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In this article, we compare WPForms with TypeForm, so you can discover which plug-in form you can use to easily create contact forms and surveys for your WordPress site.

When you are looking for the best builders’ plug-ins, you need to spend time scrutinizing all of your options to find out which solution is best for your needs.

Which form builder you choose depends on the specific needs of your website. If you want to create contact forms for your website, you must contact plug-ins for contact forms that offer all the functions you need.

In general, variety of things you have to take into account once selecting a form builder, including:

  • Features – Does the form builder provide the features you need to create more powerful forms and grow your website?
  • Prices – Are the costs of the form builder suitable for your budget?
  • Support – Do you get the help you need on the road in case you encounter problems?
  • Ease of use – Is the plug-in for creating forms easy to use, even for beginners?

We will reconsider every one of those factors in our comparison of WPForms vs. TypeForm, let’s get started:

Overview: WPForms versus TypeForm

What is the Wpforms?

WPForms will be the most user-friendly plug-in for contacts on the market today.It comes with a retardant & drop WordPress kind builder, so you can easily create contact forms for your website.

In addition, it has pre-built form templates, complete with the form fields you need, so that you can adjust your form according to your own preferences.

Moreover, it’s 100% responsive, mobile-friendly and is optimized for SEO.

Not to mention, it is one of the fastest plug-ins for contact forms in the area.

If you are looking for a more powerful solution, it is just as easy to use, view the pro version of WPForms.

Collect payments from customers, conduct surveys, hire a new position with an application form and even enable smart conditional logic with the feature-packed pro version of WPForms. If you work with WordPress for a while, you know WPForms.

WPForms is one amongst the simplest kind builder plug-ins for WordPress.

What is Typeform?

Typeform is another form builder development for business websites. If you plan to buy Typeform, wait.

View this WPForms vs Typeform post and discover the best choice for you! Are you looking for TypeForm alternatives?

If you want to add forms or surveys to your website, you must find a form builder plugin that you can use to easily do that.

But with so many designer plug-ins available, it can be difficult to find the best one that meets your needs.

TypeForm could be a complete tool, conjointly called SAAS (software as a service) tool that focuses on on-line kind building and on-line surveys.

TypeForm focuses on creating surveys that are fun for your audience to fill in with their conversation format and those that look great with their unique style.

Features: WPForms versus TypeForm


TypeForm’s most popular feature is the ability to create conversation forms. Conversational forms help keep users involved and ensure better user experience.

Instead of entering their answer and scrolling down to the next question, users with conversational forms are automatically directed to the next question.

It is more interactive and fun for website visitors.


WPForms offers some great features right out of the box to help you create powerful contact forms and surveys, as well as a wide range of other forms.

With their Poll / Survey add-on, you can easily create a survey or survey for your WordPress website.

The Poll / Survey add-on comes with a number of unique form fields to create a powerful form for your business, including multiple choice, checkboxes, star ratings, Likert scale, Net Promoter Score and more.

WPForms also offers a range of unique fields and functions for your forms that TypeForm does not offer, including:

  • User Registration – Create custom WordPress user registration forms for eCommerce sites, membership sites, and forums.
  • Custom Captcha – Add Custom Questions and Maths Captcha.
  • Geolocation data: use geolocation data to find out more about your users.
  • Signature Addon – Allow users to sign your online forms with their mouse or touchscreen.
  • Form Abandonment Addon – Unlock more leads by making partial entries from your forms.

Winner: WPForms (Visit WPforms for 50% discount)

Ease of use: WPForms vs Type Form


With TypeForm it is fairly easy to create a survey or online form.

You can begin with one in all their pre-designed templates.                             

They have variety of templates designed for surveys and questionnaires, feedback, registrations, applications and a lot of.

To add your online form to your site, you must also copy and paste the code that TypeForm provides to the HTML code of your page so that you can see it, which can be a difficult task for beginners.


On the other hand, beginners will find that WPForms is very user-friendly. With WPForms you can easily create simple contact forms or even complicated conversations or surveys in minutes.

Changing your forms is easy with the drag and drop builder from WPForm. If you do not want a field, delete it with one click on a button.

You can easily add new fields by dragging them from the left to the right. You can also rearrange the form fields with the drag and drop functionality

What’s more, adding your form to your WordPress website is super easy with WPForms you don’t have to touch any code.

With just two clicks you can add your form to every page of your site or to a message on your site.

WPForms also comes with a widget that allows you to display your form in the sidebar, footer, or other widget areas of a website.

Winner: WPForms (Visit WPforms for 50% discount)

Prices: WPForms versus TypeForm

Type Form

TypeForm offers 3 different rate plans: Free, Pro and Pro +. With all plans, you can create unlimited forms.

But with the free subscription, you can only receive 100 answers per month and you can only add 10 questions to each form.

In addition, if you want to be able to remove the branding from TypeForm, you must select the most expensive Pro + subscription, which costs $ 59 per month.


WPForms offers 4 different rate plans: Basic, Plus, Pro and Elite. Their plans range from $ 39.50 a year to $ 299.50 a year.

Their prices are great for website owners who are just starting out and want access to powerful functions while still staying within budget.

In addition, even with the cheapest plan, you still have the ability to create and receive unlimited forms, smart conditional logic, advanced fields and more.

If you want to access robust features such as payment integration and conversation forms, you must choose the most popular plan, Pro, for $ 199.50 a year.

Winner: WPForms (Visit WPforms for 50% discount)

Support: WPForms vs Type Form


TypeForm offers a range of support for his or her users.

They offer a packed Help Center with documentation to help you create your form, integrate, share and embed your form, manage your account, and more.


WPForms offers a number of different options for their users to access support. So, regardless of your preference for finding solutions to your problems, WPForms has you covered.

You can access their support ticket system directly from your account and they usually respond to support requests 24 hours a week.

They also have a Documentation section that offers you tutorials in categories such as Getting Started, Functionality, Styling, Add-ons, Account Management and more.

WPForms also has a great, regularly updated blog full of tutorials, tips, and advice that often include step-by-step screenshots and video instructions.

Winner: WPForms (Visit WPforms for 50% discount)

Conclusion: WPForms vs TypeForm, which form builder is the best?

If you are looking for a plug-in with which you can easily create different forms for your websites, such as contact forms, registration forms, and surveys, WPForms is your best option. Start with WPForms today!

If you want to create a design-oriented form for your site or share it on social media, TypeForm is a great option.

But if you want a forms builder solution for your website or business with all the robust features you need, you have to choose their most expensive plan.

Make sure you determine what functions you need and what your budget is before you commit to TypeForm.

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