What are Long Tail Keywords & Its Importance for SEO in 2021


long tail keywords

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What is The Importance Of Long Tail Keywords For SEO? This is the question in which all the webmasters are interested.

Long Tail Keywords

To draw traffic to your site, a keyword strategy is a must since keywords are the basis for SEO. Keywords make it easy for people to find your site by matching your content to the regular search engine queries.

They also guide you in your SEO campaign by showing you what works and what doesn’t.

However, the type of keywords you’re optimizing for also matter, as most people search for specific terms.

An infographic put together by my good friends at SEO Tribunal states that 50% of search queries are usually four words or longer. And these terms can only be fully answered by long-tail keywords.

Writing high-quality content that’s informational and helpful to the readers makes them spend more time on the site.

This is one of the factors Google looks at when ranking websites. Awesome content can also compel readers to share it with friends and family, thus enabling you to get backlinks.

For a successful keyword strategy, the keywords need to appear at the beginning of your title tag, the URL, in the first 100 words of your content, and they should appear more often in the content to be relevant.

More so, the keywords in your content should exactly match the query search word for a better rank.

In order to get awesome keywords that are suitable for your business, you need to carry out keyword research.

But, before you go on to research, you will need to first find the niche topics in your industry. This will help you find unique buyer keywords that you can easily rank high for.

These can be found in forums and boards designed for your target audience and in Reddit search for broad topics your readers are interested in, and also search in the subreddits.

Further, you can find long-tail keywords from Google’s “searches related to” at the bottom of the page, Ask The Public, and UberSuggest. Not to rule out Google Keyword Planner, but you need to limit the keywords you get from there.

The reason is that most people get their keywords from there, which could turn this service to be obsolete.

For more information on SEO and how it works, check out the infographic.

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