Pitting HostArmada vs FastComet – With Pros, Cons, Pricing & Add-ons


hostarmada vs fastcomet
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Brisk, brilliant, and brimming with features – that should profile an ideal Webhosting service. But the ideal isn’t everywhere! Exactly why you need to sort out the features of your host. Putting HostArmada vs FastComet is delightful while being ironically difficult.

Creating their own online platform and presence on the internet is a holy grail for any-scale business today. And when one is looking for a speedy, efficient and at the same time secure cloud server hosting website for creating, running, or growing a website, HostArmada and FastComet are two of the options before them.

While HostArmada is considered a relatively new U.S.-based program, many take FastComet to be a relatively older but less popular one.

Taking first flight in 2020, HostArmada is a web hosting and domain registration company, whooshing towards 2021 in flying colors.

FastComet was launched in 2013, initially providing hosting and system administration exclusively for corporate clients. By 2017-2018, they introduced a cloud hosting solution, targeted at more private clients, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

But all of that means nothing much when contrasting two hosting providers for our needs. We need to compare Speed, Pricing, Security, Uptime, Support, and a lot more. Let’s talk-shop.

This isn’t just a comparison job, but also a 101 guide to setting your Webhost for your journey on. Performance, Speed, Pricing, Uptime (guarantee-to-reality ratio), Security, Support, Plans, Integrations, you name it, there are uncountable aspects by which we can compare two Webhosting services. But that does not leave it far from accountable – and we’re on it.

HostArmada Vs Fastcomet – Who is the Best

We’ll see how many rounds HostArmada stands against FastComet. Let the battle begin!

1. All that BEGINS WELL ends well

Now, it goes without saying that setting up a website of one’s own is not everyone’s cup of tea. Everyone has been there, and everyone coming up is going to be. Which is why a beginner-friendly interface, customizable composition, newbie-friendly plans, are all score-givers.

The problem with beginners is that they set their hopes really high but actually are not sure what they need.

HostArmada’s free drag and the drop website builder is so user-friendly, or so to say, beginner-friendly, that it has options for you to select from a wide range of readymade templates and themes from which you can design your own website, da capo.  Even if a client has no technical background the system imbibes them de facto.

Their industry-standard control panel or the cPanel and WHM control panel are ultimate examples of their good UX(user experience) right from the start. They also offer Softaculous one-click app installer for a lot of applications. Summing up, HostArmada’s several features together offer easy management, backup, and high functionality without asking. The official site also has tutorials that guide a beginner through a lot of paths and over hurdles.

FastComet team also provides its clients with cPanel and WHM control panel for ease of management. But the site is often commented “misleading”! The reason for being called that? Well, once you first visit their site homepage, you’re welcomed with a graphic showing how better they are from several other competitors. It compares them with a lot of well-established firms and gives themselves the highest score. This intrigues us then and there. A company’s performance usually speaks for itself rather than be told to clients.

Winner for the Round:  Let’s not judge already, you NEED to see what’s up next!

2. Uptime

As we’ve already discussed, an ideal deal of 100% may not be everywhere, and Webhosting is a no different realm. An Uptime average of 99.99% is what we’re looking for here (which is pretty much the gold standard in the field) and since time tests truth, there’s no denying this judgment.

HostArmada has a cloud infrastructure based upon which the team guarantees a 99.99% rate of mean uptime regardless of the time of the day, day of the week, or time of the year. As it has been seen up until date, the host has managed to cater to the needs and meet its guaranteed rates.

FastComet on the other hand has committed to an Uptime providence of 99.9% (which is only 0.09% lesser than HostArmada). And it was going reportedly good but even a couple months before the CoViD-19 pandemic hit worldwide, the uptime was allegedly seen dropping to 99.67% (February 2020) which has led to a bad name for the stellar host.

The comparison compels us to declare a winner now. But the score isn’t just a difference of less than a fraction. The point goes to keeping the promise rather than the lovely promise itself. So, we have to give this one to HostArmada for many aspects.

Winner for the Round:  HostArmada

3. Security

Though both HostArmada and FastComet are preconfigured with Web Application Firewall (WAF) for their primary passive defense strategies (also optimized for WordPress, Joomla, and Magento), FastComet lacks the Advanced Network Firewall feature of HostArmada.

This minor security flaw makes a world of difference when it comes to defending our files and data from all kinds of SQL injection attacks or Cross-Site Scripting attacks (SQL / XXS attacks) and furthermore leaves no space to overlook the HostArmada security features like DDoS attack prevention, underground attack monitoring, and script execution analyses.

