reduced their domain authority but still can provide good authority to your website submitted to their listing.

The procedure to list your website with a Blog listing is simple.

Step 1: Click here to submit your blog and fill in a few details.

Step 2: They will take some time to approve your blog but once your blog goes live, start connecting with the other bloggers to increase your site exposure.

15. So Much (DA 38 & PA 45)

So Much is one of the blogger-friendly blog submission sites having all the websites sorted according to topics and categories.

The website is having a very good Domain Authority and Page Authority to give real value to your blog after submission.

Let’s see how to submit your blog with them with ease.

Step 1: Click here to submit a link from your site for free. Select the category and add a description of your website and you’re done.

Step 2: You can go with the premium subscription costing $10 for fast submission of your website. Else, the free submission might take some time depending on the number of websites submitted with them for approval.

16. Blogging Fusion (DA 37 & PA 44)

Blogging Fusion is a good place to submit your blog to the list of free blog submission sites. However, it is a paid listing directory but the amount is too small in comparison with the authority your website will get after submission.

You can also get a free account with them. All you have to do is submit your website by clicking the link and then write a few lines about their directory site on your website with a link and approach their support team to consider your request for a free account.

In most cases, they do agree to offer you a free account on their free blog submission sites.

17. Blogs Collection (DA 33 & PA 42)

It is almost 10 years since when blog Collection website was started with the sole aim to give bloggers an opportunity to submit their websites on their blog submission sites.

The blog directory hosts articles from all the popular blogs all over the globe. Submitting your website with them is quite simple.

Step 1: Click here to add your blog to their directory.

Step 2: They offer two listing options. Select their “Partner and Regular” listing option to submit your blog for free.

18. Fuel My Blog (DA 34 & PA 52)

Fuel My Blog is among the popular free blog submission sites offering you to submit your website along with the featured image, thus giving an added benefit to your website.

Apart from submitting your blog, you can also read interesting blogs on their website from other bloggers.

How to submit your blog on Fuel My Blog

Step 1: Click here to register for a free account.

Step 2:  Click on Add your blog and submit your blog details. In return, you will get an HTML code, add it to your blog as a good gesture and you’re done.

19. Blog Roll Center (DA 33 & PA 62)

If you are looking to submit your blog to popular free submission sites under the appropriate category then Blog Roll Center is perfect for you.

It allows you to submit the website from various niches. So you can easily find the appropriate category for your blog before submission. Alternatively, it allows you to read popular blogs from other readers.

To submit your website to Blog Roll Center, you need to click on this link to add your site and enter your website’s URL. Once you have done that in the next step you need to create your username and password for your account.

Once the account is successfully created the website will automatically fetch your website details like the Meta title and Meta description. Once that is done you have to select the appropriate category according to your website niche and submit your blog.

20. Top Sites Web Directory (DA 35 & PA 54)

Top Sites Web Directory mostly has the websites submitted from the USA. So apart from submitting your website to their free blog submission sites, you will also get traffic from the USA on your website.

It is among the popular blog submission directory generating lots of US traffic. So it will be a great choice for you to submit your blog to them.

Here’s how you can submit your blog for free on Top Sites Web Directory with a DA of 35.

Step 1: Visit this website link and enter your website details to proceed.

Step 2: If you want to get your site listed really fast, you can try their paid inclusion for a one-time flat fee of 10.00 Euros or you can also give them a reciprocal link for faster review.

21. 1Abc Directory (DA 30 & PA 47)

1Abc Directory is among the oldest free blog submission sites in the world. The website is 12 years old and has maintained its high domain authority throughout.

You don’t have to make much effort to submit your blog to their directory.

To submit the blog to 1Abc Directory simply Click on this link to visit their blog submission page. They offer various options to submit your blog.

The website offers both free and paid options. For featured links, they charge a fee of $20 yearly and for regular links, it’s one time cost of $5.

Wait, they do offer the free blog submission service. Either you can choose to submit the blog for a reciprocal link or submit your blog for absolutely free.

We would recommend you initially go with the option of the reciprocal link instead of full free link submission. If you have a small budget then go ahead regular links option costing $5/permanent.

22. Sonic Run (DA 28 & PA 53)

Sonic run is again a great free blog submission site with good domain authority. The only drawback is they usually take 90 days to get your site listed on their free blog submission sites.

The blog submission on this site is quite simple, all you have to do is click on the link and then enter your blog URL, email, and name to finish the submission process.

23. BlogDirectory.co (DA 22 & PA 41)

Blog Directory is among the simple blog submission sites which pull the RSS feed of your blog and show your information whenever you update your blog with new blog posts.

The website is free to submit, all you have to follow the simple procedure given below to submit your website.

How to submit your blog on Blog Directory

Step 1: Click here to join for free.

Step 2: Enjoy the exposure your website gets whenever you publish a new post!

24. BlogDirectory.org (DA 29 & PA 54)

Another blog submission site that has maintained the list of free blog submission sites is BlogDirectory.org, it allows you to submit your blog for free depending on the category that’s relevant to your blog’s topic.

