Formidable Forms vs Ninja Forms – Who’s the Winner?

formidable forms vs ninja forms

With the ongoing battle of WordPress form plugins on our website, today we have two most popular form plugins Formidable forms and Ninja forms.

Both the plugins are feature rich and have huge fan following. But one among them have to be better.

To get the better comparison result we have checked the most important factors in both the form plugins.

If you have started your own website then you must be aware of the importance of having a form plugin on your website.

It not only the mean of contact with your visitors but also convert your visitors to customers.

If you are confused between Formidable Forms and Ninja Forms, then our in-depth comparison will help you to take the right decision.

Let’s begin with toggling out the feature one by one.

Formidable Forms vs Ninja Forms

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to go through the complete comparison, then let me cut short and tell you that Formidable forms is the winner in many aspects.

You can simply click on the link and Visit Formidable forms to create your first form.

1. Overview: Formidable Forms vs Ninja Forms

Both form plugins have almost similar roles but with additional features. They provide a great interface between website visitors and the webmaster or the support.

Overview: Formidable Forms

  • Formidable Forms are advanced most form builder. Someone may use conditional logic to make a single page or multiple page forms in it.
  • Formidable Forms are important to make larger applications in no time.
  • Its drag and drop option and save your time.
  • Formidable forms can bring your imagination into reality and can hold your business to an upper level.

Overview: Ninja Forms

  • Ninja Forms is the most flexible and powerful plugin offered by WP experts.
  • You can easily control every entity of your form easily.
  • Get the advantage of “form building” in the new interface.
  • Ninja forms are easy and delightful to use.
  • Ninja forms are mobile responsiveness.

2. Features: Formidable Forms vs Ninja Forms

Let’s have a quick overview of the important features of both the plugins. As previously mentioned both the plugins are feature rich and popular.

But while comparing the features we could find few amazing facts about both the form plugins.

Features: Formidable Forms

formidable forms features

Well if I start mentioning about all the features of the Formidable forms then the list will be huge. So to make it simple we are mentioning the additional and great features.

  • They have an amazing feature of conditional logic or conditional triggers. The form can intelligently show or hide the fields depending on the conditions.
  • Formidable forms allow visitors to post an article from the frontend of the website. That means the users are not required to be a member of the website to post an article.
  • They offer the flexibility to edit the form HTML.
  • Great Drag & Drop form.
  • Allows you to manage the form from WordPress Admin panel.
  • Supports API for connecting.
  • Advanced & faster data search.
  • Provides the additional eCommerce support with email marketing.
  • Easy to create Forms with pre-defined templates and user can change the layout depending on the requirement.

Features: Ninja Forms

ninja forms features

On the other hand Ninja forms also offers seamless features but comparatively less than Formidable forms.

  • They offer a responsive design with a multi-step form.
  • Simple to use Drag & Drop feature.
  • Apply simple condition logic. But not like formidable forms.
  • Supports Zapier integration like formidable.

Features comparison

Features Formidable forms Ninja forms
Responsiveness yes Yes
Multi-step form yes Yes
Drag & drop option yes Yes
Edit form html yes NO
SSL security yes NO
API yes NO
Conditional logic yes Yes
Hidden fields yes Yes
Zapier integration yes Yes

Winner: Formidable Forms

3. Integration: Formidable Forms vs Ninja Forms

Well when we talk of the integrations with the third party plugins. Both of them are great.

Integration: Formidable Forms

  • Dropbox and google drive will be available for the storage
  • Payments can be managed easily through Paypal and stripe
  • Additional Add-ons for integrations

Integration: Ninja Forms

  • Integrate with zapier to integrate with a number of services
  • MailChimp integration for the growth of the email
  • Add-ons

Both provide the required integration that is mandatory for webmasters to launch successful campaigns.

Winner: Tie

4. Ease of Use: Formidable Forms vs Ninja Forms

Both the forms are easy to use and can be directly managed from the WordPress admin panel.

They also offer few additional features for creating simple forms with difficult conditions.

