8 Best WhatsApp Stickers App For Android Phones in 2022


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Whatsapp is among the best messaging platform used by millions of people all over the world. Whatsapp stickers were the most awaited feature by its users.

Whatsapp sticker was the only feature because of which it was lagging behind many other similar messaging platforms like Hike, Line, and  Viber.

People nowadays want to spice up their conversation with larger to live stickers that express the user’s feelings without even typing! So, understanding this WhatsApp features almost a dozen of sticker pack which surely covers every emotion.

The major drawback is that Whatsapp provides only limited WhatsApp stickers and you must be bored sending the same stickers every time. But the best part is that WhatsApp allows creating your own custom stickers in simple steps.

WhatsApp Stickers App

As soon as the WhatsApp sticker feature was launched there are tons of apps started offering lots of different stickers for free. I have personally tried most of them to offer you the best WhatsApp stickers App.

The apps started offering WhatsApp stickers in other languages too like Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, and Malayalam. So, don’t get confused with the number, we have done the work for you.

As here is a list of 10 Best Android Sticker Apps For WhatsApp that will surely open the door for an infinite amount of fun and engaging stickers!

Let’s see these best WhatsApp stickers apps one by one…

  • How to send stickers on Whatsapp in easy steps

1. Sticker Packs For WhatsApp

Sticker Packs for WhatsApp is among the best Whatsapp sticker app offering tons of stickers absolutely free. The app already has lots of pre-made stickers for your use.

Another nest feature of the Whatsapp sticker app is that it allows you to create your own custom WhatsApp stickers. The custom WhatsApp sticker is not restricted to only one language, you can use different languages to create your own Whatsapp sticker.


Main Features:

  • Sticker Maker: Create any sticker whatever you can think of using text, images ( from camera / Gallery ), emoticons (emoji), Memes (Funny Faces), etc. & share through any of your favorite social networking chat applications.
  • Handmade Pencil Stickers: Create Free Hand Stickers using a pencil tool write anything in your own language and convert it into stickers.
  • Text Stickers: Create unlimited text stickers by typing in your own language with different colors and fonts. Using other WAStickersApps you cannot add text to stickers but with this app, you can easily write whatever you want:-)
  • Personal Stickers: Convert your transparent background png image to stickers and add text to your personal stickers.
  • Create unlimited sticker packs: You can create unlimited sticker packs with various types of stickers created on your own. (WAStickerApp Third Party Sticker Packs for WhatsApp)
  • Any language Support: You can create text stickers in your own language so text stickers can be created in any language like Spanish, German, Brazilian (Portuguese), Indonesian, Russian, Arabic, and all others.
  • Indian Desi Hindi Stickers: You can create Desi Hindi stickers in all Indian languages like Odia, Bangla, Kanada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Hindi, etc.
  • Happy Birthday / Happy Anniversary Stickers: Write Text on Birthday Buddy Picture and decorate it with Birthday Balloons, Birthday Candles, Birthday Caps Gift, Cakes, and various emojis to create Birthday Stickers/ Birthday Cards, etc. You can even create birthday photo frames and Birthday Greeting Cards using this application.
  • Love Stickers / Love Emojis/ Love Memes / Valentine’s Day Stickers and Emojis: A range of Love stickers and emojis are available as below Hug Stickers, Kiss Stickers, Love Couples Stickers, Propose Stickers, Flirt Stickers, Stickers for Chocolate Day, Rose Day, Teddy Day, Gift Day and much more.
  • Dynamic Emojis: Create unlimited dynamic Emojis for various categories.
  • Unlimited Memes: Memes stickers/ Emojis are available for each category like love, Sad, Happy, Angry, Like, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year 2020, etc
  • Photo Collage: Very easy to make a beautiful collage using drag and drop of multiple images from the camera and gallery. A lot of photo frames are available for Love, Birthday, Happy New Year 2020, Merry Christmas, etc.
  • Ready-Made Sticker Packs: If you do not want to create stickers or emoji packs on your own that a range of ready Made HD Sticker/ Emoji packs is available and ready to use. Almost all categories of sticker packs are available.

Go To Sticker Packs For WhatsApp

2. Sticker Maker

Sticker Maker is another great app for creating and sending Whatsapp stickers to your loved ones. The maximum number of stickers limited to this app is 30.

You have to create a minimum of 3 WhatsApp stickers to start using this Whatsapp sticker app and the maximum number of stickers that can be made is 30.

The best part is that these stickers can be an image of some funny meme, some cute animals, or your own face! Yes, that’s right, your own face can now be a sticker with the help of this app.

For doing so, simply open the app and click your photo, draw the outline, and then just like that your sticker will be made.


Main Features:

  • Create your own sticker pack.
  • Up to 30 stickers per pack.
  • Add your photos.
  • Easy to use on WhatsApp.

