MonsterInsights Review 2023 – Is it Really the Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress


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MonsterInsights Review, are you looking for the best Google Analytics plugin for your WordPress website? If yes, then here is the recommended plugin for you. Recently we have carried out a comparison of the 16 best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress and MonsterInsights stands out to be the winner.

Finally, I thought to write an in-depth review of the MonsterInsights WordPress plugin to give the facts and features that make it the best. Our MonsterInsights review will show you how this plugin can give you the actionable data you need.

MonsterInsights has more than 2 Million active installations and more than 34 Million downloads with thousands of positive reviews, thus making it the 13th WordPress plugin in terms of popularity.

If you are already aware of the capabilities of MonsterInsights and don’t want to waste your time reading reviews then here we have a special 50% discount on all MonsterInsights plans. Just click the link below and the coupon code will be applied.

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If you are really interested to know about MonsterInsights then keep reading. Firstly, let’s see what is actually MonsterInsights?

What is MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights was previously known as Google Analytics by Yoast. So if you are looking for Google Analytics by Yoast review then you are at the right place.

Google Analytics by Yoast was originally developed by Joost de Valk, the developer behind Yoast SEO. As Yoast SEO grew the developer team decided to focus exclusively on SEO products, and the Google Analytics by Yoast plugin found a new home in 2016 with Syed Balkhi and was rebranded as MonsterInsights.

MonsterInsights team is dedicated and works with a simple goal to make analytics easy for beginners. The team behind MonsterInsights is the same team behind OptinMonster and WPForms.

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As we go ahead with our MonsterInsights review it is important to know the importance of Google Analytics and why you need the MonsterInsights Analytic plugin.

Importance of Google Analytics and Why You Need MonsterInsights

Google Analytics is a powerful tool providing lots of data and information about your website visitors. But if you are not an analytics expert then it can come as a nightmare and you will not know where to start and how to use the website data.

If you are not using this data to improve your website then there is no point in using Google Analytics on your website. Most people just use analytics to know the number of visitors to the website.

Let me tell you it is only one simple form of data that you can use to improve the performance of your website. Likewise, there are many other reports that can be generated within Google Analytics.

A good analytics tool will help you:

  • Understanding topics and formats your audience loves – helps you to create more of it
  • See how visitors find your website – helps you to focus your efforts on the marketing tactics
  • Set and track your conversion goals – helps to improve and optimize your website

If you are a blogger then you must spend most of your time creating quality content on your website and not learning Google Analytics and becoming an expert. But if you already have knowledge of Google Analytics you can perform your website analysis without any plugin.

But if you’re a beginner MonsterInsights is the right plugin for you to analyze your visitors directly from the WordPress dashboard without having any coding knowledge.

MonsterInsights is also much easier to set up than Google Analytics. A beginner to WordPress may not know how or where to place the Google Analytics tracking code. But setup with MonsterInsights is much easier — you don’t have to edit any code on your site.

MonsterInsights Review 2023

Let’s now see how easy it is to install and configure MonsterInsights for your WordPress website – Without ever writing a piece of code.

1. How to Install and Configure MonsterInsights

In our previous tutorial, we have already covered the step-by-step procedure to set up a Google Analytics account and connect it with MonsterInsights. If you still have not done it we request you do the same before you proceed further. You can follow the tutorial below.

How to Set up a Google Analytics account and integrate it with MonsterInsights

You need to install and activate the plugin. MonsterInsights Lite is a free version and is available to download through the plugin section of your website. If you still have any issues you can follow the step-by-step tutorial to install a WordPress plugin.

Once you have installed and activated the MonsterInsight plugin on your WordPress website, then navigate to Insights » Settings. Here you can connect your Google Analytics account without having to edit any code.

Monsterinsights review-authenticate google analytics

Click on Authenticate with your Google account to get started.

In the popup that appears, click Next » Click To Get Google Code.

You will be asked to log in to your Google Analytics account. Simply Log in to your Google account and click the Allow button to grant MonsterInsights access to your analytics data.

An authentication code will appear. Copy and paste the authentication code on the popup field in your WordPress dashboard and click the Next button.

You can select the analytics account of your website from the drop-down, that you want to link with MonsterInsights, and then click Next.

select google analytics profile

Beneath that are a few options to check off if you choose:

  • Track outbound clicks and downloads: Keep track of all clicks and downloads.
  • Allow tracking of anonymous data: This will send information anonymously to the developer on how you use MonsterInsights. If you don’t want to send any information you can disable this option.
  • Anonymize IPs: This will help to anonymize the IP addresses of visitors.
  • Ignore users: You can set your analytics to not tracks the actions of the Administrator, Editor, and other user roles.
  • Disable analytics dashboard: This disables the dashboard and stops all data collection as long as it’s checked off.

