20 Best & Cheap WordPress Photographer Website Templates

Photographer website templates are a perfect way to run a website. First of all, they are customizable. So, you can express your creative talent and adjust the template to your needs.


WordPress photographer website templates
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Before we go ahead with best WordPress photographer website templates it is important to know Why is a good website important for a photographer? The answer, in fact, is quite obvious. A powerful website is beneficial for any professional, not only for photographers. It is one of the easiest ways to create a portfolio and showcase your works.

Customers who are surfing the Internet will notice a carefully-organized website. Definitely, tastes differ, so certain people will be attracted by certain webpages.

Knowing your target audience, you can create an impressive website that will appeal to your potential clients. An efficient photographer’s website can combine different functions.

Besides being an online portfolio, it can function as a platform for communication with people who can book meetings with you online.

Moreover, it can reflect your style and tastes, and it is really easy to create. You can launch a powerful photographer’s website with the help of WordPress web design themes in the twinkling of an eye.

Best WordPress Photographer Website Templates

Photographer website templates are a perfect way to run a website. First of all, they are customizable. So, you can express your creative talent and adjust the template to your needs. Secondly, the templates are responsive.

It means that they adjust to various browsers and screens. This ensures the fact that your website will look awesome on any device.

Thirdly, the templates don’t require coding skills. In other words, you don’t have to learn anything about creating web pages to launch your website.

In addition, your total spending on your website will be minimal with a website template. You don’t need to pay professional designers and developers for creating a unique website.

At the same time, you can customize your website template the way you find most appropriate. You can put emphasis on your photos, or provide a detailed description of your services.

Website templates will allow you to choose a suitable layout that will meet your requirements.
So, let’s have a look at a magnificent collection of website templates for photographers.

1. INTENSE Photographer Portfolio Website Template

INTENSE Photographer Portfolio Website Template
Details | Demo

Created in black-and-white colors, this template will ensure a magnificent look and an incredible functionality. Cities and people, weddings and love stories, fashion and beauty, travels and seasons can all be shown in stunning galleries.

The template has got a special About Me page that lets you present your personal information. You can include the most impressive facts about you, provide details about your achievements and awards.

Also, there is a page devoted to Services. Here, you can easily show the types of photographs and photo shoots that you work with.

You can indicate all the services that your clients will benefit from. When people follow links, they will be able to see the details of every project.

It’s up to you to decide how many details you want to provide your customers with. If you prefer, you can even show specifications of photographs, such as the type of camera it was shot with.

An important part of a website is a Contact Me form. It lets your visitors get in touch with you really quickly. Thus, you can ensure people that they’ll get a quick answer or help.

Social integration options that are included into the template will allow people to share your information with others.

Furthermore, if you have an office, you can indicate its address on the map. It will also help people to find you quickly and come to see you in person.

Speaking about technical characteristics, it has to be said that this template is Retina ready. It means that you can upload photos of the highest resolution, and it won’t influence the site’s efficiency.

In addition, the template features Parallax effect that enchants visitors the very second they start scrolling your website.

Choose from more than 450 ready-made HTML pages, 18 niche templates, and 9 extra skins to create your ideal website.

2. Photo Studio – Photo Portfolio Creative Website Template

Photo Studio
Details | Demo

This elegant website template will attract you with its stylish design and multitude of functions. You can opt for one of the 7 ready-made home pages which you find the most appropriate.

First of all, there is a Landing Page on which you can briefly demonstrate your services and information.

Secondly, it is possible to organize images in an impressive slideshow. Amazing animation effects are sure to attract visitors’ attention instantly.

Thirdly, you can present your homepage with the help of Full Slideshow and demonstrate your most charming works.

The fourth option for the home page is Carousel. It is suitable for showing pieces of work with the name of a category.

So, your visitors will understand that you work with wedding, nature, macro, sport, and style shooting, for instance. In case you find slideshows and carousels irritating, or you want your visitors to see only one image on your home page, you can opt for Static Image homepage.

Another charming option of this template is a Video homepage. As you can see, the variety of homepages can satisfy anyone.

