The Basics of Marketing Your Business on Twitter That Works


Marketing Your Business On Twitter

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Every marketer knows the importance of visibility and relevance and how these could dictate the success of a brand. Today’s world of marketing has evolved so much that marketers have a lot of platforms to choose from when they want to launch a campaign or expand the reach of the brand they want to promote.

Out of all social media platforms available now, Twitter is probably the most underrated and unique. Twitter is a micro-blogging social media site that allows every tweet to have only 280 characters or less. This size cap ensures every tweet is focused and cleverly structured. 

Twitter may not be at the top of the ladder in the social media world, but 192 million monetizable daily active users is not a laughing matter. In 2021, Twitter earned USD$3.72 billion in revenue because many brands made Twitter their go-to platform to engage with their audience and increase their brand exposure, especially during events wherein the platform is highly utilized.

What’s excellent with Twitter is that even those who don’t follow you can view your broadcasts or tweets; this is a great way to reach target communities. Before launching an effective campaign, it would be great if you had a sizeable following. Waiting for people to follow you initially could be daunting, so you may rest easy knowing that you can buy Twitter followers to get to your objective fast. 

If you want to try marketing on Twitter, here are the basics to get you started:

Marketing Your Business On Twitter 2

Use Videos

Since many people are now on mobile, publishing videos to engage your audience more effectively makes more sense. To prove that, 93% of video views on Twitter happen on a mobile device.

Twitter views can measure the effectiveness of a tweet with a video. And twitter analytics document all these. To count as one twitter view, at least half of the video has to be visible or playing on a user’s screen. This has to be at least two seconds. This was already reduced from the previous three seconds. Tweets with videos are the most retweeted or shared. And a lot of brand tweets with videos sparked conversation among fans.

Utilize Captivating Images

If establishing brand identity is one of your objectives, using captivating images can increase your interaction with your audience on the platform. You have to remember that majority of the population is visual, 65% to be exact, so using images will make more sense. 

Choosing to broadcast with an image will encourage engagement from your followers. Also, 280 characters may not be enough to send your message across, so using a compelling image may be the trick you need.

Images need not be done by a professional, but they can’t look haphazardly executed either. Using a mediocre image such as a pixelated or stretched photo will not make your brand look good. Many users might also question your accounts’ authenticity, damaging your campaign. To prevent this from happening, remember the image requirement of the platform, which should be 400×400 pixels, with a maximum file size of 2MB and with only JPG, GIF, or PNG format.

Make Use Of GIFs

GIFs or graphical image formats are animated images in the smallest file size, making posting content and social media interaction more fun and entertaining. The popularity of GIFs cannot be underestimated. It is widely used, especially by Millennials, that in 2012, it became Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year. 

GIFs will loop continuously and won’t even need to press play. GIFs were launched on Twitter in 2016, and in just a short period, they dominated the platform in 2017, over 100 million GIFs were shared across Twitter. 

This image format can increase your brand’s value and will display your brand’s fun and quirky side, because why not? Everyone has them. Many perceived that Twitter is for serious people who consume political and serious topics for breakfast. You can utilize GIFs to employ a youthful and fun vibe to your feed to break that stereotype.

Employ Hashtags That Make Sense

Brands that use relevant and intelligent hashtags become viral on Twitter even without trying. Hashtags were first used on social media in 2007 by a resident in California to document the wildfire raging in San Diego at that time. 

But even before 2007, hashtags were already utilized in IRC or internet relay chat, a defunct platform of ancient internet history. In the modern world of social media, Twitter first used hashtags in July 2009, and since then, a hashtag has become synonymous with the platform. 

On a personal level, a user can use a hashtag to categorize their life and activities, so other people can immediately see updates about their life. But for businesses, hashtags became indispensable as they became a powerful tool to launch a campaign. Hashtags make something discoverable and allow others to join in the conversation to increase the brands’ visibility and familiarity, which many companies aspire to do. 

Interact With Your Followers

Retweets left unacknowledged and inquiries on the platform that remains to be ignored make a brand look snobbish and distant. Interacting with your followers will make your brand look positive and approachable. It can also emphasize a company’s effort to connect with its audience, something many social media users appreciate. 

Interacting with followers on Twitter is one of the ways to get more followers. And it could also set you apart from your competition, especially if users see that you value their opinion and feedback and if you respond to their complaints promptly. 

Tweet More Often

Ideally, brands should tweet more than once or twice a day but not more than five times to avoid your followers getting annoyed by your pacing. To achieve this target, many brands use a scheduling tool to create posts in advance and plan their tweets smartly. 

Know When To Tweet

It would be best for brands to post their tweets when their target community is wide awake and engaged and not when they are all asleep or might be busy working. You may utilize your Twitter Analytics and check when your tweets get the most engagement to do this effectively. 


Marketing on Twitter may be the kind of lift your brand needs. There might be a potential market you could tap to increase your brand awareness and familiarity. Many tools are available for digital marketers to accomplish this effectively. Buying organic Twitter followers and video views can increase your brand’s chances of being seen.

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