5 Best VPN Services in 2023 That Are Fast, Secure & Anonymous (Pros & Cons)

VPN is a must to protect your online privacy. The list of best VPN services that are fast, secure, and anonymous to hide your online identity.


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There are approximately 350+ VPN services (free and paid). Few of them sustain themselves in the industry and most of them go away. The VPN you select should not be costly and neither be too cheap.

Below we are comparing the best VPN services which are available at the cheapest prices. You must always go for long-term plans to get some additional discounts.

All the VPN services look the same, offering the same services and promising for securing your privacy over the internet by keeping your connection completely secure and anonymous.

So if you are not much aware of VPN services then it will be difficult for you to find the best VPN for hiding your identity.

How to find the best VPN?

Selecting a VPN depends on many factors. You will the unbiased VPN reviews floating over the internet to misguide users. At Bloggersuta.com we are testing and reviewing more than 100+ VPN services (Free & Paid).

The in-depth VPN review contains background information on the VPN, speed tests, pros/cons, and lots of other factors. While selecting the VPN service just check out the factors that fulfill your requirements.

The Most Important Factors of a VPN that we’ve Compared

  • VPN Change Location
  • Speed
  • Privacy and security features
  • Jurisdiction of Services
  • Logging Policy
  • Torrenting and Netflix support
  • Usability
  • Customer Support
  • Pricing (Important)

Best VPNs for Privacy and Security

When it comes to privacy and security the best don’t keep any logs of websites you visit. They will mask your IP address and provide you a secure environment to access online content like Netflix content and Torrenting websites.

Here is the list of the best VPN services after monitoring them closely.

1. Ivacy VPN – Best Cheap VPN ($1.33/mo)

# Lowest in Price and Secure

Ivacy VPN
Number of Servers: 1000+ 1 Month: $9.95/mo
Server Locations:100+ 1 Year: $3.33/mo
IP Addresses: 1,00,000 2 Year: $2.25/mo
Ivacy VPN ProsIvacy VPN Cons
Unlimited Server Switching
Split Tunneling
Optimized Torrenting Servers
Dedicated Customer Support
No TOR Compatibility
“Five Eyes” Jurisdiction

Visit Ivacy VPN to get Discount

Ivacy is the best cheap VPN personally used by me and a service founded in 2007. They are the ones known for introducing the concept of split tunneling into the VPN.

With more than 1000+ servers placed at 100+ locations, they are the fastest-growing service.

To protect the user data they use 256-bit encryption with kill switch technology. Believing in the no-log policy they assure you complete security over the internet.

They also excelled in the series of tests carried out on them.

Ivacy is safe with zero leaks (no IP/DNS/WebRTC) found. They have specially optimized servers for P2P, torrenting, and Netflix services.

The VPN also comes with IPV6 leak protection and identity theft protection with 24/7 dedicated customer support that will help you resolve all the issues.

You can connect 5 devices simultaneously on any platform, including Android, ChromeOS, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, or even your router.

A long-term commitment with Ivacy VPN will bring down the subscription plan from $9.95/month to $1.33/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Surfshark – Secure & Fast VPN ($1.99/mo)

Surfshark VPN
Number of Servers:  800+ 1 Month: $11.95/mo
Server Locations: 50+ 1 Year: $5.99/mo
IP Addresses: NA 2 Year: $1.99/mo
Surfshark ProsSurfshark Cons
Safe & secure
Reasonable prices
Torrenting/P2P allowed
Strict No log policy
Simple & Easy to use
Average Speed
A bit basic

Visit Surfshark for a Discount

Surfshark is again a great safe and secures VPN service but is a bit inclined towards cheap VPNs. The best feature of Surfshark is VPN change Location. It means that it easily allows you to change your location by changing your IP (Internet Protocol) address and thus securing your identity over the internet.

It has a clean web interface and supports unlimited simultaneous devices with a single subscription.

Well, again a great feature of Surfshark is that it allows specific apps & websites to bypass the VPN and works normally. This comes in handy while carrying out mobile transactions.

