Exclusive WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2023 – 6 Months Free (20% OFF) + $999 Worth Free Gifts


WPEngine Black Friday Deal

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Looking for a WPEngine Black Friday Deal? If Yes, then you are at the right place. Black Friday/Cyber Monday is around the corner and everyone is looking for great deals. This is the best time to get the maximum discount on all products like web hosting, blogging themes, and plugins that are essential for each blogger and webmaster.

Special Offer

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  • If hosting is canceled under the money-back guarantee, then all the licenses will be revoked.
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Today, I am disclosing the exclusive discounts for WPEngine hosting, which are the maximum you can get at any time during the year.

If you are looking for passive income from your blog, then host your website on WPEngine Managed WordPress Hosting with a killer promo code for this Blacky Friday deal. Click the promo code (link given below) and save money.

So, finally, the WPEngine Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 discount deals have arrived. Here are the details of it:

  • Offer: 6 months free on any annual shared plan at WP Engine.
  • Coupon Code: NA
  • Restrictions: Offer valid for new customers purchasing any Startup, Growth, or Scale plan. Not valid for existing customers, upgrades, or any other product purchase.
  • Offer valid between November 22 and December 1, 2023
  • Click here to activate the Black Friday discount deal on WP Engine.

Note: This offer is, however, valid only for new customers and not for any existing customers or upgrade plans.

I have personally witnessed that WPEngine doesn’t take out much of a deal on its hosting plans. But this year they announced the massive Black Friday deal with 6 months free on any annual shared hosting plans.

So this is another reason to grab the deal before it ends. Make complete use of the WPEngine Black Friday deal, and this year host your website with WPEngine-managed WordPress hosting.

Why Shouldn’t You Miss the WPEngine Black Friday 2023 Deal?

Most people, while starting their first website, have this question in mind. Which web hosting should we use, or why should I host my website on WPEngine?

The answer is pretty simple. Whether you are starting your first website or migrating your existing website, the WPEngine should be your choice.

WPEngine is famously known for its dedicated WordPress hosting. If you are looking for a reliable, secure, and perfectly managed host to run your sites.

I have been a professional blogger since 2011 and a happy customer of WPEngine hosting. Yes, you heard it right. I have been using WPEngine for my client’s websites depending on the requirements.

As bloggers, we must concentrate on writing quality content for our websites, and the rest should be taken care of by the hosting providers. WPEngine is one such hosting provider, offering you fast, secure, reliable, and without downtime managed WordPress hosting for your website.

The guys at WPEngine were kind enough to give my blog readers 6 months of free hosting, and you shouldn’t miss this deal!

Even I look forward to the WPEngine Black Friday deal to buy their hosting. This is the maximum discount offered by WPEngine once every year during the Black Friday sale.

So don’t waste your time thinking about choosing another hosting provider. WPEngine is the best solution for you with 6 months of free hosting discount at this Black Friday deal.

You won’t have to pay anything extra to use the discount link mentioned here and I get a small commission if you grab their hosting using any of the links included here (at no extra cost to you!).

Enter coupon code:  CYBERWEEKEND22

How do I activate the WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2023?

Activating the WPEngine Black Friday deal with 6 months of free hosting on any shared plan is very simple. Here we have given the hassle-free step-by-step procedure to activate the deal for you.

1. Click here to Activate the deal

2. You will be redirected to the WPEngine Black Friday Deal page. The page will look like this.

WPEngine Black Friday Homepage

3. Click on the Get Started page, and you will be redirected to the page where you can apply the coupon code directly. The page will look similar to this.

WPEngine Black Friday Deal- Apply discount

4. Click on the “APPLY DISCOUNT” button, and the coupon code will be automatically applied. After clicking the button, scroll down to select the plan as per your website requirements.

WPEngine Black Friday deal Plans

5. The details of each plan are given on this page. Once you have selected the plan, click on the “GET STARTED” button, and you will be taken to the registration page.

6. Just enter your details, and you can even customize your hosting requirements.

7. Make the required payment for your hosting selection and say, “YOU ARE DONE!“.

You have successfully applied the WPEngine Black Friday deal with 6-month hosting discount on your order.

WPEngine Hosting: Quick Overview

If you still have doubts in mind about selecting WPEngine this Black Friday for your website, then let me give you some incredible reasons and facts to use WPEngine. These are the reasons that provoked me to use this hosting for my other money-making sites and also on my client sites.

Before we go ahead with the incredible features of the hosting, let’s first check out the WPEngine plans and what they are offering.

WPEngine Plans and Pricing

WP Engine offers four different hosting plans to match the requirements of your website. All the plans mostly differ with regard to the storage capacity and the number of monthly visitors. However, there are a few other features that are available with higher plans.

wpengine plans

You must go through the plans in detail so that you can select the best one for your blog. Of course, WPEngines allows you to upgrade your plan at any time during your subscription period. Let’s check out each of these plans one by one.