  • Both provide drag and drop options for your easiness.
  • On both forms, you can create interactive designs by simple conditional logic.
  • Both have a user-friendly interface.
  • Both have videos and built-in templates to make your work easy.
  • Both of mobile responsive.

In our opinion, these are basics of easiness and both of the forms provide you these features.

Winner: Tie

5. Management: Formidable Forms vs Ninja Forms

WordPress offers several plugins for your website but it doesn’t allow you to make the changes from the admin panel directly.

It is only possible in WPForms. In formidable forms and ninja forms, if you want to make changes in the account, the setting will be finalized through your WP site. In this aspect, both are equal.

Winner: Tie

6. Security: Formidable Forms vs Ninja Forms

Security is the most important while selecting the form plugin for your website.

If the plugin is not secured then you might end up in loosing the data instead of gaining it.

Security: Formidable Forms

  • Formidable forms are most secure plugins offered by WP experts.
  • In latest versions of formidable forms, you will get several security recommendations
  • Your data will remain to save through regular automated scans
  • There is no worry of hacks and threats

Security: Ninja Forms

  • In ninja forms, security depends on the customer:
  • Your email will remain secure until your server is secure
  • Your email information is not secure; don’t send personal data using ninja forms
  • You can only save your account by using secure passwords

Winner: Absolutely Formidable Forms

7. Support: Formidable Forms vs Ninja Forms

Well both of them have huge documentation for self-help. But if at all you stuck somewhere both of the offers the help desk service by tickets support.

The response time of Ninja forms support staff is about 48 hours. That actually too long to resist.

But for Formidable forms, the response time is 24 hour it becomes 8 hours for paid or premium customers.

We would always recommend for you to go for the premium plans of formidable forms for additional benefits and security.

Response time is the factor that makes formidable forms superior.

Another factor is “contact via support ticket” service. You will get the answer to your issue directly in your inbox. Ninja forms don’t have this facility.

Winner: Formidable Forms

8. Plans & Pricing: Formidable Forms vs Ninja Forms

Pricing: Formidable Forms

price of formidabale forms

Choose formidable forms and get the number of features at a lower cost starting by $49.

Personal   Professional   Small business   Enterprise  
Price range: $49   Price range: $99   Price range: $199   Price range: $399  
In this package, you can get:   In this package, you can get:   In this package, you can get: In this package, you can get: –
One year updates   User tracking   Paypal support Elite support
All formidable pro features   Bootstrap form styling   WPML Integration   Active campaign
One year standard support   Bootstrap modals Zapier support   One year access to template library
Can be used for only one site   Can be used up to 3 sites   Can be used for up to 15 sites Can be used for unlimited sites

Click Here to Visit Formidable Forms.

Pricing: Ninja Forms

ninja form price

Although, ninja forms have amazing features but it is also costly compared to Formidable forms. Its package starting is $99.

Personal Professional Agency 40+ Add-ons
Price range :$99 Price range :$199 Price range :$499 Price range :$29-$129
Fast support Faster support Fastest support Support
Limitation: For one site Limitation: For 20 sites Limitation: No limitation, for Unlimited sites Limitation: For up to 20 sites