Besides home pages, this template has got various About pages. Their aim is to provide visitors more information about you or your studio. You can describe and showcase your latest projects, news, upcoming events, and so on.

Without doubt, portfolios represent the most essential part of a photographer’s website. This template lets you create a striking portfolio in a number of ways.

Firstly, you can display your photos in albums, including your archives. Secondly, you can create galleries of different types.

They are carousel, grid, or a gallery with a sidebar in different positions. It is also easy to organize your galleries into categories.

If you want to run a blog, it is easy to do it with this template. The diversity of blog layouts lets you present information as lists, single posts, or archives.

In case you wish to display information about your prices on your website, there is a special Pricing page for this purpose. It will tell people about pricing plans and direct them to the page with more detailed information.

3. Olly – Advertising Agency Multipage HTML5 Website Template

Details | Demo 

Designed in light colors, this appealing template will suit different agencies, including creative studios, photographers, or advertising agencies. It includes a great variety of ready-made pages that will facilitate the process of website creation.

Firstly, About Me page is a perfect chance to present information that you want to share with the world. You can include your biography, present your latest projects, illustrate your services, showcase testimonials and video, provide your contact details and encourage people to sign up to your newsletter.

Secondly, the list of your services can be presented in more detail on a separate page.

Thirdly, you can create multiple pages devoted to single services. They will let your visitors find out specific information about each service.

If you have different price ranges for services, you can also include them here. Moreover, to inform people about data processing, you can create Privacy Policy page.

There are also some specific pages in this template. They are Coming Soon, Under Construction, 404 Page, and 503 Page. These pages will be useful for a quick launch of your website and for informing visitors about the pages you’re going to have.

As for the portfolio, it can be presented in a number of ways. You can choose Grid Gallery to showcase your images. Also, you can choose from other types of portfolios.

It is also possible to demonstrate single projects in the portfolio. Here, you can provide general information about this project, as well as indicate services and terms.

Gallery script of this template includes Accordion, Carousel, Isotope, and Grid. The attractiveness of the website is also achieved with the help of Parallax effect.

The template’s functionality allows you to create a blog on your website, too. You can present posts with the help of Sidebar Blog and as Single Blog Posts.

4. Kanter – Creative Responsive Minimalistic HTML Website Template

Details | Demo 

This stylish website template in dark colors with minimalistic design thinks about every detail that you will need. The variety of homepages is truly impressive.

Besides the default homepage, you can present your home page as various projects. Additionally, you can insert video on your home page.

Also, you may opt for displaying your home page as your portfolio leading visitors to different photo shootings, services, or projects.

The special About and Contact pages will let visitors find out more information and get in touch with you. The contact form is clear and simple to use.

Our Works page is of special importance in this template. It efficiently demonstrates your creations. You have an opportunity to add images or videos to illustrate your powerful work. You can include Youtube and Vimeo videos.

If you work as a part of the team, there is an attractive way to show information about your team members. Moreover, you can add your skills as a diagram to visualize information.

You can apply classic or masonry blog layouts, as well as show posts singly. If you wish, you can also include the Terms of Use page into your website. It will explain your visitors the conditions under which they can use your products.

All in all, in this template there are 47 pre-made pages for you to choose from. Impressive animation, clean design, effective touch sliders, and numerous icons will surely make your website visually appealing. Being Retina ready, your webpage can include photos of the highest quality.

You’ll also love experimenting with color schemes, because switching the palette is really easy.

So, this template will suit photographers, designers, creative agencies, and other people and organizations wishing to create a personal website. Besides, lifetime free updates will make your website up-to-date.

5. Brittany Pierce – Artist Portfolio Multipage HTML5 Website Template

Brittany Pierce
Details | Demo 

This light and colorful website template will be appropriate for photographers, photo studios, artists, artistic agencies, and other creative studios.

The home page of your website can feature your main services or works. If you wish, you can include the price range directly on the images. The slider will be efficient for demonstrating the variety of your works and services.

On the About Me page you may briefly present the most important information about yourself, as if depicting yourself with a brush stroke. You can also include a link to the page with more details. If your visitors wish to find out these details, they can always read more.

