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Best VPN for Netflix

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Looking for the Best VPN for Netflix? The internet is used by more than half of the world’s population these days and 80% of all that usage goes towards entertainment. The amount of data traffic that is dedicated to streaming and downloading movies, TV shows, as well as music, is enormous.

However, this large usage comes with a few drawbacks as well from the companies that own the services which we use on a frequent basis. Netflix in particular, being one of the biggest, most popular streaming platforms right now restricts the privileges that users have while binge-watching content online. 

Why Use a VPN With Netflix?

As fun, as Netflix may be, it is not equally accessible to everyone across the globe. The content available on Netflix is restricted based on the country in which it is being watched. The titles which are there in the US Netflix Library may not be present on Netflix UK, for example.

Then, there is also the issue of certain promotions like the one-month free trial not being available to users in some Asian countries. Moreover, the data that Netflix accumulates about user viewing habits may feel like an online privacy breach to certain users. A VPN helps people deal with all of these issues easily. 

What Does a VPN Do?

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks mask user IP addresses which effectively hides their real-time location and makes all data traffic anonymous at the same time. VPNs are great at minimizing the risks of online privacy breaches from ISPs as well as other websites like Netflix or its affiliates.

The ability that VPNs provide to connect and appear in almost any country around the globe means that all content remains available to users no matter where they are on the globe. Moreover, if the VPN is a reliable one, it offers a great buffer-free streaming experience for customers all the time.  

About Netflix

With almost 183 million subscribers across 190 countries worldwide, Netflix is the biggest streaming service. With thousands of TV shows, movies, and documentaries in numerous languages, it offers something for everyone.

Netflix is based in the US and the library that is available in the country is the largest with other nations getting a more limited number of titles.

In most cases, there is not much of a difference but there are chances that a show that someone in a country like the UK, for example, wants to watch may not be available to them. 

Some Popular Shows on Netflix

Netflix offers such a vast variety of programs that it caters to people of all nationalities in the countries where it is available. Almost all popular movies are present on the Netflix library unless the rights are owned exclusively by a service that has its own streaming platform.

Some of the popular shows on Netflix include; Stranger Things, House of Cards, The Crown, Breaking Bad, Narcos, Peaky Blinders (originally a BBC production but available on Netflix), Money Heist, Orange is the New Black, Ozark, The Witcher, Black Mirror and Suits to name a few. 

The Rise of Streaming During Present Times

At present, the Coronavirus pandemic has forced most people around the world indoors. A recent report released by the streaming service, it has seen one of the biggest rises in the number of subscribers in the first three months of 2022.

With not much to do while stuck at home, Netflix has become the go-to activity for most people. However, this increased usage has also meant that users and their data can be exploited more easily. And anyway, even if you are not one who is concerned by privacy threats, it is a generally more amazing experience to pair Netflix with a VPN. 

Features to Look For in a Netflix VPN

Best VPN for Netflix and Online Streaming Services

In the last few years, VPN usage has also risen exceptionally. This has meant that now there are hundreds of options available when a user wants to install a service.

However, not all VPNs provide an equal level of service. In fact, these programs can have glitches of their own which means that it is imperative to perform thorough research before installing a VPN. There is a chance that if you are looking for the best tool, you’ll have to buy a package for it. 

Grab Great Deals on Ivacy VPN for Netflix

This makes it even more crucial to be careful before purchasing. Here are some of the features that users should consider especially when getting a VPN for Netflix. 

1. Servers

The foundation of a VPN’s operations is based on secure servers spread across the world. These servers mask the user’s original IP address and assign them a new one that originates in the country where the server is located.

This means that when you access Netflix USA, you are taken straight to the website and not redirected based on the location of where your IP address is traced back. The number spread and security of servers provided by a VPN are vital for it to be great at working with Netflix. 

2. Speed and Performance

Well, when people are binge-watching or just streaming, the most irritating things are slow internet speeds or continuous buffering. This is a problem that is faced a lot, especially with free VPNs because they limit the bandwidth and speed of the connection.

A good Netflix VPN needs to provide consistent speeds across all its servers and at the same time have no limitations on the bandwidth that a person can use. Customer reviews are an effective means of finding out what speeds a VPN usually offers. 

3. Pricing and Discounts

A VPN to be used with Netflix has been affordable because of course, no one would be willing to pay too much after they’ve already bought a Netflix package. There are several leading services that offer budget-friendly plans that won’t put too much of a dent in the pocket and still seem reasonable to buy because of the features that they offer.  

4. Reliability

One of the biggest things to look for in a VPN is whether it is credible or not. Numerous independent reviewers and customers have analyzed almost every VPN available on the market so it is easy to find out which ones are trustworthy.

There have been instances where VPN services have been caught stealing user information or spying on them which is why it is crucial to check these tools for reliability. 

The Best VPN for Netflix

Of the few leading VPNs that offer the above-mentioned features at a high quality, one that stands out is Ivacy. It is a multi-faceted service that excels in more than just being an effective Netflix VPN.

Grab Great Deals on Ivacy VPN for Netflix

It provides a host of features that ensure comprehensive cybersecurity, unlimited internet freedom, and buffer-free streaming at an extremely affordable price. On top of that, there are regular deals and discounts which allow users to enjoy even more savings when buying the service. 

All the Essential Features

Ivacy has more than 1000 servers in 100+ locations across 55+ countries. These servers are secured and all data is encrypted for additional protection. IT provides constant speeds across all servers, a fact that has been tried and tested by many reviewers and customers.

There are no bandwidth restrictions, a strict zero-logging policy for all-around reliability, and prices as low as $1.16 a month. 

Smart Purpose Selection

VPNs are used by different people for various purposes and each of these requires specific features to be working strongly. Ivacy provides a Smart Purpose Selection feature that optimizes the service according to what the user wants it for.

If you are looking to stream Netflix, you can simply pick that and the program will automatically set it up in a way that allows the best experience for watching those shows that you want to. 

Secure Downloading

Netflix shows and movies can also be downloaded to conveniently watch whenever a user wants. With Ivacy’s secure downloading feature, all the content that is being saved to the computer is screened and protected from potential threats.

At the same time, users can also choose to hide their downloading activities from local ISPs or other elements who might be trying to use this information in unethical ways. 

Defeats ISP Throttling

ISPs or Internet Service Providers regulate the internet to a great extent. They can control the speed that is being offered to a certain user and they can also vary the bandwidth for the same.

This is known as throttling. With Ivacy, users can effectively find their way past these antics that the ISPs may use. As a result, streaming experiences are greatly improved and there are relatively fewer interruptions of breaks for buffering every now and then. 

Ratings and Reviews

Ivacy has received strong reviews from some of the most credible platforms including BestVPN, VPNRanks, ProPrivacy, and TrustPilot. In 2019, the service won BestVPN’s award for ‘Best Overall Speed’ and was among the finalists for the ‘Best Overall’ alongside some of the biggest names in the industry.

Ivacy has millions of satisfied customers across the globe using the service to stream their favorite Netflix shows freely from anywhere in the world.

Wrapping Up Best VPN for Netflix

No doubt Ivacy is the best VPN for NetFlix and other online streaming services. If you are looking to protect your online privacy then you must use a VPN service.

Ivacy is the best option to choose for Netflix, torrenting, and also for normal web browsing. I have been personally using Ivacy for the last 2 years and am very satisfied with their service and performance.

Ivacy offers regular discounts on their long-term plans. Below is the link that will help you grab the most competitive and cheap VPN plan to secure your web browsing experience.

If you find any difficulty buying Ivacy or not getting the desired deals. You can write a comment at the end of this article and we will get the best deal for you.

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