There is no hiding from you this fact. Googling security risks of FastComet always shows results including such threats.

 Winner for the Round: (for obvious reasons now,) HostArmada

4. Support

For choosing the better customer support and feedback system out of the pair, we can analyze three vital facets. To call any customer service system efficient and flawless, it has to be responding the fastest, solving problems with utmost acumen, and have their response team’s attitude most prudent.

The criteria may be daunting to others, but our services in question, HostArmada, and FastComet stand out with their quickness, friendly approach, and professionalism. What’s more? access to step-by-step tutorials and 24/7/365 Customer tech support accessible via email, phone line, ticketing system, and live chat! That’s about everything a customer needs from any given service provider. The internet is full of customer feedbacks and reviews praising HostArmada and FastComet.  

Now if all that was only icing on the cake, here’s cherry on top: HostArmada and FastComet both provide Pre-sale questions and assistance, and cPanel Assistance

Winner for the Round  : Everybody (actually) wins!!

5. Speed

C‘mon now, who does not know a website needs speed? A ‘why’ isn’t usually a part of discussing the speed of a website. But when we look at the perspectives HostArmada introduces to us, it’s a whole new story. HostArmada’s vision of the Speed feature contributes to better SEO Ranking, more than 15% visitor conversion, more time spent on your website, and reduced page-visitor bounce rate.

They offer this stunning speed through a wide range of technology like, SSD Cloud storage, LiteSpeed Cache, Memcached Cache, Cloudflare CDN, Brotli Compression, APCu PHP Cache, and LiteSpeed Web Server, that is claimed to outperform, Apache and NGINX web servers. The average aggregate response speed for HostArmada is measured to be 171.59ms [1] for the ‘Speed Reaper’ plan.

Here is where this comparison becomes really critical – that’s a friendly note for you. While a hosting website should take speed as seriously as uptime, FastComet downright fails to emphasize speed. There are some packages that somewhat offer boosted speed, but nothing worth a discussion. So, FastComet is a complete nonfeasance when it comes to speed. 

Winner for the Round: a quick HostArmada win!

6. Pricing (HostArmada vs Fastcomet)

Money matters, but not above what it can buy. That is why we’re looking at the pricing after covering pretty much every other aspect one needs to examine keenly before kick-starting a publically visible and ‘interactable’ version of their idea or business. But then ultimately you need to buy a plan from the host. Cloud SSD Shared Web Hosting plans, which is the most sought after kind of plans and gives an outline of pricing of any hosting provider would be the best shot at comparing two companies of this niche.

We’ve visited the official websites to look at the different plans. So here’s the summed-up capsule of pricings of basic plans, the HostArmada vs FastComet way!

Hosting PlanHostArmadaFastCometWinner
Most Basic Plans (targeted at beginners)Start Dock: $ 2.69/mo (70% off)
Regular Price: $ 8.95/mo
Single Website
15 GB Cloud SSD Storage
2 Cores CPU
Free Domain Register
Free Domain Transfer
Free Website Transfer
Unmetered Bandwidth
cPanel & Softaculous
24/7/365 human support
~10 000 Unique Visitors
7 Daily Backups
Default Hosting Perks
(unlimited FTP Accounts, Databases, Email Accounts, Subdomains)
FastCloud:  $ 2.95/mo (70% Off)
Regular Price: $ 9.95/mo
Single Website
15 GB SSD Space
2 Cores CPU
Free Domain Transfer
Free Website Transfer
Unmetered Bandwidth
cPanel & Softaculous
24/7/365 human support
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Plans for growth and expansion stage of websitesWeb Warp: $ 4.49/mo (70% off)
Regular Price: $ 14.95/mo
Unlimited Websites
30 GB Cloud SSD Storage
4 Cores CPU
Unmetered Bandwidth
Free Domain Register
Free Domain Transfer
Free Website Transfer
cPanel & Softaculous
24/7/365 human support
~60 000 Unique Visitors
14 Daily Backups
Default Hosting Perks (unlimited FTP Accounts, Databases, Email Accounts, Subdomains, multiple PHP versions)
Warp Features Perks (2x CPU and Ram, Unlimited Addon domains, 3 free Website transfer, free private DNS)
FastCloud Plus: $ 4.45/mo (70% off)
Regular Price :  $ 14.95/mo
Multiple Websites
25GB SSD Space
4 Cores CPU
Unmetered Bandwidth
Free Domain Transfer
Free Website Transfer
cPanel & Softaculous
24/7/365 human support
All Important Features
Website Starter Kit
Advanced Features
Plans for supreme performance and speedSpeed Reaper: $ 5.69/mo (70% off) 
Regular Price: $ 18.95/mo
Unlimited Websites
40 GB Cloud SSD Storage
6 Cores CPU
Unmetered Bandwidth
Free Domain Register
Free Domain Transfer
Free Website Transfer
cPanel & Softaculous
~120 000 Unique Visitors
21 Daily Backups
Default Hosting Perks
Warp Features Perks
Speed Reaper Perks (3x more CPU & RAM, 3X fewer clients per server, HTTP/3 – HTTP over QUICK by Google)
Dynamic Caching
24/7/365 human support
FastCloud Extra: $ 5.95/mo (70% off) 
Regular Price: $ 19.95/mo
Unlimited Websites
35 GB SSD Space
6 Cores CPU
Unmetered Bandwidth
Free Domain Transfer
Free Website Transfer
cPanel & Softaculous
All Important Features
Website Starter Kit
Advanced Features
Rocket Booster
24/7/365 human support