Go To Sticker Maker

3. WAStickerApps – Stickers for WhatsApp

WAStickersApps is again the best alternative to send WhatsApp stickers to your friends. The App allows you to simply search the stickers as per the category.

You can simply search your sticker, download it and send it to your friends easily. The wide category includes Angry, Birthday, Cartoon emoji, Fortnite, Love, Mario, Memes, and significant others.


Main Features:

  • Browse stickers.
  • One-click to add a sticker pack.
  • A number of sticker categories.
  • Simple to use.

Go To WAStickerApps – Stickers for WhatsApp

4. Love Stickers For Whatsapp

Love sticker for WhatsApp is again the best Whatsapp sticker app for lovers. Create Love stickers and emojis (emoticons) by choosing any Love expression sticker or smiley & add sticker text by typing in your own language.

You can create any stickers to express your love for your Valentine.

You can decorate Love stickers with Hearts, Roses, and Teddy Bears and share using any of your favorite chat applications like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Telegram, Instagram, google Allo, hike, Wechat, etc.

Love collage and love greeting cards can be easily created by simple drag and drop of love Stickers, your love one image from a gallery/camera, phone emojis, Flowers, hearts, and of course Stickers text in your own language.

One love expression can be used to create different Stickers and cards by adding different sticker text so will have different Stickers for different love situations.


Main Features:

  • Type in your own language.
  • A number of sticker packs.
  • Create your own.
  • Shayari in Hindi.
  • Easy to use and share.

Go To Love Stickers For Whatsapp

5. Best Indian Stickers for WhatsApp (WAStickerApps)

Best Indian Stickers for Whatsapp provides you to choose from more than 100 stickers for WhatsApp and make your conversations more fun.

When words are not enough to express your feelings, say it with stickers! Make conversations more fun by using stickers. Stickers for every mood, let stickers do the talking.

The largest collection of Indian regional stickers, express yourself better with stickers in your language! What’s more? Each sticker is uniquely made in India, especially for you.


Main Features:

  • Large collection of Indian stickers.
  • Unique sticker pack.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple to share on WhatsApp.

Go To Best Indian Stickers for WhatsApp

6. Ultimate Pack WAStickerApps

Ultimate pack WAStickerAppsis offers 4000+ WhatsApp stickers including BB ki vines stickers and many more.

You can simply search for your sticker from your favorite category and download it to share with your friends. They offer the best stickers to express your feelings to your loved ones.

The best part of the app is that it allows you to submit your own stickers. Yes, you can create your own sticker and contact the developer team of the app to add them.

The app is having almost 1 lakh plus downloads and has good user ratings.

Ultimate Pack WAStickerApps

Main Features:

  • Large collection of Indian stickers.
  • Unique sticker pack.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple to share on WhatsApp.

Go To Ultimate Pack WAStickerApps

7. Diwali Stickers for WhatsApp

Diwali Stickers for WhatsApp is again a great Whatsapp Sticker app to simply share the Diwali stickers with your family and friends.

Enjoy adding stickers WAStickerApps Pack to your WhatsApp. All type of sticker pack is added in the single app for Diwali.

Add Diwali stickers from the Diwali WhatsApp Stickers application and send stickers to express your wishes to your friends and family.


Main Features:

  • High-Quality Stickers
  • Unique Stickers
  • Large collection of Stickers

Go To Diwali Stickers for WhatsApp

8. WAStickerApps – Birthday Stickers for WhatsApp

Looking for Birthday Stickers for WhatsApp? WAStickerApp is the best App that provides sticker Packs for Birthdays like Chocolate, Hat Stickers, and Happy Birthday Stickers.

Now Direct Add Birthday Stickers to your WhatsApp and impress your friends and family members with the latest WhatsApp Stickers Features.

WAStickerApps is the best application with which you can share Birthday sticker packs with your WhatsApp friends, and family and make this Birthday wishes more special.

They offer you assorted sticker packs for all five days of the Birthday festival so you can choose the one you like best. New Stickers for WhatsApp. Download now the Latest Birthday Stickers and make your friend’s birthday more special.


Main Features:

  • Large collection of Indian stickers.
  • Unique sticker pack.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple to share on WhatsApp.
  • High-Quality Stickers
  • Unique Stickers
  • Large collection of Stickers

Go To WAStickerApps – Birthday Stickers for WhatsApp

Final Words About WhatsApp Sticker App

You have witnessed the best apps for an Android phone for creating Whatsapp stickers. All these apps offer tons of Whatsapp stickers for download.

You can easily create your custom sticker or customize the available stickers as per your requirement. The Whatsapp sticker apps also offer to create stickers from your own image and send them to your loved ones.

If you have come across any other such Whatsapp sticker app then do share it with our readers in the comment section of this article. We will add those apps after reviewing them personally.

But before diving into the world of your creativity and imagination, don’t forget to share this article on social media. And if you find any difficulty related to this topic mention it in the comment box below.

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