How To Skyrocket Your Small Business Sales in 7 Steps or Less in 2021


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This post gives you some great ideas to increase sales and conversions. But before I start my list, I want to give you a warning.

If your website gets no traffic, focus on that first. A friend of mine called me recently and he told me he was worried because he didn’t get a sale from his online store.

I asked him how many hits he would get every day. He laughed and aforementioned, “How am I supposed to know”?

The first thing we did was to install Google Analytics and the reason he didn’t get a sale made it clear that his website lacks 100% responsive forms plug-in and other factors.

During searching, we came across OptinMonster. we install OptinMonster WordPress Plug-in on its WordPress site: in seven days it received 109 visitors.

7 Steps to Increase Sales

Now let us look into 6 steps or less that can boost your sales which include:

1. OptinMonster WordPress Plugin


OptinMonster is a plug-in that you can use to increase your e-mail subscribers and lower the rate of abandonment of your website.

This plug-in has many functions at your disposal to achieve this and is by far the best value I have found in its class. View all the benefits you have at your disposal if you opt for the OptinMonster plug-in.

OptinMonster: Features of the First Version

  • lightbox, footer bar and slide-in forms.
  • design templates for multiple shapes.
  • the option to feature custom markup language and CSS to forms.
  • the ability to create unlimited forms for different messages on your site.
  • impression and conversion statistics for each form.
  • the ability to clone forms for direct A / B testing.
  • exit intent to only display pop-ups when visitors are about to leave.
  • integration with all major email marketing services.
  • a user-friendly native WordPress user interface.

OptinMonster: The New Functions

As said, the biggest change to OptinMonster is that it is no longer just a WordPress plug-in: it is now a hosted service that a website owner – whether they use WordPress or otherwise – can use to create a range of email registration forms to add to their site.

However, having things hosted is not the only thing the OptinMonster team has done. To reward early adopters and keep the plug-in competitive, developers have added a number of other great new features such as:

  • More form types (empty, sidebar and in-content / after-post, full screen input and output ports).
  • Mpecially developed mobile forms.
  • More shape-appearance themes.
  • A canvas tool for creating a small window and custom full-screen pop-ups and welcome opt-in for mat-style.
  • The ability to insert forms into messages and pages using short codes.
  • The ability to add animations and sound effects to forms while loading.
  • A manual opt-in trigger (i.e. to start forms at mouse clicks).
  • Newly optimized code for faster loading times.
  • A test mode for viewing examples.
  • A yes / no form option to ask visitors a question
  • Success templates that are displayed after a positive form interaction
  • More controls for when and where pop-ups are displayed
  • An Adblock detection popup trigger.

OptinMonster was introduced in 2013 with three types of opt-in forms. Since then, developers have added more options to the list of types of pop-up formats. There are currently no fewer than seven types of login types – each with its own variety of templates.

The list contains the following e-mail opt-in forms and pop-up types:

  • Lightbox popup.
  • Fullscreen welcome mat window overlay (new).
  • Slide-in.
  • Floating beam (new).
  • For mobile optimized pop-up (new).
  • Inline / after post (new).
  • Sidebar widget.

Try OptinMonster For Free to Boost Sales

2. Make Information Easy to Find

First, use your analysis tool to find out what information people are looking for on your website. Perhaps there is a product that receives much more attention than everyone else. Once you know what information people are looking for, you make it more prominent and easier to find. Don’t bury it “three clicks away”.

3. Have Intuitive Navigation

If you expect people to know how to go to their website, a majority of them will leave. The navigation is not where you want to become “creative”.

A good design is very important, but a good copy is just as important. Don’t rely on cool graphics to do the sale.

Use your words to convince them to buy from you. In my opinion, each website must answer two questions using bullet points.

4. Why Your Visitors Should Buy What You Sell

Why they should buy it FROM YOU. (What sets you apart from the competition? Make sure that what sets you apart from your competitors is valuable to your customers.)

Make the text legible

A few tips:

Keep your sentences and paragraphs short. Most long sentences can be split into two or even three sentences. Do not go over 6-7 lines per paragraph.

Use bold text to highlight the most important part of each paragraph.

Use bullets because they are a good way to summarize your most important points.

5. Show Your Accreditation’s

If you are a member of the BBB or of your local Chamber of Commerce, show the badges on your website. If you process credit cards online, VeriSign is verified and PayPal is verified if you accept PayPal. If you have earned awards or are associated with a trade association, your website is a great opportunity to display your login details.

6. Shorten the Registration and Check Out Times

Have you ever been to a website, clicked on the Register link, and was the form so long that you decided not to complete it? It happens constantly. If a piece of information is not vital to your business, don’t ask for it. If you really need to ask for a lot of information, you must get the names and e-mail addresses in the first step. That way, if they don’t complete the registration/checkout process, at least you know who they are and you can remind them to finish the process later.

7. Avoid Mistakes With Your Contact Form

If your contact form has a CAPTCHA (those weird strings that you must type to prove that you are a human), delete it. CAPTCHA codes are annoying and depending on your audience, 10-50% will leave if you ask them to prove that they are human.

Avoid a “clear” button next to the “send” button.

Many people surf the internet intuitively. They do not read everything they click on. If they spend 5 minutes filling out a form and then erasing all the information by clicking on the wrong button, chances are that they will not process the entire process again. What is the purpose of a Clear button?

For one of our customers, we increased their requests by 27% by removing their CAPTCHA code and the clear button. Do you realize how big that is? A small change increased their sales by 27%!

Check out the best WordPress form plugin to boost sales.

Final Thoughts on Increasing Sales

Did you know that more than 70% of the visitors to your website that leave your website will never come back? Why? Because most people find, read, and leave your blog (that’s just a natural pattern).

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could convert some of those people to subscribe to your website?

This is where OptinMonster comes in. OptinMonster helps in Makes information easy to find, have intuitive navigation, persuading visitors to buy what you sell, show your accreditations, avoid mistakes with your contact form, Shorten the registration and check-out times.

Try OptinMonster for Free

Also, OptinMonster helps you increase your email list and get more subscribers with a pop-up, on which pages they are active and who can see them, you can really take your sales to the next level.

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