Additionally, you can include testimonials to make your biography look even more credible. For instance, if you have any mention in the press, you can post the issues on your website. Surely, you are free to add people’s opinions and references.

To tell others about your team, in case you have colleagues, or assistants, you can adjust the Team page. It will show your staff in a bright way. Also, there is a Team Member page on which you can provide detailed information about a team member.

You’ll be able not only to provide contact information about your personnel, but also to connect their pages to social media accounts.

When you are creating a gallery, this template will offer you to choose from Grid, Masonry, or Full-Width Grid options. You can add filters to facilitate people’s navigation and choice.

Moreover, your visitors will be able to use a search form to look for any information they are interested in. The search results will also be displayed in an effective way.

A specific feature of this template is its Specials page. You can use it to attract people and show your special offers and discounts.

6. Davis – Photographer Portfolio Multipage HTML5 Website Template

Details | Demo 

Being elegant and light-toned, this template will become an outstanding website for different photographers and photo studios.

You can combine your stirring profile with a convincing blog. As the template contain various pre-made pages, you can take advantage of them and create your website really fast.

First of all, the homepage of your website can impress visitors with a stunning image and direct them to your portfolio. You can display your portfolio in different layouts. They include Grid, Masonry, Modern, and Single Project layouts.

Secondly, there is a special page for services. Using typography and icons of various styles, you can adjust information blocks and describe your services.

Here, you can indicate your price ranges. However, there is a special Pricing page where you can give more details to visitors.

You can apply either a 4-column or a 3-column layout to describe your offers and pricing plans. In addition, with the help of a button your visitors will be able to order your services immediately.

If you are interested in sharing some useful advice or describing the secrets of your trade, a blog will come in useful. You can elicit information about the use of technology in photography, about the most appealing locations, about popular photography genres, and so on.

What’s more, an effective search form will let people find any necessary information. Likewise, you can arrange posts into categories and attach tags to your posts to help your clients look for other relevant pieces.

Additionally, a newsletter subscription form will ensure a constant connection between you and your customers.

Other exciting elements of this template will make your website look more structured and visually appealing. These elements are counters and sliders.

With the help of counters, it is really comfortable to show your achievements and results in numbers. You can impress your visitors with the amount of your photo shoots, years of experience, annual clients, and awards.

7. DarkInk – Tattoo Salon Multipage HTML5 Website Template


Details | Demo 

Created for the lovers of dark colors, this template will impress you with its style and multitude of functions. It will be especially appropriate for photographer studios, art studios, and tattoo salons.

The home page gives you an easy way to present information about yourself, your studio, or your salon. You may indicate your services briefly, and state your opening hours. To find any necessary information, there is a Search form at your visitors’ disposal.

To present your works to the best advantage, create stunning galleries. You can demonstrate photos in different ways, including a carousel with a smooth slider.

Additionally, people can switch on a slideshow and enjoy watching images moving on the screen. Thus, you can convince your visitors that you pay attention to the smallest details by posting your best pictures.

Moreover, your website’s style can be enhanced by a charming Parallax effect.

Surely, it is essential for people to find out your prices. You will easily cope with the task of displaying your prices with the help of the Pricing page. You can state what people are going to get for this price.

Another important feature of this template is an Appointment form. If you own a salon or a photo studio, your clients will appreciate this wonderful chance to make an appointment directly on your website.

Not only is the form clear for the customers, but it is also a source of detailed information for you.

The form asks your clients to provide information about themselves. Moreover, it is possible to ask people to select from several options.

So, they may choose a professional and a service that they would like to get, indicating the desired time and leaving any comments they wish.

Besides the booking form, you can add a Contact Form and a Newsletter Subscription. They will guarantee the fact that your customers will be informed all the time.

8. Susan Parker – Lovestory Photographer Multipage Website Template

Susan Parker
Details | Demo 

Delicate and fashionable, this template will be especially appropriate for wedding and love story photographers. It is an amazing opportunity to create a stunning portfolio that will help people to organize their special day and to remember all the details of the event.

The variety of pages that this template contains is truly grand. At first, you can let people see all the services that you provide. At this stage, you can show a short description, an image illustrating the service, and an approximate price.

