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Bluehost is the well-known website hosting provider in the industry. It has got a huge customer base and many big companies are connected with them. When you check online about the Bluehost customer Service review, you will hardly find any negative reviews or anyone facing the unpleasant experience with them.

But what happened to me that I call Bluehost customer support review as an unpleasant experience. We here at Bloggersutra gives true reviews about everyone because Bloggersutra is a platform to help and support people and not a platform for the source of income.

My unpleasant experience with Bluehost customer service is only with the technical team and not with the sales or support team.

But frankly speaking, Bluehost web hosting service is worth giving a try. You can try Bluehost service for as low as $3.95 per month.

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 Bluehost Customer Service Review

Bloggersutra was hosted with last year. hosting service is also worth giving a try. If you are planning to start a new blog then you should try hosting service.

Bluehost Web hosting + Free domain name = $2.95 pm

I was very satisfied with service but then I thought to try a new hosting provider. Finally, I received an email from Bluehost offering me 60% discount on hosting + free domain name + free SSL Certificate = $2.95 per month as a part of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal.

Check out latest Bluehost Black Friday Deals or Mega combo Black Friday Discount Deals.

Every blogger looks for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to get big discounts on web hosting, WordPress plugins, and WordPress themes.

Finally, I decided to migrate my website to Bluehost. If you are new and not good at coding then you should ask your hosting provider to migrate your website to their server. Most of the web hosting providers offer free website migration.

But in case you are still stuck then you can follow our step by step tutorial for WordPress website migration.

Till now the thing was going good and I successfully migrated my website to Bluehost without any errors.

As a part of the hosting package, they were offering free SSL certificate too. Previously also Bloggersutra was hosted on https as Google loves the domain hosted on https.

After the final migration of the website I finally approached the Bluehost customer service for installation of SSL certificate on my website.

Within no time, their customer service executive told me the SSL certificate installed for your domain Bloggersutra is successfully completed and it will take some time to propagate over the DNS.

I was happy with the service. But when I finally I opened my website the very next day I was shocked.

I could see this screen

Bluehost Customer Service Reviews 7
Bluehost Customer Service Reviews 8

It was shocking but I thought something must have not gone well so I contacted the Bluehost customer service again before I started writing Bluehost customer service reviews.

Within no time, they told me there was some error in the certificate installation and they have processed the fresh installation.

I explained to them the problem faced before and I wanted the things to be sorted out soon as I was missing on providing the black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to my readers.

But the next day again the same issue. I contacted them again and this time they told that they have to forward the SSL installation request to their technical support team.

I was told that I will be updated via email once the SSL certificate installation is completed on my domain name

After 3 days I got an email saying my SSL certificate installation is completed. Now I thought the problems are ended and things will go smoothly.

But it came again as a shock to me when I checked my domain and the same error screens were displayed. Till now the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals were over. You don’t miss them?

I contacted the Bluehost customer service again and this time I was rude. I told them to refund my money and I don’t want to continue with your service.

Now here comes the amazing reply from the ” within 4 hours your issues will be resolved and we have escalated the issues to higher authorities. I thought I should give the last try.

But after waiting for 6 hours the result was same and this time I made up my mind to cancel Bluehost web hosting service.

I approached them and told to cancel my account and refund my money.

Check out the screenshots of my conversation with their support team.

I had not taken the screenshot of the previous conversation as I was not aware that I will go through such a mess.

Well, the experience doesn’t end here- Read until the end

Bluehost Customer Service Reviews 2
Bluehost Customer Service Reviews 3
Bluehost Customer Service Reviews 4
Bluehost Customer Service Reviews 5
Bluehost Customer Service Reviews 6
Bluehost Customer Service Reviews 9
Bluehost Customer Service Reviews 10
Bluehost Customer Service Reviews 11

From the above screenshot, you must have got the idea what a mess I had gone through.

The best thing about them is was that within no time they processed my refund and I received it in my account after 3 days.

Maybe I had a bad experience but you should always give it a try.

Migrated to

Well, when this was happening I received an email from saying their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal is extended for 24 hours. Now, this was the time I never wanted to miss. They are offering almost 80 percent discount with a free domain name and SSL certificate.

The team is highly appreciated, as within no time I migrated my blog to their server and they activated my SSL certificate instantly. is hosted on their services and support is great. But when it comes to web hosting there is one more fastest growing web hosting provider ( Check Reviews)

Still confused in selecting best web hosting service for tour website.

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Final words

Well, you must have not experienced the issue with Bluehost. But with my experience it forced me to write Bluehost Customer Service Reviews and why I call it The Unpleasant Experience.

The most important thing is as a blogger you should not miss Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. In fact, even I purchase premium plugins and web hostings during this.

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