Winner for the Round  :   HOSTARMADA

Read HostArmada In-depth Review

Our Recommendations on HostArmada vs Fastcomet

Now although we were almost non-critical with the comparison at first, HostArmada won almost all the round, tying rarely. Unequivocally, let’s give it up to HOSTARMADA!

The only drawback with HostArmada is that it’s a newly established company and it takes time to gain trust. It’s been a while that I have hosted a few of my websites with HostArmada.

Unfortunately, I have also hosted one of my websites with FastComet. Both the WordPress website is optimized but still, they have differences when it comes to website speed.

Ok, let me make it simple. Bloggersutra.com is hosted with HostArmada and GPLdownload.com is hosted with Fastcomet. You can simply go to tools.pingdom to check the speed of both the websites.

Another reason why I like to host my websites with new hosts apart from the cost factor is technology. I have seen most of the new players in the industry use the latest technology to get their space in the market.

So you will always have a upperhand on other when you are using latest technology and services for your websites.

So my decision goes with HostArmada. But you can still visit both eh hosting service providers before you make your own decision.

Although I feel that HostArmada vs Fastcomet comparison is enough to understand the best web hosting service provider for your website. However, we have covered quick FAQs about both the hosting providers to help you take better decision.

FAQ About HostArmada vs FastComet

1. Do I get any freebies from HostArmada?

  • Free Website Backups
  • Free lifetime Domain Name (Registration or Transfer)
  • Free Email Service (Unlimited Email Accounts)
  • Free  unlimited SSL for all domains – Free AutoSSL, powered by Sectigo – also renewal free
  • Free Website Migration – up to 5 free website transfers
  • Free cPanel to navigate your hosting account
  • Free domain name for as long as you remain their customer
  • Free Website Optimizations
  • Free daily Backups on all plans
  • Free unlimited business email with the auto-responder
  • Free WordPress transfer

2. What are the free features offered by FastComet?

  • Free Domain Transfer
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Free 24/7 Priority Support
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Free Script Installation
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Free SSH Access with All Hosting Packages

3. How does HostArmada protect you from spam, hacking, phishing, and other security attacks?

You’ll be stunned by the security features HostArmada offers. A user can lay back chilling about their brassbound security while they cater regular service updates and patches,  mod_security2  Apache module, CPHulk BruteForce protection service (aiming at cPanel-related login forms), IP based firewall, WAF (Web-Application FireWall), being compatible with Cloudflare, the servers have additional security benefits (eg. DDOS and bot protection), a completely free malware scanner, a reliable backup solution, completely free application/plugin/theme updates, Free SSL certificates for all of the domains on the server (brought to you by cPanel’s AutoSSL vendor Sectigo), suEXEC Apache module ( that enables PHP and CGI scripts. The system and services are all well defended 24/7/365 without question.

4. How does FastComet protect you from hacking, phishing, and other security threats?

When the security of FastComet is put into question, we need to consider two major factors – FastGuard Hosting Security feature and FastComet’s partnering with McAfee. 

They claim that all servers defended by ‘FastGuard’ analyze any attack attempt and share the information amongst themselves. The system thus keeps at bay botnet attacks, illegal traffic, spam, DNS and HTTP/S DDoS, and so on. By partnering with McAfee since 2015, they offer McAfee SECURE to all clients through cPanel.

If you still have any issues that is pressing you then feel free to ask us by commenting at the end of this article. We will behappy to assist you.

It is important to share your feedback with other Bloggersutra readers. If you have used HostArmada or FastComet then we would request you to share your true experience with our readers. It will help them to take a better decision for their website and also update the factors for HostArmada vs Fastcomet comparison.

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