Then, you can create separate pages for all services. A single service page aims at providing specific information that people require. You can illustrate services with images in a slideshow.

Creating a detailed portfolio is also as easy as abc with this template. Different gallery styles, i.e. Grid, Masonry, Fullwidth Gallery, will become powerful online photo albums. Your visitors will be able to choose an appropriate image category or to look through all the photos.

When people know the date of their event and want to have an appointment with you, they can use an efficient booking form.

You will see their date and a message they leave, so you can make a decision whether you are able to become a part of the event. So, the form is easy to use both for clients and for the photographers.

What is noticeable in this template is the great amount of elements that you can change and adjust. First of all, you can choose from 4 button sizes: super, large, default, or small size.

Secondly, you can find the most appropriate shapes of buttons.

Thirdly, you may combine buttons with more than 900 integrated icons and enhance them with a shadow effect.

Similarly, you can include other elements to make your website more visually attractive. They are progress bars, skill bars, and counters.

Also, various tables, tabs, and accordions are there to make your website look remarkable.

9. Moments – Photographer Portfolio Multipurpose Website Template

Details| Demo 

Being multipurpose, this template gives immense opportunities for different businesses to launch a striking efficient website. It features 8 different home page layouts for businesses.

So, you can choose a creative, classic, modern, or other variants depending on your preferences. Moreover, the template has got more than 30 ready-made pages that you can instantly adjust to your needs.

The page About Me is the first piece of information that people see when they get acquainted with your website. So, making this page convincing is really essential.

That is why this template gives you a possibility to present your achievements, certificates, awards, and so on to prove your status. What is more convincing, probably, is your best photos.

You are free to showcase them here, too. An efficient slider will facilitate this process and save the space greatly. No less important are testimonials, so you can post people’s words of gratitude here, too.

To showcase your works, you can arrange albums in different styles. They include Grid, masonry, and Fullwidth galleries. Categorizing your photos is also practical, because visitors will be able to find photos they are interested in comfortably.

To make your website look the way you wish, you’ll also find various layouts of headers and footers. Headers can come in minimal, full width, or sidebar styles. As for footers, there are centered and minimal ones to choose from.

Surely, various elements can improve the website’s functionality. These elements are buttons, forms, tables, progress bars, tabs and accordions.

For instance, tabs and accordions structure your information and make switching between categories more logical. As for accordions, they are also useful for presenting information in a concise way.

Appointment form that is a part of this template will be of use to those who are ready to discuss the details of their event with you.

10. Kelissa Smith – Photographer Portfolio Website Template

Kelissa Smith
Details | Demo 

This template will suit those who want to create an online portfolio really quickly. It is not overloaded with various pages, so you won’t spend much time editing your website.

The main emphasis of this template is the Gallery. You can sort your photos according to different categories. Your visitors will see an image relevant to this category and its name. After clicking on it, people will get to the image carousel.

It is possible to extend the pictures to have a better view of them. Also, your visitors will be able to switch on the slideshow and enjoy the constant flow of photos.

Providing information about yourself is also essential. So, there is an About Me page to do this. After a short introductory piece of information, you can write a more detailed text. A special page is also devoted to Services.

At first, you can enumerate your services, indicating only the most essential descriptions. After that, people will be able to read more about each service. It should be said that you can combine the titles of services with different icons to make them more attractive.

Your contact information is something that people will need, too. That is why there is a special page Contacts devoted to it. It is possible to indicate your address and mark it on Google maps. You can also state your telephone numbers, fax number, and email.

This website template features extensive social media integration options. Your clients will get an opportunity to share information via different social networks. The latter include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Vimeo, Youtube, and Pinterest.

At the same time, to protect your photos, you can write Privacy Policy. You’ll be able to state all the terms and conditions for the use of photos. The visual attraction of the website will be enhanced with a background image of your choice and pleasant animation.

11. Photohub – Creative Photography Website Template


Details | Demo 

Colorful and stylish, this website will make an unconventional website for a creative photographer, photo studio, or any other creative agency.

It includes various pre-made pages to build a website in a couple of moments. There are 9 home page versions that include one-page and multi-page demo. In total, there are 22 pages to choose from.