1. Startup Plan

This is the cheapest plan by WPEngine and is suitable for bloggers or small business websites. If you are planning to start your first blog, then this is the right plan for you. The startup plan is also used by developers for testing their websites.

The plan allows you to host only one website, comes with 10GB of SSD storage, and offers a free automated SSL certificate for your website.

They offer 50GB of monthly bandwidth and plan to support up to 25,000 visits per month. The GeoTarget as well as the WordPress Multisite option are not available out of the box but can be used as add-ons.

Also, custom SSL certificates are not available with the basic plan. This makes it a nonviable option for e-commerce website owners who want to use EV SSL.

In addition, it comes with a global CDN to speed up your website loading time, and you can also use a content performance addon to boost website performance.

As part of the WPEngine Black Friday deal, you will be saving $175 by getting 6 months free with an annual prepay option.

Click here to activate the discount deal on WP Engine (and get 6 months of free hosting)

Enter the coupon code:  NA

2. Growth Plan

The growth plan is designed for growing businesses. It is suitable for bloggers who run multiple blogs and for developers to host their client’s websites.

The plan is also recommended for e-commerce websites as it allows custom SSL certificates instead of Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates.

The WPEngine growth plan allows you to host up to five websites with 20GB of SSD storage and 200GB of bandwidth. It supports 100,000 monthly visits with WP Multisite support.

The plan comes with the global CDN and page performance add-on. Unlike the startup plan, it offers additional 24×7 phone support, apart from chat support.

As part of the WPEngine Black Friday offer, you’re saving $575 by getting 6 months free with an annual prepay.

Click here to activate the discount deal on WP Engine (and get 6 months of free hosting)

Enter coupon code:  NA

3. Scale Plan

The scale plan is the highest plan offered under shared hosting for websites having considerably higher traffic and supporting 400k monthly visits.

The plan allows you to host 15 websites with 30GB of local SSD storage and 400GB of monthly bandwidth.

As for the features, this plan offers the same features as the Growth Plan. So, unless you want to host more websites or get more traffic to your website, this offer does not add any value.

It is a great value plan and allows you to save $1450 with 6 months of free hosting as part of the WPEngine Black Friday Sale.

Click here to activate the discount deal on WP Engine (and get 6 months of free hosting)

Enter coupon code: NA

4. Custom Plan

The WPEngine custom plan is designed for a very high-traffic website or for agencies, such as the webmaster who handles more than 15 websites. The custom plans take things a notch higher and provide clusters of dedicated servers that are fully managed and configured to handle WordPress websites.

The plan can handle more than a million visits and host more than 25 websites. You can select a storage capacity ranging from 100GB to 1TB of SSD storage and a bandwidth of 500GB+.

The GeoTarget feature of WP Engine, as well as WP Multisite, is available for free with any custom plan. You also get the Content Performance feature of WP Engine for free.

Since the plan can be customized as per the customer’s needs, you can contact the WP Engine Sales team for pricing.

Click here to contact the sales team for pricing and discounts on WPEngine (and get 6 months of free hosting)

Reasons WP Engine Is Better Than Other Hosting

You must have already made up your mind to go ahead and grab 6 months of free hosting at this Black Friday sale to host your website with WPEngine. But if you are still hesitant, then let me tell you the top features of WPEngine hosting to help you decide.

1. Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

Whether you have coding knowledge or not, it doesn’t matter. WPengine offers fully managed WordPress hosting for your website. All you have to do is concentrate on content writing, and they will do the rest.

They even offer free website migration on request. The fast, reliable, and 99.9% uptime servers will never let your website go offline.

The WPEngine control panel allows one-click installation of WordPress and other management tools to manage your website.

2. Daily Backups, Security and Malware Scan

The security of the website is very important. Cheap hosting providers don’t actually take care of the security aspects. So your website tends to be compromised or hacked, and cheap hosting will cost you more than you have saved in money.

WPEngine hosting takes care of the complete security of your website. It offers daily backups, so you can get all your data back in case you lose all of it.

The hardened and well-configured firewall is there to protect your website from hackers. It runs malware scans regularly to keep your website files safe from intruders. All in all, WPEngine is a great choice for those who want to have a bulletproof WordPress site.

3. Free Genesis themes

Yes, you have heard it right. WPEngine is offering a free Genesis Framework and 35+ StudioPress themes as part of their hosting plans.

The Genesis Framework itself costs $59.95, and if you are planning to go with the Pro Plus package, it will cost you $499.95.

But with WPEngine Black Friday deals, you get it for free with any of the shared hosting plans.

Here is a win-win situation!

Genesis Framework and StudioPress offer you great WordPress themes to start your professional website. That means your search for a fast and reliable WordPress theme also ends here.

