MilesWeb Review: Is It The Best WordPress Hosting on the Market?


milesweb review
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MilesWeb Review: Starting a blog is a dream of many of us but many times we take a step back because we are worried that will it really work? But if you never take risks, you won’t be able to check the circumstances. So, it is better to complete your dream of having your own blog where you can present your skills or share your opinion.

You don’t require too many things for it; just a computer or laptop and an internet connection is needed. To start with, you will need to buy a domain name for a domain registrar. The domain name is your website’s name that you have decided.

Then you will need to create your website either with the help of a website developer or yourself. You too can develop your website with several free tools online. Just dragging and dropping the elements in the selected theme helps you to create a professional website with these tools.

You can also create a website on WordPress. WordPress is the popular blogging platform and enables you to build a blog easily without any hassle. Its interface is very easy to use even for beginners and newbies.

Now that you have decided to build your website in WordPress, it’s time to search for the best web hosting provider that will cater to all your website needs. Let’s see the review of the best WordPress hosting in India.

MilesWeb Review– History and Origin

MilesWeb is one of the best web hosting providers that was established in 2012. They offer managed web hosting services and take the complete reasonability of server management and maintenance, allowing website owners to think about their branding and business growth.

You get the best uptime of 99.95% with their cutting-edge servers and Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers that help to keep your website always up and running. Their customer support team is available 24/7 to resolve your queries related to hosting via live chat and email. If they fail to meet your hosting needs 100%, you can always ask for the refund from them within 30 days of a service purchase.

Their web hosting services range from shared, dedicated, VPS, cloud, WordPress, and reseller hosting. They also offer the best cloud hosting in India which comprises of managed DigitalOcean cloud and managed AWS cloud hosting.

MilesWeb Unlimited Web Hosting Plans

milesweb wordpress hosting 2020

MilesWeb Managed WordPress Hosting Features

  1. Reap the Benefit of Managed Services: MilesWeb offers managed WordPress hosting to their clients and take the complete responsibility of technical and heavy tasks such as WordPress updates, server optimization, tweaking PHP versions, etc.

2. Get Migrated to MilesWeb for Free: Want to migrate to MilesWeb? It’s super easy. Just let them know when you are convenient for the migration and they will migrate your complete website safely to their servers. The migration is done completely free of cost.

3. Get High Performance WordPress Website: Their servers are configured with Intel Xeon processors comprising of SSD storage and hardware RAID 10. This helps to offer faster performance and quick page loading.

4. Register a Domain for Free: You get a free domain with their WordPress hosting plans – Heart and Diamond. This helps to save your cost on buying a domain separately. You get .com or .in domain free. That’s amazing!

5. WordPress Updates are Automatically Installed: Their WordPress updates get automatically installed with the software at the backend of your site. Also, a continuous track is kept on the new releases and their team makes sure all the updates are installed properly and quickly as they are released.

6. Store Data Faster with SSDs: SSDs help in storing the website data faster with the use of flash technology. Therefore, your website performs 200% better with SSDs as compared to HDDs.

7. Secure Your Website from Hackers with SSL: Your website needs to be kept secured for your visitors. The free SSL certificate is installed on all the websites hosted at MilesWeb. SSL also helps to improve your website’s ranking in search engines and strengthens the trust of visitors.

8. Pre-installed WordPress: You get WordPress pre-installed on every website. The installation of WordPress is done with different themes and plugins and this reduces the efforts of setting up and configuring WordPress for smooth functionality.

9. Launch Your WordPress Website in Few Minutes: They offer vigorous, quick, and scalable hosting for your WordPress website. The scalable cloud architecture helps to launch your website project within few clicks.  Moreover, the features such as SSDs, in-built server caching, PHP 7, and HTTP/2 support also help your WordPress website to run at an intense speed.

10. Create Unlimited Email Accounts: You don’t have a limit to create email accounts as they allow you unlimited email accounts. So, you can create unlimited email addresses with POP3/IMAP/SMTP accounts.

11. Select Your Server Location: You can select the server location as per your preference. They offer server locations in India, USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and Canada.

Additional Technical Features

  1. Cloudflare Railgun: Basically, a wide area network (WAN) optimization technology, Railgun is offered by Cloudflare. It helps to enhance the performance of non-cached web pages. Additionally, it checks if the connection between your web hosting server and the Cloudflare CDN is as fast as possible.

2. HTTPS By Default: HTTPS helps to gain the trust of your website visitors as it indicates your website is secure or not. If your website is hosted at MilesWeb don’t worry about the security of your WordPress website. This is because every site hosted at MilesWeb is automatically configured with HTTPS. The traffic between your site and its visitors remains secure with our HTTPS feature addition. It also helps to boost your website’s ranking in search engines.

3. GZIP/Brotli Compression: May your website be small or big, it will surely run fast. This is possible due to the gzip compression software included in all their WordPress hosting plans for enhancing delivery time for sites of all sizes. Also, it reduces the amount of data sent from your server to the visitor’s browser and speeds up your WordPress website drastically. In addition, it also helps in reducing the server load.

4. SFTP Access: With SFTP, file transfer is done in a secure way between the networked hosts. The old, insecure, slow FTP isn’t used now. So, SFTP is used instead of FTP at MilesWeb. Additionally, remote file system can be managed by allowing applications to restart the interrupted file transfers, list remote directory content and delete remote files.

5. WP-CLI: A powerful toolset, WP-CLI or WordPress Command Line Interface is offered with their managed WordPress hosting. Due to this, interacting with your site from the command line or even programmatically becomes easier. They support WP-CLI and include the advanced commands such as wp-profile and wp-doctor.

6. Dedicated WordPress Support: They have dedicated WordPress professionals that are available 24/7 to help resolve their customers’ issues. It is possible to contact them via live chat and email. Additionally, they also suggest you with the best practices for your website’s growth.

7. Cloning: A complete copy of your WordPress site can be created with all website files, database and settings with cloning. They offer a 1-click cloning tool to create a copy of your WordPress site within a few seconds. Your website can be cloned while developing your website, integrating a new plugin’s functionality, testing a new theme, or implementing any significant update on your site or migrating your site to other hosts.

8. Daily Backups: When your website is hosted at MilesWeb, don’t worry about data loss. This is because they take the backup of website files, folders, databases with their automatic daily cloud backups. All the changes done on your website daily are tracked by the cloud backup software enabling you to recover all your website data instantly. You will need to pay extra for website backup and restore service.

9. CDN: They offer integrated CDN service with WordPress Hosting. With the CDN, the reach and performance of your site can be expanded for offering a better experience to your visitors globally. Their CDN covers the aspects like load time instead of time to the first byte. Furthermore, using the gzip compression CDN helps to reduce the data size, reduce your bandwidth cost, offer high-availability and enable fast page loads.

10. Server-side Optimizations: MilesWeb’s servers are specifically configured which help to boost the performance of your WordPress sites. Enabling gzip compression, web server caching and setting cache headers also helps in decreasing the server load per visitor.

11. Caching: It is important to clear your cache in WordPress daily. You can reduce the load times of any website only when a website is cached properly. They offer a caching tool that discovers data that loads frequently and keeps it ready to go instantly as the website is requested.

What Their Customers Say?

MilesWeb customers always loved their service and support. That is the reason why despite COVID-19 crisis their team is working 24×7 with the limited strength to provide the top-grade service.

Below are the few screenshot of the their customer reviews and what they say.

milesweb customers feedback

Summing Up

MilesWeb is a great supporter of WordPress and has participated in all the WordCamps held in India to date. They have helped many people to take their skills online by hosting their blogs with them. So, they are surely the best WordPress hosting on the market.

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