Formidable Forms vs WPForms – Which is The Best Option?


Formidable Forms vs WPForms
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Confused between Formidable Forms vs WPForms? We have the answer covering the in-depth comparison between both the form plugins. But before we go ahead with the comparison it is necessary to know the importance of contact form plugins for the website.

The forms are the most important part of a website for interaction between visitors and webmasters from website frontend. They should be simple, attractive and facilitates users to fill them without any trouble.

If you have surfed through the internet then you must have found out that Formidable forms and WPforms are the best WordPress form plugins.

Today in this article we will help you to decide the best WordPress form plugin between WPforms and Formidable forms.

But before we proceed further you must also go through the 17 essential & free WordPress plugins for every website.

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But if you have still not started your website then it’s never late. Just get the best domain name and web hosting for your website before you start.

Let’s get back to the WordPress forms.

Forms always help you to make your visitors and subscribers and final as your client. Webmasters without forms on their website lose out many leads.

Now check out the battle between Formidable forms and WPForms. Who beats whom.

Overview: Formidable Forms vs WPForms

Before we start the comparison it is important to know what these forms are and how they work.

Both of them are amazing WordPress plugins offered by WP experts.

What are WPForms?

WPForms is an easy and powerful WordPress form plugin. By using WPForms, get the advantage of most user-friendly form builder in the market.

  • WPForms provides ease of use to people who are new to WordPress. Its built-in templates can save time.
  • WPForms has a “drag and drop” option. You don’t need to know any programming language. Just drag and drop and make your form as attractive you want.
  • By using smart conditional logic in WP forms, you can create high-performance forms. WPForms allow you to easily collection online payments and orders.

What are formidable forms?

Formidable forms are the most advanced WordPress form plugin offered by WP experts. You can easily build a single page or multiple pages contact forms here by using conditional logic.

  • Using Formidable Forms is the best way to hold back your business.
  • Through Formidable Forms, you can attract more clients. Clients will enjoy making a number of amazing and big applications.
  • Through this smart form builder, make anything you want. Enjoy several options like checkboxes, text, and drop-downs.

Comparison: Formidable Forms vs WPForms

Both formidable and WPForms are amazing plugins offered by WordPress. Are you confused between WPForms and formidable forms?

Don’t worry; our head to head comparison will help you to select the best WP plugin. We will provide the best WPForms and formidable forms comparison by comparing their various features.

Let’s start with the comparison.

1. Plans & Pricing – Formidable Forms vs WPForms

We are covering the pricing part of both forms because this is an important factor.

To cut it short. Both the forms are almost equal in head to head comparison. So the pricing of the form is important.

Plans & Pricing: Formidable Forms

pricing-formidable forms

Formidable forms are a bit expensive in comparison with WPForms. However, there is no much difference in pricing.

The personal plan starts with $49 per month and the Elite plan comes for $399 per month.

You can always approach them to give you some extra discount on yearly plans.

Another best time to purchase them is during Black Friday deals when they are offering the maximum discount.

Visit Formidable Forms

Plans & Pricing: WPForms

wpforms pricing

WPForms are such expensive but they are offering a 50% discount on all their plans.

It comes in at significantly lower price points, ranging from $39.50/year for the Basic plan to $299.50/year for the Elite plan.

Get more advantages and services with WPForms packages. All these packages are best and available to you at a low price than formidable forms.

You can get a great discount during Black Friday Sale.

Get 50% Off on WPForms

Winner: Tie

2. Features: Formidable Forms vs WPForms

Both of plugins offer amazing features and are feature-rich. Wherein formidable forms have some limitations but WPForms have some additional features.

Features: Formidable Forms

Formidable forms have limitless features like WPForms. Both the forms plugins have most of the features in common.

  • Add new posts and pages with WordPress front end posting. Set custom fields, titles, and even a featured image. Create new posts as drafts to allow admin moderation.
  • Split complex data entry into easy to manage multi-page forms that auto-save a draft on each page turn. Progress bars and root-lines also give a great user experience.
  • Allow users to edit form entries, submissions & user-created pages or posts – all from the beauty of your theme. Front-end editing is seamless and simple.
  • Use conditional logic to show or hide questions based on responses. Also conditionally redirect on submission and conditionally route notifications.
  • Allow logged-in users to save a form and resume later. Auto-save drafts on page turn in multi-page forms.
  • Allow your users to easily upload documents, files, photos, and music, with no maximum number of files. Use uploaded files as user avatars, featured images, email attachments, or embedded in a page, post, or custom view.
  • Take full control of your forms with a comprehensive import and export function. Forms, entries, views, and styles can all be exported, either together, or individually.
  • Save time and increase form conversions by automatically filling out online forms.