Although it has quite a minimalistic design, the template has got everything to present your company efficiently. You can add information about team members, if you work with colleagues.

Also, it is important to demonstrate your services. With appealing icons and varied typography it will become an easy matter. Moreover, you can emphasize your skills. Just add an impressive counter to showcase your achievements, awards, or other statistics.

As for the gallery, it can be arranged in a number of ways. There are Grid and Masonry photo galleries that can be supplemented with additional descriptions and details. The template also includes a possibility to present your pricing. With easy color management, you can adjust the palette to get your desired tints.

A simple contact form will guarantee an effective connection between your company and your clients. You can ask people to indicate their name, email, and leave a message to get in touch with you. Additionally, you can mark the location of your company on Google maps.

The template also includes an advanced side menu. It will definitely help you to arrange your content into clear categories and subcategories. All these features do not slow down the website. Vice versa, it will be characterized by high speed.

Furthermore, it is written in clean code, so you may adjust that as well. The code of the template was written with SEO in mind. It means that it has been already optimized for various search engines to ensure that your website appears on the top of search results.

12. Morgan – Artist Portfolio Multipage HTML5 Website Template


Details | Demo 

This amiable template is a magnificent chance for various artists, including photographers, to create an impressive website.

This template is multipage, and it contains over 30 ready-made HTML5 pages. Moreover, there is an enormous set of UI elements and blocks to work with. All of these will help you to launch your personalized website that meets your needs.

The page About Me is specially developed to present information about yourself or your company. You may share any facts that you wish. Additionally, you can upload a video on this page to let your visitors find out more about you or your works.

If you are a team, you may also present information about your staff effectively. You can post photos of your team members, state their name, and include a link to the page with more detailed information about this person.

What’s more, you can connect your team profiles to the team member accounts in social networks. It can be more interesting and convenient for those people who want to find out more about your team.

Moreover, when you have something to be proud of, and people confirm this, you can show Testimonials on your page. Include people’s names, comments and reviews, linking them to their profiles in social networks.

As for adjusting this template, there are numerous possibilities. You can experiment with typography, choosing necessary fonts and styles for headings. There are also blockquotes, ordered and unordered lists, icon lists, and other elements to make your text visually appealing.

In addition, you can insert horizontal and vertical tabs, as well as accordions to arrange information. Various progress bars, such as skill bars, counters, and countdown timer, are also available in this template.

Furthermore, you can experiment with tables and grids, as well as change the size and shapes of buttons.

13. Motafo – Minimal Portfolio Website Template


Details | Demo

Relevant for various creative professions, such as designers, developers, photographers, and so on, this template will become a powerful website.

You’ll impress your visitors without any trouble, starting with the home page. You can apply five different styles of home pages according to your preferences. In any case, your visitors will be charmed by alluring animation.

What is really impressive is the amount of Portfolio pages included into the template. You can create your portfolio in Masonry or Grid styles, adjusting the number of columns and the gutter.

urthermore, there are three different ways of presenting single projects. Here, you will be able to provide detailed information about your projects or the types of services you have. The project information can be placed in a chart where you can state necessary specifications, such as dates, skills, or links. Additionally, you can present related products or projects.

To stay in touch with your clients, you can create a Contact page. On this page, you can indicate your address, email, and phone numbers.

You can also include links to social network accounts. These can be accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. For a quick connection, you can give your customers a possibility to contact you via the Contact form.

This template also features a great variety of shortcodes with the help of which you can add and adjust accordions, buttons, breadcrumbs, service boxes, progress bars, and tabs. Breadcrumbs, for instance, will be especially useful for presenting your services in an engaging way.

Furthermore, you can organize information about your team members with breadcrumbs. They are also helpful for presenting details about your pricing details.

Running a blog can be achieved with this template, too. There are different styles of blog, as well as various types of content that you can post. It’s possible to add not only text posts, but also video and audio posts. Moreover, the navigation through the blog becomes clearer due to the tags.