Once you are finally done up choosing the required options for your website, click the Save Change button at the bottom.

That’s it! Now when you click on the Insights » Dashboard, you’ll see your traffic stats displayed.

monsterinsights reports

You can now easily check out the reports with cust date ranges and other parameters. To make your reports more specific you might few add-ons to be installed on your website. You can check the list of add-ons from Insights » Addons, and get them installed and activated on your website.

Remember a few of the add-ons require the additional setting to be done in your Google Analytics account. Let’s now get on the MonsterInsights feature and the important aspects that make it important for every website.

2. MonsterInsights Features

MonsterInsights is available in both free and Pro versions. The MonsterInsights Lite (Free version) offers limited features and basic reports on your WordPress dashboard. However, if you want advanced analytics (which is recommended), then you need to buy the license MonsterInsights Pro.

In this section, we are covering features of both the Free and Paid version of MonsterInsights and you should go through this section carefully.

Let’s start covering the features of the free version.

MonsterInsights Lite

The lite version of monsterisights offers basic visitor tracking capabilities and generates basic reports. If you are a beginner then you can try the MonsterInsight Lite, but we always recommend the Pro version.

monsterinsights lite report

Below is the list of basic features available with the free version:

  • Fast and simple installation and setup. MonsterInsights helps you to do this within less than five minutes regardless of your tech skills.
  • Sessions Chart. It allows you to check all the sessions that occurred on your website during the last month and compare them with previous months.
  • Pageviews Chart. Inspect and Compare both the total and average numbers of page views by visitors with the data from the previous month.
  • New vs Returning Visitors. Allows you to segregate between new and returning visitors to your website
  • Top 10 Countries. Segment your users based on the country from where they visited the website.
  • Referrals. Inspect which websites referred the user to your website.
  • Top Posts / Pages. Find the top post and pages on your website depending on the user interactions.

If you see the features of the lite version you will find most of the stats is available on your Google Analytics dashboard. However, MonsterInsights gives you the flexibility to view the reports directly on your WordPress admin panel.

Now let’s see the additional functionalities of the MonsterInsights Pro version and what is so much special, that it is being called the best analytics plugin for WordPress websites.

MonsterInsights Pro

MonsterInsights Lite offers the basic features which are most useful for beginners, but if you really want to make use of MonsterInsights to take your website to the next level then you must try MonsterInsights Pro.

The Pro version offers many more additional and professional features required for an in-depth analysis of every website. This section of the MonsterInsights review will cover the additional features that come with MonsterInsights Pro and are worth the price.

  • eCommerce Tracking.
  • Real-time Stats.
  • Publisher Tracking.
  • Universal Tracking.
  • Download Tracking
  • Custom Tracking.
  • Referral Tracking.
  • Popular Post Tracking.
  • Forms Tracking.
  • Author Tracking.
  • Search Console Report.
  • Dimensions Report.
  • EU Compliance.
  • Enhanced Link Tracking.
  • Ads Tracking.
  • Performance Tracking.
  • Google AMP Tracking.
  • FB Instant Articles.
  • Logged-in User Tracking.
  • Category / Tags Tracking.
  • SEO Score Tracking.

3. MonsterInsights Pros and Cons

There is no doubt MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress websites. But like other plugins, it is also having some pros and cons which are essential to be highlighted in this MonsterInsights Review.

MonsterInsights Pro

  • Easy Installation and Integration. There are tons of options to integrate Google Analytics with a WordPress website, but all of them require little expertise. MonsterInsights is beginner-friendly and takes a few minutes to install and integrate with Google Analytics. The plugin doesn’t require any coding knowledge to enable Google Analytics features.
  • Simple Interface to Access Reports. Unlike Google analytics or any other plugin MonsterInsights allows you to directly generate and analyze reports directly on the WordPress admin panel. So you don’t have to leave the website to access reports.
  • Customization Options. MonsterInsights offers multiple tracking features. You can easily customize them as per the requirement to get effective reports which ease the decision-making process.
  • Import and Export Reports. If you want to analyze the reports offline or want to send them to your team, then it is possible with MonsterInsights. You can easily export the analytics reports with a click of a button and save them on your computer.
  • Multiple Addons. MonsterInsights offer easy integration of multiple add-on options. So you can just install the analytics add-on as per your requirement for tracking. If you want to avoid any tracking then simply uninstall the add-on.