To submit the blog click on the link to register your free account and then choose the relevant category for your blog from the list of categories and submit your blog.

25. Blog Ville (DA 24 & PA 37)

Submit your website to the fastest-growing blog submission site. The only drawback with the website is that they manually review your website. However, the procedure for approval is very simple.

All you have to do is click here to register yourself for free. Once you get the confirmation email then your blog will be manually reviewed by their support team before approval.

Blog Ville will send you a confirmation email once your website is approved.

26. Pegasus Web Directory (31 DA & 49 PA)

Pegasus Web Directory is again popular among free blog submission sites list having tons of websites already submitted with them. The best about them is that you will hardly find any spammy websites submitted with them.

This is because they approve all the blogs submitted to them manually.

Here’s how you can submit your blog for free on the Pegasus directory.

Step 1: Visit their home page and select a category as per your blog niche where you want to publish your website.

Step 2: Submit the blog on the submit page. You’ll usually find 3 options (2 premium options). Simply pick the free option to proceed. You’ll need to add your site details such as title, meta, keywords, and so on.

27. Gain Web (26 DA & 45 PA)

Gain Web is newly added to the blog submission sites list. They offer high-quality blogs published on their website.

The website offers both free and paid submissions. To submit your blog for free all you have to do is click on the link and choose from the various plans including premium plans to submit your blog.

To submit your website for free you need to select the regular link plan. Submit your website details and your site is ready to submit for free.

28. Cipinet Web Directory (34 DA & 53 PA)

This is again the best choice for bloggers to submit their websites for free. The website is providing its service since 2002 and hosts many popular websites.

They offer both free and paid submission plans. The paid submission plan starts with a $35 one-time fee. The features of basic site submission plans are:

  • Website business address and phone number.
  • Review within 24 hours guaranteed.
  • Top-level domains, individual pages, or sub-domains are accepted.
  • Basic listing for a lifetime and is displayed above Free Listing.
  • 10 keywords for search results and link details page.
  • The total amount will be refunded if the website is not approved for whatever reason.
  • Cost: Just a $35 One-time fee.

Apart from this they also offer premium and featured site submission plans at $75 & $120 one-time fees.

The free plans are also available with some limitations. As part of the free website submission plan, they allow only top-level domains to be submitted and No sub-domain or individual pages are allowed.

On top of that, they take about 4 months for reviewing your website. If you are not in a hurry then this is a good option to submit your website for free else, you can go ahead with the premium plan.

29. ABC Directory (DA & PA)

ABC Directory is again a popular blog submission site having blogs submitted from all niches. With a large number of categories, you can submit your blog to the most accurate category as per your website content and niche.

It offers both free and paid submissions. The premium listing starts from $49. To submit your website for free you need to click the link and select the category as per your website.

Once you submit the details about your blog then their support team will review your website to approve it. The premium listing is approved instantaneously.

30. 9Sites (DA & PA)

Another popular blog submission site that can be missed within the list is 9sites.net. The website offers a variety of categories to choose from before submitting your website.

They offer both premium and free listing. The premium listing starts at a one-time fee of $15.95. However, the regular links are free of cost.

To submit your website you need to follow the simple steps.

Step 1: Click on the link to submit your website.

Step 2: Select the category for your website and submit details about your website like website URL, title, description, name, and email address. Once you have done that you can click on the Next button.

Step 3: They will manually verify your website before making your website link live on their website.

I hope you must have taken full advantage of the most popular free blog submission sites list with high domain and page authority. To give you an added advantage we are adding more than 300 bonus websites with 20+ Domain Authority.

Creating links or submitting your website will definitely help you but in my recommendation, you should be selective for the websites given below. No need to create or submit your blog to all the sites given below.

Let’s jump Free Blog Submission Sites List For SEO in 2023 with 20+ Domain Authority.

300 Free Blog Submission Sites List with 20+ DA [Bonus List]

As I have told you earlier that you must submit your website to the top blog submission sites mentioned above. However, if you are still looking for more quality submission sites for your website then here I have included the bonus list of 300+ free blog submission sites.

But before you start submitting your blog to the list below I would personally recommend you first write a few details about your blog in a new notepad file:

  • Name of the blog:
  • URL of the blog:
  • Feed URL of the blog
  • Description of the blog in 2-3 lines

This will make the submission task easier. I have broken down the list into:

  • Websites where you can directly submit your blog.
  • Reciprocal link or badge required.
  • Websites to submit RSS feeds

How to Generate Backlinks on Free Blog Submission Sites List?

  1. Go to the DoFollow Blog Submission Sites List given below to generate free backlinks
  2. Sign up on the website
  3. Submit your blog to the relevant category
  4. On some websites, you can post a guest post or comment with a link to your website to generate free backlinks.
  5. Once you have submitted your website, it might take up to 30 days for your blog to get listed. In some cases and websites, it is instant approval.
blog submission process

But waiting to generate free backlinks from these DoFollow Blog Submission Sites List is worth it, as you will get backlinks from the website with high DA and PA.

