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Amalinks pro is a wordpress plugin developed to increase your Amazon affiliate earnings. Yes, you have heard it right the main aim to build Amalinks pro is to cover all the affiliate marketing aspects of Amazon.

But you should have your own wordpress blog to start earning with Amazon affiliate programme. You also require a perfect domain name and SEO optimized wordpress web hosting.

Amazon is the largest online store having crores of products listed and selling lakhs of them every day.

If you are planning to start an affiliate marketing blog then this wordpress plugin is the best suited for you.

Most of the webmaster are shifting from normal advertising to affiliate marketing due to high payout and more conversion ration. But as an affiliate, you should apply all methods to generate extra income like Text Links, Image Links, Call-to-Action Buttons, and Product Showcases.

Amalinkspro wordpress plugin offers you everything that is required to become a successful affiliate and also run a better affiliate marketing website.

The more sales you generate the more commission you will earn from Amazon, this wordpress plugin will help you generate more commission.

Before we proceed further you should be clear with what is affiliate marketing and how you earn from affiliate marketing?


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the oldest form of marketing strategy wherein you recommend the products to another via various means like posting on website, emails, newsletters, social media, and groups.

Once the other person purchases the product from your recommendation you will get the commission for every sale. The more you sell the more you earn.

There are tons of website available for affiliate marketing like ShareASale, and etc. Nowadays most of the websites have started their own affiliate marketing platform instead of the third-party platform like ShareASale.

The main question is how these affiliate website track for a sale?

The answer is pretty simple, once you apply for an affiliate account you will be given a unique URL which you have to promote.

In case of third party website like ShareASale, they will generate a unique URL for every product you want to promote.

Affiliate marketing website just tracks these URL’s and find the number of sales you have generated for them. They also track the platform or website from which the sale is generated.

Amalinkspro wordpress plugin also offers tons of feature to boost your affiliate income from Amazon.

Let’s see what they actually offer…


Amalinkspro Review

Everyone one wants the extra income. I personally feel there is no harm in earning some extra bucks for your effort in your spare time.

Amalinkspro will definitely help you earn that from Amazon without many efforts. Amazon is having almost 562,382,292 products listed on their website and increasing daily at a rapid rate.

Around 4,193,290,237 websites are linking to Amazon and out of which approx 76,500,000 are running on wordpress. WordPress is the best content management system (CMS) for starting your own website hassle free.

Amalinkspro is the wordpress plugin to create a full-fledged affiliate website for selling Amazon products. You can easily insert amazon affiliate links like:

  • Text Links
  • Image Links
  • Call-to-Action Buttons
  • Product Showcases

It means that Amalinkspro is offering all the type of affiliate structures for running your Amazon affiliate website on wordpress. Now let’s go through Amalinkspro affiliate review in detail.


Amalinks Pro Review Bottom Line: No doubt the plugin is great to use with Amazon affiliate. They are offering tons of features and various integration methods of Amazon affiliate links into wordPress post.

The plugin is currently in soft launch phase with no free trial available. The author is yet to include additional features in the plugin and carry out some bug fixes.

We recommend you to purchase the plugin when the complete all the initial bug fixes and include the features.

Keep visiting this page and we will update you the right time to purchase the Amalinks Pro WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates.


About Amalinkspro

Matthew Allen is the founder of Amalinkspro. He is a full-time trucker – part time blogger and imaginary entrepreneur (this is what he claims). He is the only known trucker who is blogging about creating passive income online on his blog

He is also active in generating online income through affiliate marketing. Promoting and selling Amazon products on his website and social media is also part of his income.

After facing lots of difficulties in placing amazon affiliate links on wordpress website he decided to develop Amalinkspro. The Amalinkspro plugin gives you the flexibility to place affiliate links directly to wordpress posts and widgets.

Let’s now check out the various features of Amalinks pro that makes it separated from other plugins of his type.


Pros of Amalinkspro

Amalinkspro wordpress plugin is offering tons of features to start your successful amazon affiliate website. Let’s now check out one by one.

Search Within WordPress

It offers a great feature to search the Amazon products with the wordpress post editor. You have to just click the Amalinks Pro button on the post editor and start searching the Amazon products by their name or ASIN.

Insert Text Links

Amalinks pro gives you the flexibility to insert the Amazon affiliate text links directly to the content within your post. Additionally, it also offers you to create, preview, edit and insert amazon affiliate text links into your content within a few clicks.

Insert Image Links

It gives the flexibility to choose any image of any size from the Amazon products and insert them directly to your wordpress post or page. It is 100% Amazon Associate compliant

Add Custom CTA or Buy Button

It offers you to directly use “Buy on Amazon” button on your website or you can create your own button as per your requirement. The custom CTA buttons are amazon compliant.

