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How To Build Your Email List & Signup Form With Drip WordPress Plugin?

Building an Email list for your blog plays an important role. The number 1 Goal of your blog is to build your email list. This tutorial will help you to build your email list & signup form with drip WordPress plugin.

Why email list is so important?

Because when someone gives you their email or subscribe to your website they transform from a visitor to a repeat subscriber. Getting repeat subscriber is good for your website for the number of reasons-

  • Firstly, you can get in touch with your readers at any time of day with just a few clicks.
  • Secondly, You can use pre-written or autoresponder email sequence to engage your subscriber& build a relationship with the complete autopilot.
  • Thirdly, You own your list of authenticated and interested readers, which will be with for the lifetime.
  • Lastly, You can get a huge amount of traffic to your blog with just 1 click.

What if I tell, you can all this for free.

In next 15 min, we will help you to build your own email list without spending even a single penny.

The Easiest Way To Build Your Email List

You just 2 things to start collecting email subscribers-

  1. Email Marketing Service – This is the service that stores your all email subscribers and sends the email.
  2. Way to collect emails –  You can use various types of forms to collect email and name from your visitors.

For both the things we are going to use Drip Email Marketing Automation Service.

There are tons of email marketing service providers in the market, But without having the full knowledge they can come heave on your budget.

Drip offers free email marketing automation service for beginners. You get first 100 subscribers with unlimited emails absolutely free.

Alert: Sign up for Drip Free Account 

Once you have created you free drip account our tutorial will help you integrate it with your blog.

Adding Email Sign up Forms To Your Blog

Once you drip account is setup you can add pretty cool looking email signup forms to your blog.

Surprisingly, it very easy to do with drip in just a few clicks.

Just click on forms on top of your drip account screen.

drip form

Click on New Opt-In Form and then give your form a name.

Then just play with all of the settings until you are happy with how your new form looks-

The last part of the setup process is to decide how and when the form will appear.

You can make it automatically popup after 10 seconds when someone is about to exit or when someone has scrolled down 20% of the page.

I suggest running it with these settings-

drip opt-in form settings

With the setup complete all that is left to do is deploy the form on your blog.

Deploying the form is super easy!

Just login to your WordPress blog and go to Plugins > Add New.

Then search for the Email Marketing by Drip plugin, install and activate it.

Now in WordPress admin go to Settings > Drip which looks like this-

drip wordpress plugin

Follow the instructions to get your account ID, paste it into the box and click Save Changes.

Congratulations – the email subscriber form is now live on your blog!

Now obviously there is a lot more to learn about email marketing, but for now, take pride in the fact that you have just setup your email list.

That also means that you are well ahead of the pack, trust me – it’s amazing how many new bloggers forget about building subscribers entirely.

But let me tell you this:

Building your email list should be your number 1 priority at all times.

The more engaged people you have on your list, the more traffic and money you will have.  It isn’t any more complicated than that.

Plus who doesn’t like having the ability to send thousands of people to their blog by writing just 1 email-

drip subscriber

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for your free Drip account and start collecting emails TODAY!

It takes less than 20 minutes to do and is a critical component to grow your blog.

If you know any other service provider offering such a great email marketing automation service for free, then feel free to share it with our readers in the comment section.

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