MonsterInsights Cons

  • Cost. MonsterInsights is a little pricy as compared to other similar plugins. However, the number of features you get with the paid version is worth the money. The single-site license costs $199/year. But MonsterInsights is offering a 50% discount to bloggersutra readers. You can get a single-site license for $99.50/year. (Activate Deal Now)
  • Limited Features in Free Version. The free version of the plugin offers the basic features which are available with the default setting of Google Analytics. All the important features come with the paid version. So the free version is not of much use actually.

4. How MonsterInsights Stand Up Against Competitors?

Once you visit the WordPress repository you will find tons of visitor tracking plugins claiming to be the best and offering all the features to gather website statistics and give insights into how your websites perform when it comes to attracting visitors to your site and converting them into customers.

After comparing it with a few of the plugins it is clear that MonsterInsights definitely offers some features that make it special.

  1. All Tracking Features in Single Product – Whether you are having a blog or a Woocommerce store, MonsterInsights is for all. You can easily integrate it with any type of website and track your visitor depending on the requirement on the single dashboard. MonsterInsights is a fully-featured Analytics plugin, you can track a lot of events on your website that matter to your business.
  2. No Third-Party Account Required – A few of the plugins like Jetpack want you to connect your website with your account. So, automatically all your traffic stats are shared with There is no way you can avoid it. On the other hand, MonsterInsights simply connects your website with Google Analytics, so you don’t need to create another account.
  3. Popular Analytics Plugin – With 2 million active installations and more than 34 million downloads, MonsterInsights is the most popular Google Analytics plugin in the market. Having more than thousands of positive reviews it becomes even more trustable for bloggers.

5. MonsterInsights Pricing

We have already mentioned the cost of MonsterInsigth’s single-site license. However, if you want it for multiple websites or you are an SEO agency then you must go with the higher license.

monsterinsights pricing

MonsterInsights got 3 premium plans as part of the limited-time deal.

  • Plus – $99.50 a year – 1 Website License.
  • Pro – $199.50 a year – 5 Websites License.
  • Agency – $399.50 a year – 25 Websites License.

Activate The Deal and Get a Flat 50% off on any license

You can select the license as per your requirement and use the plugin. In case you feel the plugin is not working up to your satisfaction then you can ask for a refund. Yes, MonsterInsights is offering 14 days no questions asked money-back guarantee. So if you are not happy contact them and ask for a refund.

6. MonsterInsights Support and Documentation

If you are running on the free version of the MonsterInsights WordPress plugin, you will get support from the WordPress support forum.

If you have any pre-sales questions you can simply ask them by contacting them through their contact form. But if you have already purchased their plugin you will get priority support.

monsterinsights contactus

All you need to do is log in to your MonsterInsights account, and raise a support ticket to the appropriate department. Generally, you get a reply in a few hours.

The best part is that if you are still not able to figure out the issue with the plugin you can share your login details with their technical team and they will do all the needful for you. I have tried this personally for my websites.

Apart from the support they also offer a knowledge base. The docs section is rich with helpful articles!

monsterinsights documentation

They have got topics like:

  • Getting Started.
  • MonsterInsights Lite.
  • MonsterInsights Pro.
  • Common Questions.
  • Add-ons.
  • Account Management.

There, you can get almost all the articles for enhancing the plugin’s features. If you didn’t find any, contact the support team. They will get back to you personally with a solution.

7. MonsterInsights Coupon

MonsterInsights is offering a 50% discount for all bloggersutra readers. The discount will be automatically applied once you click on the discount link below.

In case the discount is not automatically applied you can try adding coupon code INTRO50 for a 50% discount.

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Final Verdict

MonsterInsights have it all. After the complete MonsterInsights review it’s clear that it is definitely the most trusted and best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress websites offering all tracking features required for beginners to experts.

Whether you are having a single website or an agency, MonsterInsight has solutions for all. You could try the basic features by using MonsterInsights Lite. When you need the other powerful features, consider upgrading it to a premium version.

In any case, if you are not happy with the premium version you can ask for a full refund within 14 days.

Click Here to Get 50% Off on All MonsterInsights Premium Plans

You will find many discount coupons online, but most of them won’t be working. You can simply click on the special partner link below to get the best discount currently available with MonsterInsights. If the discount coupon is not applied automatically, you can try to add the coupon manually.

If it still doesn’t work drop us a comment below and we will negotiate with the plugin provider to offer a discount to our readers.

You can buy the plugins and themes at a cheaper price from websites like However, they offer limited support and if you are looking for full support then it is always recommended to buy the plugin from the author.

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