7 Best Shopify Apps to Recover & Reduce Cart Abandonment in 2020

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Shopify Apps to Reduce and Recover Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is a common problem for any online store. The average rate of cart abandonment is 70-80% that means 70 to 80 people out of 100 are not really going to purchase that product which they have added in their cart. That’s why in this post we are gonna discuss 7 best Shopify apps to reduce cart abandonment. These apps can possibly help your online business to increase conversion rate and sales.

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Why people abandon their carts, there could be many reasons. Like shipping charges are high, no return policy, no quick shipping, website crash or facing any errors.

If you manage to know this, you can offer a special discount or free shipping through an email to your customers so they can complete their orders.

Well there are hundreds of Shopify apps are available on the Shopify app store, but which is the best for you. It’s totally your decision which one you have to choose for your online store. Here we are listing some of the best Shopify apps to reduce your cart abandonment.

Top 7 Shopify Apps to Reduce and Recover Cart Abandonment For Your Online Store

1. OptinMonster (Recommended)

OptinMonster is a complete package of all required features which can possibly increase your sales and reduce cart abandonment. This is a very powerful tool and comes with tons of useful features, but what makes it special?

Before we discuss more OptinMonster I would like to share my personal experience. I have started using OptinMonster on my and client websites a few months ago. The increase in the conversion ratio and more lead generation have improved drastically. It has really helped me to take my business to the next level.

That is the reason we have listed OptinMonster as must-have plugin for your websites.

It’s OnSite Retargeting and personalization can send traffic to important pages on your site. Add a button, customize the action and track engagement. You can get all the stats you need to improve your lead generation strategy, then easily split test all your ideas to keep increasing conversions.

OptinMonster has Exit Intent Technology, with this you can personalize your campaigns based on your visitor’s behavior. The developers made this app in a strategic way to attract the visitors end up purchase the product.

You can create visually awesome looking offers to attract your visitors, which can maximize your sales. Using OptinMonster will definitely help you to reduce your cart abandonment and increase in conversion and sales.

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2. CartStack

CartStack is another one of the most powerful Shopify apps which can automatically recover 15% of your lost eCommerce sales.

As we know every online shopper is different and they abandon their shopping cart for countless reasons. With the help of CartStack, you can behavioral data of your real-time visitors.

Whenever shoppers navigate through your site, add something to cart, and start begins to check out, CartStack records pertinent contact data to personalize your campaigns.

CartStack can not only recover your lost cart abandoning shoppers but also make more customers in their first visit. You can use this Shopify app to boost your conversion and sales by reducing cart abandonment.

CartStack also provides 30 days of free trial so you can make enough amount of money only by recovering your lost cart abandoned sales. Then it will be up to you whether you want to continue with CartStack or not. You can make $1000 with this app in its free trial period.

Visit CartStack Now

3. Free Persistent Cart App

Free Persistent Cart App is the best automatic Shopify app which can help you to reduce cart abandonment of your eCommerce business. The most awesome part of this app is its totally free, automatic and can increase your sales.

This app is based on a simple formula that is most of the shoppers don’t use a single device for shopping. When visitors add any product in their cart and switch their device and try to find out that product in that device, this is obvious how can they find out that cart in a different device.

Free Persistent Cart App allows shoppers to remember their shopping cart in multiple devices. Nearly half of the customers use multiple devices for shopping so if they can’t find their cart of one device to another how can they purchase that product.

That’s why you should use this awesome app which is totally free and possibly reduce your cart abandonment and increase in sales.

Visit Free Persistent Cart App

4. Recart

Recart FB Messenger Marketing is an awesome Shopify tool and comes with a very handy feature. It can encourage your visitors to purchase the product that they have added in their cart.

Recart is a Facebook messenger app, it is specially made for reducing cart abandonment of any online store. You should give it a try if you are actually looking for a Shopify app to reduce your cart abandonment.

If the customer adds the product and leaves your site without making a purchase then Recart will notify them with a discount according to your campaign settings.

In other words, Recart is a Shopify Facebook messenger app as like many other email marketing apps. It can notify lost visitors in all aspects via FB messenger.

You should try Recart only because now these days email marketing is a growing business and everyone gets hundreds of messages daily. It is hard to read every email but in facebook messenger, any person can read their message with ease.

Visit Recart

5. Conversio

If you are looking for one of the best apps to reduce cart abandonment then Conversio might be for your online store. It is a complete email marketing solution a good alternative of MailChimp.

Conversio has all the tools you need to improve your business. It automatically targets the cart abandoning shoppers and sends them email very smartly. It improves the conversion rate of the eCommerce store and possibly can boost sales by reducing cart abandonment.

You can not control people by abandoning their shopping cart but you can at least give it a try to send them an email that they had added something in their cart.

Conversio also comes with 30 days trial period, you can use it completely free for 30 days but after that, you will get automatically charged according to your plan.

Visit Conversio

6. Kit Kart

Kit Kart is one of the popular Shopify apps which are used to reduce cart abandonment. It is a virtual marketing assistant apps which seamlessly integrates with your store.

This app collects all the abandoned carts from the previous day and notifies you through SMS with the kit. All you have to do is simply reply “Yes” to have an email generated and it will start recovering those abandoned shoppers.

You should try Kit Kart if you want an automatic virtual assistant for your online store. It’s easy to set-up and comes with 30 days free trial period.

Visit Kit Kart           

7. Abandoned Cart Orders Recovery

Abandoned Cart Orders Recovery is very strategic Shopify app which is specially made to reduce cart abandonment. This is a simple and basic but free app based on email marketing. You can send your lost shoppers an email that what they are missing out in their cart.

Abandoned Cart Orders Recovery comes with one click install feature, so you can just start recovering your abandoned checkouts with one click.

You can send 3 emails per abandoned cart absolutely for free. It will provide you a full statistics so you will be able to see how many emails have been sent, opened and clicked. These are simple features but can reduce your cart abandonment and boost conversions with emails.

Visit Abandoned Cart Orders Recovery

Final Words

Shopify apps are very useful for any online store to reduce cart abandonment. You should always use the best of them for better results. But finding the best apps out of hundreds are little time-consuming thing. That’s why we made this list so you can save your time and improve your conversion and sales with less cart abandonment than ever.

OptinMonster is personally used for our clients and we have seen an immediate improvement in the results. If you really want to take your business to the next level then go for OptinMonster now.

So those were the best 7 Shopify apps to reduce your cart abandonment. Hope you’ll find these apps useful if we have missed any other good Shopify app which should be in this list please let us know in the comment section.

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