4. Super Fast Loading time

The loading time and uptime rate of WPEngine are great. The blazing-fast servers make your website load in a fraction of a second. WPEngine uses special tools like EverCache, SSL, and CDN to make sure your site loads blazing fast. We all know how important faster-loading websites are.

Google also prefers fast websites. It is observed that the website with less loading time ranks better compared to the websites hosted on a slow server. So this is an added bonus to your site if you are using WP Engine to run your sites.

WPEngine makes your site load lightning-fast and hence brings more traffic, more ranking, and more sales!

1-Click Restore is another feature where you can fully restore all the files while moving your site from one source to another or if you remove some of your contents unknowingly.

5. Especially Designed For WordPress Website

WPEngine is not like other hosting companies, where managed WordPress hosting is only a part of their hosting package portfolio. They are totally focused on and dedicated to WordPress hosting.

So, their servers are fine-tuned with a configuration that provides the best performance for WordPress websites. Also, their support team is trained to troubleshoot WordPress-specific queries.

6. SEO-Friendly Hosting

Every webmaster is looking for organic traffic for their websites. Organic traffic comes from search engines.

To be specific, we want the traffic from the Google search engine. But website ranking on the Google search engine depends on SEO factors. Web hosting plays an important role in these SEO factors.

Hosting your website on cheap and slow servers will often penalize you. With cheap or free hosting, you will often face downtime issues or slow loading times when you get more traffic or during peak traffic hours. All these things can result in a bad user experience, and Google will not reward you right even if you have engaging content.

This is where fully SEO-optimized and CDN hosting like WPEngine come into play. Their blazing-fast servers with 99.9% uptime will take care of your website loading speed even during peak traffic hours.

So just keep publishing your content and sit back and relax. WPEngine is there to handle everything for you.

So, what are you thinking? Why not give them a try at their hosting during this Black Friday time to save a lot of bucks? This is the best time to start a blog. Power your existing blog with nice hosting and resources so that you start profiting in business by the new year next year!

7. A free SSL Certificate

Another important factor in selecting WPEngine hosting during this Black Friday sale is a free SSL certificate. The SSL certificate on the website is very important; it not only provides security to the website but also makes users trust your website.

WPEngine is offering a free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate with their Startup plan, and with all other plans, you can get a custom SSL certificate.

Most hosting providers charge for the SSL certificate, but WPEngine is offering it for free.

8. Free Website Migration

If you are planning to migrate your website from another host to WP Engine, the WP Engine Automated Migration Plugin will make the transfer easier for you.

Just download the plugin from WordPress.org and install it on your website with the previous host. Follow the step-by-step procedure, and your website will get migrated to WPEngine servers quickly.

All you have to do is point nameservers from the previous host to WPEngine. Still, if you face any issues with migration, you can get help from the WPEngine customer support team.

9. Caching & CDN

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and caching are very important for any WordPress website. You have to pay a heavy monthly subscription for professional CDN and caching services.

But WPEngine comes with a global CDN and an in-house caching system called Evercacher, which speeds up your WordPress website.

So you save money and time by integrating third-party services with your website. WPEngine manages everything for you.

10. Reliable Customer Support

Reliable and knowledgeable customer support will help you resolve all your issues within fractions. I have personally dealt with their customer support many times, and they are really good.

The average response time is very short, and they don’t escalate matters to their admin; rather, they are knowledgeable enough to handle most of them themselves.

WPEngine offers 24×7 chat support under all their plans. But for the Growth and Scale plan, they offer 24×7 phone support along with chat support.

They also have ticket support, but I mostly prefer chat support.

So WPEngine’s reliable customer support also favors choosing their services for your website.

Final Call On Grabbing Your Discounts → Get Black Friday Discount on WPEngine (Miss this and you wait for the next year to start again!) Be sure to add the discount coupon code CYBERWEEKEND22 to get the benefits of the deal.

Final Verdict About WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2023

WPEngine is definitely the best-managed WordPress hosting. However, their prices are a little bit on the higher side as compared to other cheap managed WordPress hosting providers. But in the premium segment, they offer very affordable service.

So if you are looking for a premium managed WordPress hosting company, you should not miss out on this WP Engine Black Friday Deal.

The only time you can get huge savings is during Black Friday. So make sure to grab WPEngine hosting during Black Friday deals time so you can get 6 months of WPEngine hosting for free.

WP Engine is the #1 hosting choice for most WordPress experts because of its robustness. Its security options, firewalls, daily backups, one-click restore points, and CDN features make it unique from the rest of its competition.

Don’t Miss: WP Engine Cyber Monday Deal: Get maximum discount

However, if you are tight on budget and looking for cheaper hosting companies, then you must try the A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal.

For cloud-based managed WordPress solutions, you can also try CloudWays, which provides top-notch customer support at affordable prices, much cheaper than WPEngine. You can use CloudWay’s Black Friday coupons to get special discounts.

If you have selected WordPress hosting for your website then check out the List of Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals.

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