Check out the Full Feature List.

Features: WPForms

  • The form offers support for Guttenberg and GDPR.
  • WPForms allow you add a signature field into the forms.
  • Control of the field visibility through control logic.
  • They have the Addon to create the best online surveys and polls.
  • They have multiple options for payment collections. However, they only support the payment collection from important gateways.
  • It allows for geolocation detection.
  • Users can create offline forms
  • Have the additional feature form locker.
  • It allows you to create conversational forms in a few clicks.

When it comes to the features both he forms offers seamless features. However, WPforms still have upper hand over Formidable forms.

Check out the full feature list

Winner: WPForms

3. Integration: Formidable Forms vs WPForms

For your contact form, it is important to integrate with third-party plugins. Let’s see which one offers more integration

Integration: Formidable Forms

  • Have a storage solution like Dropbox and google drive
  • Social media platforms like facebook and twitter
  • Best payment gateways like Paypal, stripe and much more

Integration: WPForms

It allows you to get the integration with the best payment gateway like Paypal and stripe.

  • Through zapier, Send Leads to Marketing CRMs
  • You will get the storage solution like Dropbox and google drive

Both of them will integrate with the best marketing solutions.

Winner: Tie

4. Ease of Use: Formidable Forms vs WPForms

Both of them provide the easy to use drag n drop form builder. However, which one of them have the additional feature.

Ease of Use: Formidable forms

  • Drag and drop option to make your task easy
  • Embedding formidable forms is a difficult task. Sometimes, in formidable forms, embedding in the same form more than once become difficult
  • In formidable forms, there is no video on the front page.
  • Have an advantage of built-in templates
  • The user should build his form by his own effort. You will not see the live preview of your form.

Ease of Use: WPForms

  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Easy to embed
  • The user interface of WPForms is more user-friendly. After opening the page, a video will available to help you.
  • You will get a number of amazing built-in templates to make your form attractive. Simply use these built-in templates and complete your form in less time.
  • WPForms will provide you a live preview of your form even when you are working on it.

Winner – WPForms

5. Management: Formidable Forms vs WPForms

Both of them offer the management of the forms from the WordPress admin panel.

Directly login to your admin panel and make the changes accordingly. You can directly access:

  • Creating new forms
  • Change the settings email, license, messages, payment methods and much more
  • Activate the add-ons
  • Use of import and export tools

Winner: Tie

6. Security: Formidable Forms vs WPForms

Formidable forms offer the best security to protect your data and avoid spam.

Security: Formidable forms

  • Get regular automated scans to secure your information.
  • Regular checking will keep your website safe from hacks and threats.

Security: WPForms

  • Like the formidable forms, WPForms are also secure. Your data will grab immediately and will save into the database of WordPress. There is no need to save it in the third-party app.
  • Get the advantage of an extra layer of spam protection by using WPForms.
  • Don’t worry to add personal data because it will further be transmitted in the encrypted form. That was not understandable by anyone.

Winner: Tie

Support: Formidable Forms vs WPForms

Both of them offer various supports to their clients. Let’s see them one by one.

Formidable forms support you in several ways. You will find several articles and videos to solve your issue. But if you are a paid client then you can get the priority support for all your issues.

Similarly, WPForms also offers you many articles to help you out. Both forms have “contact via support ticket” service for you. You will get the answer to your issue directly in your inbox.

Official WordPress repository is an additional service that you will not find in formidable forms. Here, you can use WP lite to get the answer to your most questions.

Winner: Formidable Forms

Finally, after a WPForms and formidable forms comparison, Formidable forms offer some more additional features in comparison to the WPForms.

Visit WPforms OR Formidable Forms

Conclusion: Formidable Forms vs WPForms

Although both the forms have lots of features they both have few limitations.

For beginners, Formidable forms provide ease. They Have an advantage of user-friendly form builder interface through Formidable forms.

You can use simple and easy methods to make forms interactive. Formidable forms are now used by a number of websites and have maintained their value in the larger competition.

With no doubt, both plugins are advanced than simple form plugin but there are a lot of reasons that make Formidable forms the best choice over WPForms

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