Formidable Forms vs Contact Form 7 – Which One To Integrate on Website


formidable forms vs contact form 7

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A site contact form is a basic component of any site. There are a number of plugins available to you that are easy to set up and won’t break your financial plan.

Essential WordPress form builders are free, however, if you need to spruce up your contact and different website forms types, there are a lot of premium plugins available.

What are Formidable Forms?

Formidable Forms is a more up to date premium WordPress form plugin. Formidable Forms offers a basic plugin for free, however, it’s quite limited in features and customization.

The formidable premium version provides a robust feature set for easy and simple form building. If you want to create Advanced WordPress Forms then Formidable Forms are recommended.

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What are Contact7Forms?

Contact 7 is one of the famous and oldest free WordPress form plugin. In the same way as other free modules, Contact 7 requires knowledge of HTML coding, and limited features are available.

Contact Form 7 has quite limited features. Text, date, number, checkboxes, drop-down menus, radio buttons, and file upload and reCAPTCHA are available however that’s it.

To extend the features of Contact Form 7’s, you will need to install some additional plugins however these plugins are not supported officially by the Contact Form 7 team.

Price Comparison: WPForms vs Contact Form 7

Pricing and Plans of Formidable Forms


Formidable Forms have the following pricing and plans:

Free with 6 types of the field for unlimited forms

  • $49 Personal plan for 1 year of support and updates for 1 site, 24 types of fields, and the core features
  • $99 Professional plan for 1 year of support and updates for premium add-ons and 3 sites
  • $199 Small Business plan for one year of support and updates for 15 locales with advanced and premium add-ons and need support
  • $399 Enterprise plan for one year of support for unlimited websites with advanced, premium, elite support, enterprise add-ons, and lifetime update

Pricing and plans of Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is absolutely free WordPress form plugin with limited features. The plugin allows you to create simple contact forms and their are not much integrations available with third party addons.

Additionally, you will find paid Contact Form 7 addons. But if you try and get all the features available in Formidable Forms then you will end up paying huge amount.

Winner: Contact Form 7 ( But Recommended is Formidable forms)

Features Comparison: formidable forms vs Contact Form 7

If you will likely make and style contact forms with no requirement for code and quickly, look at the Formidable Forms free version as an alternative to Contact Form 7. The better choice to features of Contact Form 7 is found in the Formidable Forms Lite, best free form WordPress plugin.

Contact Form 7 has the following features

  • Choose form field like checkbox, textbox, and dropdown to auto-populate with Stripe and PayPal interfaces.
  • Choose when to send an email and add a specific ID transaction to it by including a basic shortcode.
  • Automatic redirect to form payment after successful submission of forms.
  • Settings are available for PayPal shipping and advanced tax profile.
  • Free module
  • Supports CAPTCHA spam filters 
  • Ajax loader customizable with CSS effectively
  • 16 field types with good design using CSS

Formidable Forms has the following features

  • Free basic plugin
  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Conditional logic is included in the paid versions
  • More than 30 types of field
  • HTML and CSS editing
  • Customizable email autoresponders and notifications
  • Track form entries with Google Analytics
  • More than 20 add-ons, including PayPal, Zapier, MailChimp, and Bootstrap, etc
  • Great technical support through email ticket, community centers, and help forums
  • Formidable Plugin

Winner: Formidable Forms because it offers more features in low priced packages. (Visit Formidable Forms Now)

Ease of Use: formidable forms vs contact Form 7

The user interface of the Contact 7 form is not a very initiative. If you are a beginner and would prefer not to beat your head while plugin setup, you would prefer not to run with Contact Form 7.

Formidable forms of modules are absolutely free. What’s more, with this free module, you can make clean and attractive formidable forms very quickly.

Winner: Formidable Forms (Visit Formidable Forms Now)

Security: Formidable Forms vs Contact Form 7

A captcha is an anti-spam system intended to recognize people and bots in form entries. Contact Form 7 use Google’s ReCaptcha. The form tag is utilized to execute it. Contact Form 7 will produce captcha in the popup window.

Formidable Forms uses ReCaptcha, which is placed in your form very simply and easily. Formidable gives you a visual in the form builder.

Akismet activation is also a significant strategy for spam prevention. Both Formidable Forms and Contact Form 7 support Akismet. The difference is the simplicity of set up.

Winner: Tie

Management:Formidable Forms vs Contact Form 7

Information submitted through a contact form is valuable. Contact Form 7 does not store this information anyplace. A different module is required if you want to store the information. Formidable keeps all information in your contact form database. Formidable Forms pro version allows you to edit, import and export the entries.

Winner: Formidable Forms (Visit Formidable Forms Now)

Support: formidable forms vs contact7forms

Contact 7 Form support is equipped to rank aiding those with the bug problems over personal troubleshooting. Formidable Forms supports light version in the WordPress repository. It is simple to upgrade to priority support with the Formidable Forms Pro.

Formidable Forms have priority support for premium customers. Apart from accessing the knowledge base, you can create a support ticket with your issues and it will be replied in 24 hours.

Winner: Formidable Forms (Visit Formidable Forms Now)

Integration: Formidable Forms vs Contact Form 7

Integration of Contact Form 7

For the contact form, it is very significant to integrate with the third-party plugins. While Contact Form 7 does not have official add-on plugins, you can find different options created by the third-party developers.

Things like custom skins, MailChimp integration, and spam protection tools are all available if you are willing to dig for them.

Integration of Formidable Forms

Formidable forms have a storage solution like google drive and Dropbox and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Best payment gateways like a stripe, Paypal and much more are also offered.

Limited integration is not the only problem however most they are unreliable as mostly add-ons are no longer supported or maintained by third-party developers who made them.

But when we closely see the difference then Formidable Forms offers much more integration options then Contact Form 7.

Winner: Formidable Forms (Visit Formidable Forms Now)

Which one is the Best Option? Formidable Forms OR Contact Form 7

Formidable is an incredible option if you need a freeway and simple to make forms without anyone else WordPress-controlled site, however, it’s the ideal choice if you need to accomplish more with those forms.

You can use it to transform your site into anything you need, enough that you should need to make another private WordPress site just to use with Formidable all alone.

Definitely, Formidable Forms is recommended by all means. (Visit Formidable Forms Now)

With Formidable, it is easy to make forms inside a straightforward intuitive interface. You can build custom forms or create them from a format.

In contrast to some other form builders, Formidable Forms is the main WordPress plugin for a form that integrates the views directly into core plugin.

It doesn’t simply collect information. You can use it to make postings, catalogs, and some other information-driven web application you or your customer are dreaming of.

To actually find if the Formidable Forms is worth selecting for your website. We conducted the in-depth comparison of Formidable Forms with other popular WordPress Forms plugin in the market.

The results were amazing and Formidable forms actually worth for your website if you want to take it to the next level.

Checkout Formidable Forms comparison with other Form Plugins:

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