Design Own Showcase Box

Integrate the amazon showcase box directly on your wordpress website using the data from the Amazon API.  Amalinks pro simple inbuilt editor allows to you to display product information, image, and links on the showcase box.

Amazon Compliant

The affiliate data pulled by Amalinks pro wordpress plugin is directly from the Amazon API. So you can use this plugin and data provided on your wordpress website with 100% confidence.

AmaLinks Pro handle geo-targeting

Amazon OneLink is an all-in-one solution for geo-targeting. In the past, you needed to have separate tracking ID’s for each country and integrate those into your affiliate links.

With Amazon OneLink – you just need to insert your custom script one time on your website and it is all taken care of automatically! AmaLinks Pro makes this extremely easy with a dedicated section to insert your OneLink code in settings.

Comparison Tables (Coming Soon)

Easily create comparison tables using data from the Amazon API. This feature is currently in development and will be available until October 2018.

Link Checker (Coming Soon)

Automatically scan the site and check all Amazon links for products no longer available. This feature is currently in development and will be available till January 2019.

30 Days Money Back

They are offering no questions asked 30 days money back guarantee on Amalinks pro plugin from the date of purchase.


Amalinkspro Cons

Coming Soon Features

There is no doubt that Amalinks pro is offering great features to start your own Amazon affiliate website on wordpress. But still, there are many features which are under development and will be launched in the future.

Amalinks Pro Reviews

there are no user reviews available for the plugin. The plugin being newly launched still have to go a long way to come up as a brand in the market. If you are using this plugin then share your reviews below.

No Trial Period

The author is currently not offering any trial period for the purpose of testing the product. However, they are offering 100% money back guarantee in 30days of product purchase.

Well, in our recommendation they should give at least 7 days free trial to test and get hands on the Amalinks pro plugin.


What User Says About Amalinks Pro

Walter-Hade-profile-picAmaLinks Pro has been a real life-saver for me. Not to mention a massive time saver. And best of all – I no longer need to combine several plugins to accomplish what I can now accomplish with just one plugin. AmaLinks Pro does everything I need and more when it comes to linking to affiliate products on Amazon.

Walter Hade



Before I started using AmaLinks Pro – hardly any of my visitors were clicking over to Amazon via my text links. Now I’m able to create beautiful custom buttons that grab my readers attention. Plus, I absolutely adore the Showcase Box feature! Thank You AmaLinks Pro.

Marcy Coning


Amalinkspro Plans & Pricing


All Amalinks Pro plans come with an annual subscription. The basic and the cheapest plan supports up to 5 wordpress website. That means the plans can be bought in groups.

Amalinks Pro Basic Plan

The Basic Amalinks pro plan allows you to use the plugin on 5 websites with unlimited updates. The plan comes with a yearly renewal fees of $37. Additionally, they are offering 4 core features and list of 2796 niche ideas.

Amalinks Pro Premium Plan

The Premium Amalinks Pro plan comes with everything that is included in the basic plan at yearly renewal fees of $97. However, you can use the plugin on the unlimited websites. Additionally, they are offering Table builder & Link checker add-on.

Amalinks Pro Platinum Plan

The platinum Amalinks Pro plan has everything that is included in the premium plan, but it comes with lifetime license and lifetime updates. That means you have to pay once the amount of $297 and enjoy the plugin for unlimited websites till lifetime.


Few add-ons like comparison table and link checker are yet to be launched. However, these two add-ons are not a part of the basic plan are available in premium plans.


How to Install Amalinkspro

Amalinks pro can be installed like any other wordpress plugin. However, the developers of the plugin have created a step by step tutorial to help the user with the installation of amalinks pro amazon affiliate plugin.

How to Access Amazon API Credentials

In order for AmaLinks Pro to work properly – you need to connect it to the Amazon API using your own private credentials. Don’t worry – this is not difficult and this will guide you with easy-to-follow. Amalinkspro step-by-step instructions to connect Amazon API.


Amalinkspro Coupon Code

They are still in the first soft launch phase of Amalinks Pro wordpress plugin. We are in continuous contact with them to get the special discount coupon code for our readers.

Currently, we do not have any discount coupon code for Amalinks Pro.

Do We Recommend Amalinks Pro?

No doubts, looking at the Amalinks Pro plugin features it is amazing wordpress amazon affiliate plugin. The plugin is also available at the competitive introductory price.

But the plugin still requires many bug fixed and features that need to be included. Once all the features are included in the plugin it is going to be the best Amazon affiliate wordpress plugin.

You can buy the plugin and try it within the money back guarantee period. If you like it you can continue using it.

In our recommendation, you should wait till they carry out all the bug fixes and include the additional features promised by them.

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