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In this article, we will learn how to optimize WordPress post for multiple focus keywords. Google search engine understands the language of keywords.

If you optimize your post content correctly with your focus keyword, the chances of your post getting higher on google search will increase.

Ranking higher on google search result means more traffic to your website and thus ranking it higher on Alexa.

It is a myth that people thinks that more articles or content on website will fetch more visitors.

It is true that content is the king for webmasters, but an incorrectly optimized content for a keyword will not help you fetch more visitors to your website and also let you rank lower in the search engine.

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Before we proceed further it is important to know, How to select best focus keyword for your post. Because selecting a focus keyword have no monthly search volume or huge monthly search volume will not fetch you anything.

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Multiple Focus Keywords

Generally, people optimize their post for one keyword. The single keyword may not have much monthly search volume to get the desired result. If you are a beginner and have a new blog, then you have to be more cautious while selecting keywords.

Selecting a keyword with high search volume will not get you any result because your content will be listed somewhere at last on the google search result and top positions will be already retained by industry big players.

When we proceed further I will explain you with an example the best way to search multiple keywords for your post.


Selecting Topic

The first thing is to select the topic of your interest to write the article or WordPress post. Remember it can be done in an opposite manner also.

ie. first you select the keywords for which you want to optimize your post and then do the research for the content on that keyword and write a stunning blog post.

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Suppose I want to write an article on the topic

How to write a blog

From the article topic, it is clear that this topic is related to writing a blog post.

Before we proceed further with the selection of multiple focus keywords. This is an example to select multiple focus keyword and not explaining you to select best focus keyword for your post.

Now go to google search

and type ” how to write a blog”. Before you type remember to install keyword everywhere extension

how to write a blog keyword

From the above image, it is clear that ” How to write a blog” have the monthly search volume of 22,200 times.

That means it can be the first keyword of your interest to optimize your post.


Multiple Focus Keywords

Till now we have found out that ” How to write a blog” can be our first keyword.

To search the second keyword > Go to Related search results at the bottom of the google search page for the keyword ” How to write a blog”.

how to write a blog and make money keyword

From the above image, we can see that the other keywords related to our first keywords are ” How to write a blog and make money”, ” how to write a blog entry” and ” how to write a blog about yourself”.

You can optimize your post for any of the keywords by making some changes to your content relevant to your keywords.

Let me take the keyword ” How to write a blog and make money”. You can see this keyword have the monthly search volume of 590 times.

Now your keywords are:

  1. How to write a blog
  2. How to write a blog and make money

Now let us optimize the post for more keywords. Now break the keywords with important terms.

Like here we have the important terms as ” Write a blog” & ” Make Money”

Enter both the keywords on the google search and check the monthly search volume.

write a blog keyword

We can see the keyword ” Write a Blog” have the monthly search volume of 6,600 times.

Similarly ” make money” have a monthly search volume of 2,46,000 times.


Final Selection Of Focus Keywords

We have seen that multiple keywords can be selected within the keyword or adding a relevant word before or after the keyword. Here, in this case, we have added the term money making behind our first keyword.

So here while writing the post we can add some methods of money making from your blog post to get it correctly optimized for the selected keywords.

So finally our multiple focus keywords will be:-

  1. How to write a blog – 22,200 times pm
  2. How to write a blog and make money – 590 times pm
  3. write a blog – 6,600 times pm
  4. make money – 2,46,000 times pm

If we correctly write the content of the post keeping all these keywords in mind then we can optimize the post for all these focus keywords and get more traffic.

Also getting more traffic and comments to the post will help your post to rank higher in google search engine.


If you have any questions please feel free to comment this post. If you have any better suggestion than let us know. We will carry out a research on your suggestion and will add to this post.

If you want to write for us then feel free to contact us.

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