What is CDN in Web Hosting?


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What is CDN in Web Hosting
Munish Siwatch

Munish Siwatch

Hosting Reviewer

Heavy content is not uncommon on the modern Internet. It affects the speed of loading pages of web resources and, as a result, user loyalty and profit. CDN hosting ensures fast delivery of content to different parts of the world and helps to retain the audience.

How Does CDN Work?

A content delivery network (CDN) is a network infrastructure distributed according to the location of origin servers and users to ensure the fastest response time.

The primary purpose of CDN is to make content available during peak periods. This service is offered by many well-known companies, including G-Core Labs.

When using CND, the user, regardless of their location, is redirected to the closest caching server. This allows for faster delivery of static content. Features of the network structure allow you to shorten the network route and avoid forced delays.

How are CDN servers different from file servers? They are not used to store information and do not involve downloading content. CDN servers are used not for storing data but for caching, taking into account certain algorithms.

Features of Working with CDN

What difficulties can arise when using a CDN? These include:

  • Caching delays. They are of particular importance in the case of distribution of frequently updated content (photos, software updates, etc.). To prevent the appearance of irrelevant content, the cache cleaning function or the use of validator headers in the settings management process will help.
  • Blocking neighbors by IP. If they also take over your programs, send a request to change the IP address. So, you will avoid blocking your own site.

Who Uses CDN?

CND is considered the best solution for web resources with a large international audience. With the help of such networks, content is distributed faster, without delays and user dissatisfaction. Also, CND will be useful for resources with multimedia and game content, streaming platforms, and mobile applications.

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