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WorldFree4u website,,, and latest are the most search websites over the internet for downloading latest Hindi, Tamil, Telegu and Hollywood movies.

Worldfree4u also offers Free Dual Audio 300mb Hd Bollywood Movies Hollywood Movies New Pirated Movies Download On Worldfree4u Website.

The website is being operated from America but if offers pirated movies in all the languages. The movies are uploaded on the website Worldfree4u on the day of release in the various formats.

Worldfree4u is a piracy website like Tamilrockers, However movie piracy is completely banned in India and is an offense. But Worldfree4u still manage to upload the latest movies despite bans.


Government and ISP providers are trying hard to completely block these type of movie piracy websites but always fails to block them. Once the Worldfree4u domain name is blocked by the ISP providers it is shifted to some other domain name.

Worldfree4u was operating for their domain name, but when the latest Rajnikant and Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 was released, Chennai high court ordered to block almost 22000 movie piracy websites. was also blocked by the ISP providers, but within no time, the website was shifted to the new domain name

The Worldfree4u website can be currently accessed from their new domain name to download latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

No Registration Required on Worldfree4u

The most search movie piracy website WorldFree4u do not ask for any details of registration from their users. The movies are available for free download without sharing any personal information.

The website has gained more popularity because users can download latest movies anonymously and without sharing their details.

The other movie piracy websites like Tamilrockers was asking for user registration over their forum for downloading movies. But recently even they have stopped asking for user details and closed new registration over their website.

The user just needs to go to the website and click on the download links of the movies and download the movies. You can find the latest movies available for download on the day of release.

How to Download Movies From WorldFree4u?

Download latest movies fromWorldfree4u is very simple. The user needs to go to the latest website URL and search for the movie which he wanted to download.

The best part of the website is that the latest movies are available on the homepage for downloading. In case you want to download some old movie you can simply search for the movie.

Once you find your movie you can click on the link and you will be redirected to the movie downloading page.

Worldfree4u offers movie downloading by two methods, first is the direct download and second is via torrents. In case of direct download, you just click on the download link and follow the instructions.

The movies are uploaded on the third party website and not on the Wordlfree4u server. The move will be directly downloaded from the third party website.

For downloading the move via torrent you can use any free torrent client like utorrent. All you have to do is just download the movie torrent file from the Worldfree4u website and open it in torrent client.

If you have difficulty in downloading the movie from a torrent then follow our free step by step guide to download movies by the utorrent client.

Latest Movies Available for Download

Worldfree4u is one of the favorite websites for downloading the latest movies in all languages. Apart from the movies, you can find TV serials, Series and online series of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The website is being operated from America but you can find movies of all languages are available for download.

The recently released movie 2.0 was also uploaded on the day of release for download on Worldfree4u. However, the Rajnikant fans were disappointed with the online release of the movie but still, the movie was downloaded by millions of people.

The movie was also available on other piracy websites like Tamilrockers and World4ufree.

The government has tried to ban the websites to stop movie piracy but still failed to stop them completely. The latest movies in all languages are still available of download.

Is WorldFree4u Banned?

Yes, movie piracy is banned in most of the countries including India. Government is taking lots of steps to block movie piracy.

However, the government has failed to block the top movie piracy websites like Wordlfree4u, Tamilrockers & World4ufree. These websites are operated for outside India but offer movies and series of all languages for downloading.

Whenever the URL of these piracy websites is popular they are blocked by the ISP providers as per the directions of the government. But these website starts operating from the different URL’s once their previous URL is blocked.

The best part is that they redirect their previous URL to the new domain name so that the user doesn’t face any difficulty in searching for the new domain name.

Movie piracy is a billion dollar industry and most of the countries are trying to block it completely.

How WorldFree4U Earns?

The most important question that comes to the mind of most of us is why these website operates and takes the risk when piracy is banned in most of the countries.

The answer is very simple, Money. Yes, this website earns a huge amount in lieu of offering the latest movies for download on their website.

The websites like Worldfree4u, Tamilrockers & World4ufree displays unwanted and annoying popup ads on their website whenever the user clicks on their website.

These advertisements are displayed as per CPM (cost per 1000 impressions). Generally, CPM is high in europian countries but we will calculate as per the worst scenario.

Let us say the CPM is 1$ (1$ for 1000 impressions)

Alexa ranking of Wordlfree4u – 2500

The website is having 4L to 6L visitors daily. Let us take a minimum of 400000 visitors daily.

Each visitors click only 3 times on the website and only one popup ads are shown per click. However, the website shows more than one popup ads per click and each user at least make 6-7 click on the website for downloading one movie.

Earning per day: 400000×3/1000 x 1 = 1200$ = 84,000 INR

Earning for 1 month: 1200 x 30 = 36000$ = 25,20,000 INR

The amount calculated above is approx. The actual amount may vary as per the daily visitors and clicks. Most of these websites are showing popup ads from

WorldFree4u Latest URL

Recently, worldfree4u was being operated on the domain name and Both of these domain names are blocked by the ISP providers after the Chennai High court order.

Apart from WorldFree4u, many other piracy websites were blocked by the ISP providers. The best part is that all these websites are currently operational on different URL.

The latest domain name for Worldfree4u is

You can easily download the latest movies from this link. We will request you to bookmark this page as we will be providing the latest Worldfree4u website link on this page whenever the previous URL is blocked.

WorldFree4u Alternative

There are many websites offering pirated movies for download, but not all of them are the real source of those movies. Most of these websites copy and paste the links for the other websites for download.

In fact, few of them download the movies from other websites and upload them on their third-party server account and offer them for download to their users.

Ther best Worldfree4u alternative websites that offer the latest movies for downloading on the day of release are:

Final Words About WorldFree4u

There is no doubt that Worldfree4u is the best website to download latest movies in all languages. The website is operated from outside India and is currently banned.

Worldfree4u is migrated from one domain name to another whenever the previous domain name is blocked.

They are offering the latest movies on the day of release to their users for downloading. The movies are available in different formats and sizes as per the requirement of the users.

The website also offers the mobile format of the movies for downloading. Government is trying hard to block these piracy websites but still not succeeded.

We request you to bookmark this article for the future reference about the latest website link of Worldfree4u website. The website URL will be updated whenever the previous URL is blocked by the ISP providers.

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