14. Malia – Portfolio Multipurpose Modern Bootstrap Website Template


Details | Demo 

With this multipurpose template, you’ll get limitless opportunities for creating an efficient website. You’ll find 18 demo versions of pages in the total of 54 HTML files created in three different styles.

They include dark and light versions, a particle version enhanced by animation, a slideshow and a video page. You can really get charmed by these pages.

Furthermore, they will help you combine information about your company, services, projects, and other facts in the most appropriate way.

If you need to showcase information about your colleagues, use a special Team page. People will see your team members’ photographs with their names and get an opportunity to read about them in more details.

Social network integration is the guarantee that your customers will get acquainted with your team via their social accounts, if you prefer.

A stylish Pricing page is an effective way to show the price range for your services or products. Your information will look well-organized and clear. People will be able to compare different pricing plans effortlessly.

Your projects can be demonstrated in an inviting way with the help of the slideshow. When your visitors follow the link, they’ll get to another page with the detailed description of the project. So, it is possible to give both brief and full information about projects.

Similarly, you can choose various ways of presenting products. If you deal with online sales, your customers will be able to follow the link and purchase a desired item or service.

If staying up-to-date is important for your clients, they can get use of the efficient Newsletter subscription form. It is simple and clear, so subscribing to your emails will take people just a couple of seconds.

You can also give your visitors a possibility to contact you without subscribing to your emails. In this case, they’ll be able to write an email or send you a message.

15. Zephyrus – Creative HTML Portfolio Website Template


Details| Demo 

This smart and cheerful template has got a great amount of functions to create a powerful portfolio for creative people and agencies. You can show your creative talent starting with the homepage.

In fact, there are five different variants of home pages that can be adjusted to your needs. Firstly, the information of the home page can be presented in a carousel with large images.

You can definitely add the names of projects or services below the pictures. Secondly, you can organize your information with a multitude of images linking to different projects.

Animated images in this case will look really appealing when people click a necessary link. Thirdly, you can combine a slideshow with images in a grid. Fourthly, if you are sure that text descriptions will work effectively, you can add them to the images on your home page.

Single project page is the way to provide details about your projects or services. You can specify what kind of photographs you like making in each project to reveal your style to the audience.

When you are showing a special project, it will be also useful to indicate a category it belongs to, such as art and design, or weddings, as well as its date and client. In such a way your visitors will see how your vision changes with time or accommodates to different orders.

The Team page is essential for those who work as a team, such as photo studios, salons, photo printing offices, and so on. Showcase your team with the help of an image and a short piece of information.

Also, let people find out more about your staff by connecting your team members accounts to the profiles in social networks.

The Pricing page was developed for the easiness of demonstrating prices to people. As price ranges can differ significantly, organizing information with the help of this page will help your visitors visually.

They will be able to compare different plans without difficulty and choose the most appropriate one.

16. Corallo Studio – Photographer Portfolio Multipage Website Template

Corallo Studio

Details | Demo 

If you use this template for building your website, your visitors will be enchanted the very first moment they open your page. It includes an incredible Parallax effect that creates the sense of full immersion into the site. Of course, there are numerous other features to strike your customers with.

As it is very important for photographers to present their works in an effective way, this template includes different gallery types and portfolio styles to choose from. You may experiment with them to achieve the best possible combination.

So, you can display your photos as simple images. Here, you’ll get the possibility to add filters to images. Also, you can add information to images, providing vivid descriptions. Additionally, you can show your photos in full screen, so that customers will see the tiniest details of them.

Portfolio styles are varied, too. Besides Grid and Masonry styles, you can opt for albums. They are useful, as you can include only the name of the album, or also add information about the author, the number of photos and the date.

Besides, the template features a possibility to add videos. You can include simple videos with a title, or organize them in a gallery. It’s also possible to create slideshows that contain videos.

If you like emphasizing text with typography, there are various fonts and headings for you to choose from. You can add icons to lists to make them grab people’s attention.

Moreover, there is a huge set of UI elements and blocks that will help you structure your webpage effectively. There are different tabs, accordions, tables, forms, and progress bars.

To stay in touch with your customers, you can give your information and provide an effective contact form. You may ask people to indicate their name, email, phone, and a message for you.