They also follow a strict no-log policy with private DNS and leak protection. Its add-on privacy feature camouflage mode allows you to surf the internet without getting detected by the ISP provider.

Additionally, it offers to kill switch functionality to protect your sensitive information even if the VPN connection drops.

Surfshark uses IKEv2/IPSEC as the default protocol on all their devices along with industry-leading AES-256-GCM encryption for guarding your data.

It is the cheapest choice for secure torrenting. The 24/7 customer support by live chat, email, and expert talk will help you resolve all problems and get better benefits.

The monthly plan of Surfshark is costly compared to its rivals. It offers a monthly plan at $11.95/month. But if you go for 24 monthly plan then you can get the VPN cheaply at $1.99/month.

Well if you are looking for torrenting then go for a 24-month plan and save your pocket.

3. NordVPN – Best All-Round VPN ($2.99/mo)

nord VPN
Number of Servers:  5300+ 1 Month: $11.95/mo
Server Locations:60+ 1 Year: $6.99/mo
IP Addresses: 1,00,000+ 3 Year: $2.99/mo
NordVPN ProsNordVPN Cons
Fast Servers
Split Tunneling
Torrenting/P2P allowed
Strict No log policy
No Live chat support
Discount for long-term subscriptions

Visit NordVPN for Discounts

NordVPN is the best all-around VPN service located in Panama and is packed with top security features to protect your online identity.

Having more than 5300+ servers (top in the industry) located at 60+ locations all across the globe.

The best thing about them is they use double VPN or VPN server chaining. What they exactly do is pass all the user-generated data from two VPN servers instead of one and encrypt the data separately at both servers.

Supporting 6 simultaneous connections on military-grade encryption with a strict no-logs policy and automatic kill switch feature.

Additionally, NordVPN also supports torrenting/P2P/Netflix streaming. You can even visit the Onion over a VPN. The best part is that their award-winning 24/7 customer support will help you resolve all your problems.

But even though you are still not satisfied with their services then you can ask for a “no questions asked” 30 days money-back guarantee.

NordVPN plans are a bit costly compared to other VPN service providers but if you take a long-term plan you can get additional discounts.

The monthly NordVPN plan starts from $11.95/month but if you go for 3-year plan you can get it at a cheaper price of $2.99/month.

4. ExpressVPN – Best for Online Streaming ($6.67/mo)

Number of Servers:  3000+ 1 Month: $12.95/mo
Server Locations: 160+ 6 Month: $9.99/mo
IP Addresses: 30,000+ 1 Year: $6.69/mo
ExpressVPN ProsExpressVPN Cons
Fast Servers (minimal speed loss)
No DNS/IP leaks found
Torrenting/P2P allowed
Strict No log policy
Simple & Easy to use
3 simultaneous connections
Expensive subscriptions

Visit ExpressVPN for a Discount

ExpressVPN is the next in-line best VPN service. the only drawback is that it is expensive compared to its rivals. However, if you go for the long plan you will get additional discounts.

They offer great services with 256-bit encryption across servers located at 160 locations in 94 countries.

They support all devices but it is limited to 3 simultaneous connections per subscription. Which is again less compared to others.

They also believe in a strict no-log policy and additionally, they don’t store even the DNS queries.

With 30 days of money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support make ExpressVPN is worth trying.

ExpressVPN monthly plans start at $12.95/month and you can get the best-discounted deal while purchasing 12-month subscriptions at $6.67/month.

5. IPVanish: Best Secured VPN ($6.49/mo)

IPVanish VPN
Number of Servers:  1200+ 1 Month: $10.00/mo
Server Locations: 60+ 3 Months: $8.99/mo
IP Addresses: 40,000+ 1 Year: $6.49/mo
IPVanish ProsIPVanish Cons
Fast Download Speed
Lots of Options
Torrenting/Netflix allowed
Strict No logging policy
10 Simultaneous connections
No Free Trial
Slow customer support

Visit IPVanish VPN

IPVanish is highly overpriced for the features it is providing. Of course, they have fast servers at 75+ locations all over the world.