Winner: Formidable Forms

Complete Comparison List of Formidable Forms & Ninja forms

Features Formidable Forms Ninja Forms
Free version Yes Yes
Drag and drop builder Yes Yes
Number of fields 30+ 30+
Conditionally show hide fields Yes Yes
Conditionally send notifications Yes Yes
Conditionally submit entry to database No Yes
Display data on frontend Yes Yes
Display data in custom format Yes No
Frontend form data editing Yes Yes
Multi-criteria search Yes No
Data lookup field Yes No
Dynamic data field Yes No
Calculation support Yes Yes
Detailed styling of form Yes Yes
Styling templates Yes No
Multi-column forms Yes Yes
Frontend posting of all post types Yes Yes (Addon)
Custom post type creation Yes Yes (Addon)
Multipage forms Yes Yes
Form templates Yes Yes
View templates Yes n/a
Tabbed forms Yes Yes
Progress bar Yes Yes
Ajax support Yes Yes
Conditional redirect Conditional redirect Conditional redirect
after submission Yes No
Save form as draft Yes Yes
(Addon) (Addon) (Addon)
Formidable Forms Ninja Forms Formidable Forms
Limit form visibility based on user role Yes Yes
Limit number of entries per user Yes No
Limit number of for entries per IP/cookie Yes No
Limit total number of entries No Limit total number of entries
(with custom code) Yes (with custom code)
Limit frontend editing of entries Yes n/a
Access control for frontend display Yes n/a
Database display and control abilities Database display and control abilities Database display and control abilities
Formidable Forms Ninja Forms Formidable Forms
Display form entries on frontend Yes Yes (Addon)
Display form entries in custom format Display form entries in custom format Display form entries in custom format
(custom HTML and CSS) Yes No
Edit and Delete data on frontend Yes No
Filter database with custom Filter database with custom Filter database with custom
parametric search Yes No
Display created posts in custom format Yes No
Retrieve database via lookup field Yes No
Conditionally display data Yes No
Conditionally style data Yes No
User Registration User Registration User Registration
Formidable Forms Ninja Forms Formidable Forms
Create user who submit form Yes (Addon) Yes (Addon)
Set role for registered user Yes (Addon) n/a
Automatic username and password Yes (Addon) Yes (Addon)
Welcome email customization Yes (Addon) Yes (Addon)
Conditionally register user Yes (Addon) No
Conditional user role Yes (Addon), with premade custom code No
Strong Password Enforcement Yes (Addon) No
Delete a user on frontend Yes (Addon), with premade custom code No
eCommerce abilities eCommerce abilities eCommerce abilities
Formidable Forms Ninja Forms Formidable Forms
Paypal Yes (Addon) Yes (Addon)
Paypal recurring Yes (Addon) No
Stripe Yes (Addon) Yes (Addon) Yes (Addon) No
WooCommerce Yes (Addon) No
Email Marketing abilties Email Marketing abilties Email Marketing abilties
Formidable Forms Ninja Forms Formidable Forms
Mailchimp Yes (Addon) Yes (Addon)
AWeber Yes (Addon) Yes (Addon)
GetResponse No Yes (Addon)
iContact No Yes (Addon)
Sendy No Yes (Addon)
mailpoet No Yes (Addon)
CleverReach No Yes (Addon)
Constant Contact No Yes (Addon)
Campaign Monitor No Yes (Addon)
In-built automation system No Yes (Addon)
Automatic Notifications Automatic Notifications Automatic Notifications
Formidable Forms Ninja Forms Formidable Forms
Schedule notification after certain days Schedule notification after certain days Schedule notification after certain days
of entry submission Yes (Addon) No
Schedule notification periodically (daily, weekly, yearly) Yes (Addon) No
SMS Notification SMS Notification SMS Notification
Twilo Yes (Addon) No
Other features Other features Other features
ZOHO CRM No Yes (Addon)
Zapier No Yes (Addon)
Help Scout No Yes (Addon)
White Label forms Yes Yes (Addon)
Excel export No Yes (Addon)
Zoho Creator No Yes (Addon)
salesforce No Yes (Addon)
Elevon No Yes (Addon)
Trello No Yes (Addon)
Batchbook Social CRM No Yes (Addon)
Submission as PDF No Submission as PDF
(3rd party addon) Yes (Addon) (3rd party addon)
Insightly CRM No Yes (Addon)
Capsule CRM No Yes (Addon)
ZOHO CRM No Yes (Addon)
Modal form Yes Yes (Addon)
Freshbooks No Yes (Addon)
User Tracking Yes (Addon) Yes (Addon)
Highrise Yes (Addon) No
Winner Formidable Forms (Absolutely)


We hope you are no more confused between Formidable Forms vs Ninja Forms. Although, ninja forms have great features, but it still has some limitations that make formidable forms superior.

When the concern is with the functionality, formidable forms are always preferable. Formidable forms are more than just a form builder because of its two amazing features: data management of the front end and scheduling of emails effectively.

Ninja forms can only use when the aim is to design only basic forms with less styling. Ninja form can’t compete with formidable forms in functionalities and features.

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