Let’s now dive into the details of 300+ Free Blog Submission Sites that could be considered to submit your blog.

List of 300 Free Blog Submission Sites With 20+ DA (Bonus)

Don’t forget to check the spam of the websites mentioned below. The websites with high spam scores are not recommended for blog submission. It is not necessary to submit your website to all these blog submission websites. However, you must select websites with high Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).

Blog Submission SitesDomain Authority (DA)Page Authority (PA)

Just submit your blog to DoFollow Blog Submission Sites List mentioned above to generate free backlinks to your website and improve your search engine visibility and ranking.

We also have one list of do-follow forums which you can use to get a few more do-follow backlinks to your blog. If you are going to share this list on any forum or on your blog, do consider giving credit to this article.

FAQs About Top DA Free Blog Submission Sites List 2023

Whenever users start submitting their website to this top DA Free Blog Submission Sites List, they have many questions in their minds. They are actually not sure about how creating genuine backlinks from these high Domain Authority websites will benefit them.

Let’s take these questions one by one!

1. Which are the Best Free Blog Submission Sites for SEO in 2023?

The list of websites that we have published in this article is safe. Most of the websites on the list are free but for a few websites, you need to pay to get your website listed. If you are a beginner then you can avoid paid websites initially.

Having said that, below are the best Free Blog Submission Sites that are excellent for boosting your website’s SEO

The above-mentioned websites are the most popular blog submission sites. They carry out regular checks for spam links and hence are safe to use.

2. Are Blog Submission Sites List Good for SEO?

Getting genuine backlinks from a high Domain Authority and Page Authority website is good for SEO. They are as good as getting links from guest posting sites. But most webmasters avoid submitting their websites to free blog submissions sites list thinking that the search engine will penalize their website.

Most of the websites mentioned in this article carry out a manual review of all the websites that are submitted on their platform. This helps them to avoid Spam websites and keeps their platform safe for genuine websites.

So Yes it is safe to submit your websites to these free blog submissions sites list. But as a matter of fact, keep your blog submission limited to 15 – 20 websites. You never when any of these websites convert into spam links and negatively affect your website.

3. What Additional do I Get From Blog Submission Sites Apart From Backlinks?

Most of the websites offer badges, Apart from getting a free backlink from these blog submission sites. These badges can be added as a sidebar widget to your website. That means you can add your blog with your links and also vote for other blogs that you like to read and follow.

These blog submission sites list a huge catalog of websites depending on the various categories. You can follow up few of the best websites on the list which will help you take your website to the next level.

4. Should I Submit My Blog to Websites Asking for Reciprocal Links?

No, you should actually avoid submitting your website for link exchange in the long run. If your website is new then you can initially go ahead with it. Most of the blog submission sites from India ask you to link back to their website. You can either place their website link at the footer or as a sidebar widget to your website.

From the free blog submission sites list given in the article, you must select the website which doesn’t ask you to link back to their website or link exchange. Check back the DA & PA of these websites before submitting them.

You should also consider guest posting as the best alternative to get high-quality genuine backlinks to your blog.

So finally, avoid reciprocal or any type of link exchange for your website.

5. What is Blog Submission and how to do it for Free?

Blog submission includes submitting your blog or blog post to other websites to get link juice. It is the best SEO practice to improve search engine ranking and traffic to your blog.

Blog submission is pretty simple. All you need to do is to visit the sites (blog submission directory sites) where you want to add links, and click on the “Add URL or Submit Blog URL” buttons in order to submit your blogs for free.

The most website gives you instant approval after submission but few of them carry out a manual check to avoid spam websites.

6. How long does it takes to show backlinks to your website.

Once you have created the backlink to these blog submission sites list it takes time to appear over the internet. This depends on many factors. But usually, you can check the created backlink to your website somewhere within 15-25 days.

7. My Website Displays Many Backlinks Which I have not Created?

Backlinks are created as black SEO techniques also. So once you detect these backlinks just check the DA and PA of the websites linking to your website. If you find a website with low domain authority or page authority or with a high spam score then you should disallow those backlinks from the Google search engine console.

Once you disallow these backlinks, Google will not consider them while ranking your website of articles. So your website will be safe.

Finally, it is a good habit to find spam backlinks to your website and disallow them.

Quick note: The Domain Authority (DA) is calculated monthly by the Moz team which is usually considered a great domain metric at the SEO level. So this top blog submission site post is a great treat for anyone who wants to get high-quality links from top DA sites. We regularly update the list. So keep visiting our website.

Wrapping Up Free Blog Submission Sites

As I said in the article, blog submission sites with good domain authority (DA) can help you boost your search results by giving you some good link juice. Not only that, you can increase your blog’s exposure whenever you publish new content.

If you know any other blog directory where one should submit their blog, let me know via comments and we will update the same in our article.

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