It supports 10 simultaneous connections in a single subscription, which means all your devices will be secured.

They offer unlimited bandwidth to work on all kinds of devices like
Android, iOS, Fire TV, macOS, Windows, and DD-WRT routers.

IPVanish supports the P2P network and torrenting. Having a 7-day money-back guarantee will help you test their service.

They offer 24/7 customer support to all their clients. If you are looking for a safe and secure VPN then IPVanish is a great choice if the budget is not a constraint.

The monthly plan comes at a price of $10/month and the yearly plan at $6.49/month. However, they are offering an additional year free with a 1-year plan.

That means you can avail of the 1-year plan at $3.24/month. Now, this comes into the range of cheap VPNs.

We have reviewed more than 100 VPN services to help you select the best VPN as per your requirements. Every VPN company offers lots of features but not all of the required.

More features will be the cost. You need to select the best VPN service which provides safety and security to all your actions on the internet without compromising speed.

Let’s go through the VPNs beginners Guide to make a better understanding of VPN services.

What is VPN & How Does it Work?

VPN selection guide

VPN is becoming more and more popular as everyone accessing the internet wants to hide his identity and protect his privacy.

Without understanding VPN properly and its requirements most of us choose any VPN provider service provider. Here at Bloggersutra.com, we will not only provide you the details of the best VPN service providers but also the main reasons for choosing them.

Let’s understand the VPN step by step.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network. It is an encrypted connection over the internet between a device and the network. The encrypted connection helps to use the internet safely by securely transmitting sensitive data over the network

It also prevents unauthorized people or hackers from eavesdropping to gain access to sensitive information. VPN also enables you to complete your tasks remotely by creating a secure environment.

VPN technology was more popular in the corporate environment but now it is being used by everyone accessing the internet to safeguard their privacy.

How Does VPN Works?

Whenever you connect to the internet from your personal devices the VPN hides your identity by spoofing your IP address and masking your location. It provides you encrypted access to the intent from its virtual servers located at different geo-locations.

When you access the internet, your connection is routed through the VPN servers randomly. The VPN servers encrypt the connection and then allow you to access the websites. If someone tries to gain the information he will get the VPN server’s location and identity rather than your actual identity.

VPN also facilitates you to access the geo-location blocked website by accessing the websites from the VPN which is located within the allowed region.

Recently VPN chaining is being done by a few of the VPN providers by encrypting your information by two VPN servers before accessing the internet.

How VPN Can Be Used?

Apart from accessing torrents, Netflix, and blocked websites, VPNs have got multiple roles to play along with securing your private information.

A few of the major examples where VPN can be used are:

  • Access a Business Network While Traveling
  • Access Your Home Network While Travelling
  • Hide Your Browsing Activity From Your Local Network and ISP
  • Access Geo-Blocked Websites
  • Bypass Internet Censorship
  • Downloading Files
  • Accessing torrent websites

Free VPN vs Paid VPN

Running a VPN service requires a huge investment in dedicated servers, connections, data centers, data transfers, infrastructure, employees, and so on.

If someone is offering a free VPN then you can think where he is compromising the security. He might be logging your data for his own benefit or maybe displaying ads.

We have checked over 100+ VPN service providers and can say that you can get the ultimate security with peace of mind only at $2 – $5 per month. Paying a small amount is worth protecting your online privacy.

Is VPN Safe for Torrenting?

Yes, they keep your torrenting activity anonymous.

Torrenting is governed by copyright laws and allows you to bypass the laws to download the illegal content of your computer.

This is the reason why most VPN companies don’t allow torrenting activity on their servers.

We have compiled a list of the best torrenting VPN services, but most of them fall into the following categories.

  1. Allow unlimited, unrestricted torrenting on all servers
  2. Allow limited torrenting only on specific servers
  3. Allow but don’t encourage
  4. Don’t allow it at all

You must be very cautious while selecting the right VPN for the purpose of torrenting. The best VPN should be cheap and should not compromise your own security.

