Why Use Trading Bots?


Why Use Trading Bots
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The cryptocurrency market never sleeps. Unlike the stock market, cryptocurrency trading is conducted around the clock. Nowadays, it seems that everyone is jumping on the crypto bandwagon, ranging from the individual investor to banks, to massive financial institutions, and even entire countries. In fact, it may be time to sit down and compare the latest retirement accounts since many now feature crypto-related investments, ultimately adding even further diversification.

However, even the most experienced crypto traders know that the market is dangerously volatile. And since the crypto market never sleeps, traders could wake up in the morning to a substantial profit, or just as easily, a devastating loss. To be prepared for such volatility, more and more brokerage platforms offer their cryptocurrency trading bots that continue to monitor the trade while you sleep. A properly configured robot allows you to make trades faster and more efficiently than one controlled manually. Read our article to find out more!

Bots for Trading: Who Are They? 

Almost immediately after the first cryptocurrency exchanges were launched, bots for cryptocurrency trading began to be created. And this tendency was quite easy to predict because, with the growing popularity of trading as a way to earn money, many inexperienced investors with no knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis entered the market. 

A bot for trading is a special program designed to help a person with monotonous work by setting up automatic repetitive actions. In other words, you rest, while the robot trades on the exchange on the specified parameters.

Why Are Trading Bots Useful?

Trading bots react to the market. They collect the data needed to make trades by analyzing the trading platform. But the cryptocurrency trading platform shows only half the picture because the ups and downs are often based on other sources whose analysis cannot be programmed into the bot. It is best to mix two types of trading: manual and automated. As they say, two heads are better than one.

3Commas Bots: They Are Trading for You!

Bots allow traders not to devote the whole day to analyzing the market and price movements on various cryptocurrency positions. They have advantages over humans, mainly due to their ability to execute transactions in a matter of seconds, in 24/7 mode. Unlike humans, programs are devoid of emotions and can work with numerous exchanges and currency pairs.

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