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Yify torrents now also known as YTS and are among the best torrenting sites to download high-quality movie, music and much more.

Most of the audiences rely on YTS because of its great quality content and great downloading and seeding speed as compared to other torrenting sites like The Pirate BayKickass TorrentsExtraTorrentsRARBG Torrents.

With Yify torrents, we also uncover the best VPN service to protect your privacy online especially, while downloading any movies, music, TV shows or any other pirated contents from those torrent sites.

Before we proceed further it is important to know about YTS/Yify Torrents.

What is Yify Torrents/YTS?

Yify is the largest movie piracy group dominating the torrent industry over the years. The most obvious reason for YTS being so popular is the high-quality contents.

The Yify group used to publish high-quality movie releases on different torrent sites and became a sensation in torrent industry. Later they realized their outreach and renamed their group as YTS and started their own torrent website.

As soon the YTS was released over the internet the audiences welcomed it by giving millions of page views in a single day. Sooner or later YTs became the leader of the torrent industry.

Such a breakthrough and piracy at such a higher level drew the eye line of authorities and they hunted down the group owners. An anti-piracy lawsuit was filed against them in New Zealand.

The case was taken out from the New Zealand court after the mutual consent of both the parties. But the case was reopened after 8 years and the authorities via magazines publically announced the leader of this piracy group.

The other members of the group remain unknown until date but as it was reported, they are out of this game.

The original YTS team is out of the game of piracy and the group of people handling Yify torrents now are still unknown but the high-quality movies are readily available on their website.

Yify is one of the best torrenting sites to choose because the content transmission on this site is encoded through a different encoding mechanism. YTS uses x264 encoding format that is the main reason that the content it has on its server is of high quality.

Yify Torrents Status?

Most of the people think that the original Yify torrents are no more in action. But it’s not true the original website of  Yify torrents yts.ag is fully functional and accessible.

Here is the proof:


The website was down for a few weeks due to some technical error and server migration, but currently, it is working fine. If the website is blocked by ISP providers then you can access them with Torrent Proxy or VPN services.

One of the biggest shutdown that Yify/YTS faced was in October of 2015 when the whole torrenting community believed it to have been shut down forever. However, that later proved to be wrong.

YTS/Yify Torrents Proxy and Mirror Sites

After the governments started taking piracy seriously, you will find most of the torrent websites are either closed or blocked by the ISP providers. To give the complete access to the original torrent website and the content the proxy sites are made by the third party.

With the attempts to shut down YTS, the proxy and mirror sites of Yify torrents came into existence. These third-party clones are either swindles or sites bombarded with malware. Here are a few clones/mirror sites of YTS/Yify that are available online.

We recommend you to use BEST VPN SERVICE PROVIDER to access these YTS proxy sites.

Is it Safe to Download From YTS Torrents?

Yes, we have checked the website status through Google Transparency and it has confirmed that the site is safe to browse. But it does not guarantee privacy from ISP tracking your activity.


So feel free to download your favorite movies in HD quality through YTS. However, the torrenting website, YTS itself recommends using  VPN for torrenting before downloading any content from Yify.

Yify Website Overview

YTS have a very clean and user-friendly design. The home page of the website displays the most popular movies based on the ratings in a well-organized manner. The site is easy to navigate with a search bar on the top of the website.


The user can directly type the name of the movie they are looking for or they can refine their search with the type of movie, year and ratings too.

In case you are ambiguous, of what to watch, then simply browse through the movies by clicking on the Browse Movies tab and search for your relative category.

The best part is that the movies are only available in the high-quality format for downloading.

YTS Drawback

Yify torrent is my favorite website for downloading the latest movies in the high-quality format. The only drawback of the YTS is the unwanted and annoying popup appears on your browser whenever you click a link.

But these advertisements are the only way for the YTS team to sustain their services. I think with the quality of service provided by Yify torrents one can adjust with the unwanted advertisements.

Yify Torrent Alternatives

The torrenting industry is growing day by day and every day a new torrent alternative emerges out of nowhere. Here are a few Yify torrents or YTS alternatives to choose from but we do not guarantee their quality:

Wrapping Up Yify Torrents

YTS or Yify Torrents is among the best torrent website offering high-quality content for downloading. Maintaining a torrent website with such great content quality is not so easy, especially, when authorities are trying to block them all. But Yify torrent is maintaining their service at par.

However, torrenting is directly related to piracy and copyright infringement, which makes it illegal in many regions of the world. So we will recommend using the VPN service to protect your privacy despite your region allows the torrent website or not.

Bookmark this article for future reference. We regularly update the list of Yify torrents proxy sites list. If you find any of the YTS proxy sites are not working then do let us know in the comment section and we will update in the article for other readers.

Also, If you have come across any fastest Yify torrents proxy sites the update us in the comment section and we will update the proxy/mirror sites list.

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