Does VPN Providers Store Log Files?

The same VPN will collect and store your log files.

You will most of the VPNs say a strict no-log policy. But they do store some important logs that can easily reveal personal information.

If you want to know actually what they store then you have to dig out their terms of service and privacy policies. Some of the VPNs even store the details of websites you are visiting along with your login and logout details on their VPN network.

But of course, the paid VPN services don’t sell your data to third-party like most free VPNs do to generate revenue. The Important point here is that you must avoid using free VPN services to protect your privacy.

VPN Works on What All Devices?

VPN can be set up either automatically or manually on all the devices that are connected to the internet.

The major devices for which VPN is extensively used are:

  • Mobiles
  • Personal Computers
  • Laptops
  • Routers
  • Smart TVs
  • Gaming Consoles

The best way to secure all the devices connected to the same router is to integrate VPN services directly on the routes themselves.

It will not only secure all your devices but also allows you to access the geo-blocked contents directly on all the devices.

Is Free VPN Safe to Use?

We always recommend not using free VPN services. In spite of protecting your vital information, you send to give that information with your own hand to free VPN providers.

These free VPN providers will sell your personal information to third-party for generating revenue for sustaining their services. Many have even been caught doing far worse, like injecting ads or referring affiliate traffic to boost profits on your behalf.

Free VPN services will need to do something or the other to generate revenue for supporting their services and infrastructure. So make it a point that you never use a free VPN on your home network.

Does Speed is Affected by VPN?

If you have a fast internet connection then you will not even know the impact on speed while using VPN services. All VPN providers switch connections to their fast servers so that they don’t compromise on speed.

However, due to multiple encryptions and decryptions over the connection, the VPN speed is impacted. It is observed that you can expect a little 30% drop in speed while accessing the internet through a VPN.

As mentioned above fast speed connection is not even considered but for slow connections, it is too worried. However, a little delay in accessing the internet against securing your own privacy is worth it.

What Are The Risks of Using a VPN?

Risk is only when you do something illegal.

Generally, VPN is safe for use until you are inviting trouble yourself by doing a few things:

  • Using a non-government-sponsored VPN in a country that requires one
  • Downloading copyrighted information through a VPN and torrenting
  • Performing other illegal activities while under a VPN connection.

You are paying for your security and safety and you will get that till the time you don’t get indulged yourself in the illegal activities mainly mentioned above.

We’ve already highlighted some of the ‘spying’ and malware risks with free VPNs, too.

Fortunately, these are pretty rare. But it definitely does happen. So we’ll let you know if we found any potential red flags in each of our reviews on this site.

What Is The Average Cost of the Best VPN?

A great VPN service cost somewhere between $2 – $9/month.

It’s affordable, right?

VPN generally comes cost-heavy if you are going for a monthly plan. The monthly plans are used by people who require VPN access for a short time and not by someone who requires torrenting or Netflix.

It is always recommended to go for the yearly plans to get the maximum discount. The yearly subscript costs between $1 – $6/month.

The longer the subscription plan the cheaper it is. In fact, VPN service providers like Ivacy offer their 5-year VPN plan only for $1.33/month.

Ivacy is the best VPN service provider and tops the list of best VPN providers. We have also written an in-depth review of Ivacy VPN to give you an overview of what they are offering for $1.33/month.

You can even use the live chat feature available on the VPN websites to get some additional discounts on long-term plans.

It is always recommended to try a VPN service before you get into a long-term plan with them. Most VPN providers offer a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied then simply ask for a refund and try another.

Then, once you’ve been able to try it out for a few weeks, commit to the long-term option to lock in an awesome rate.

Final Verdict About Best VPN

There are 100’s VPN providers both free and paid. All of them are claiming to be the best VPN providers. But in these articles, we have considered many factors before deciding on the best VPN for you.

If you find any other VPN service which you think should be included in the list in this article then do let us know by leaving a comment on this article. We will personally check the VPN provider and include them on the list.

If you are a VPN provider and want us to review your VPN and include them in the article then write us through the contact us page.

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