17. Aerial – Wedding Photography Website Template


Details | Demo 

If you specialize in wedding photography, pay attention to this amazing light template. It will help you organize your projects and showcase your works to the best advantage.

First of all, the template includes 5 different styles of home pages. It is up to you to decide how many elements you want people to see on your home page and how much information you wish to provide instantly. You may have a full-width image and a brief presentation of your projects.

therwise, you can include some more details, such as information about services. It is also possible to make it clear what price ranges you offer by adding pricing plans on the home page. Furthermore, you can include video as a background. In short, the chances to attract people instantly are really immense.

Certainly, people will decide whether to choose your services by judging your works. That is why an efficient gallery is one of the keys to your success.

With this template, you’ll be able to arrange your photos in the gallery in an appealing way. People will get a possibility to enlarge image and view them with the help of a slider.

When you present all your services, you can combine them with icons and change typography to match your website’s style.

Moreover, when you work with others, it is important to let people see all team members. This template features a special page where you can tell others more about the staff. Surely, a good idea is to link this information to the accounts of your team members in various social networks.

The goal of the Pricing page is to highlight the differences in your pricing plans effectively. When your visitors see the information arranged carefully, they will understand clearly what they get for the money they pay.

Thus, including a pricing page is a sure way to find your clients who are ready to hire you as a professional.

18. Crayon – Creative Portfolio Website Template


Details | Demo 

Colorful and inventive, this template can be used as a personal portfolio of a photographer or any other artist. It has got a special About page on which you can introduce yourself to the world and present the most important information about yourself.

The Services page will help you organize your work and let others see what services they can get. Structuring this information is essential, especially when you provide a big amount of services.

As for the portfolio, you are free to choose from different types of arranging the content. Remember that adding your most successful images to your portfolio is a sure way to attract those clients who share your views and appreciate your style.

Furthermore, this template has got blog functionality. It means that you can spend your time and use the website’s space to tell the world more about your passion. You may include posts that will reveal your secrets of success.

Also, you may share advice with shy people who wish to have a photoshoot, but are self-conscious. You can give recommendations to people as for choosing the time of the photo shoot or finding appropriate clothes to create certain images, too. Of course, your experience can prompt you and give more ideas for your blog.

For those who have decided to get in touch with you there is a special Contacts page. You can give as much information as you like. Traditionally, you can state your phone number, email, and address. With the help of a clear form, your visitors will get a quick way to send you a message.

19. Eric – Responsive CV / Resume / Personal / Portfolio Website Template


Details | Demo 

This template is created in minimalist style, yet it can become a powerful tool for creating an online portfolio. It will be especially suitable for posting your resume.

So, young specialists who are looking for a job will definitely benefit from this template. They can present their works here, and attach a resume for potential employers.

You can easily present information about yourself directly on the site. For a photographer, for instance, the most important part of the website is a portfolio. It is possible to showcase your works to the best advantage.

In such a way, you may choose the most successful images that represent your style. You may also arrange photos and demonstrate your projects.

Moreover, with Timeline you can clearly show your education and experience growth. Thus, your professional development, milestones, and preferences will become clear to the visitors of the website.

Creating portfolio, moreover, is an important tool to mark your achievements or awards. Your professional reputation will be promoted in this way, too.

This template has been created with the use of the latest technologies (i.e. Bootstarp), so you can be sure of its functionality.

It is responsive, so your website will easily adjust to various screens and browsers. Your portfolio will look amazing on any device that people use to view it.

20. Jasmin Morris – Photographer Portfolio Responsive Website Template

Jasmin Morris

Details | Demo 

Bright and bold, this template will be an effective website that represents a photographer’s portfolio. You can catch your visitors’ attention with full-width photos and a link inviting them to see your galleries and projects.

Sure, the template has got About me page. Its purpose is to give detailed information about your professional biography.

It’s the place where you can boast of your awards and achievements. Also, you can indicate what kind of experience you have got, in which styles you prefer working, and what kind of vision you are ready to offer your customers.

Probably, you have cooperated with famous magazines or models, and you want to showcase this information, too.

If you work in different genres and styles, an effective organization of your works is a must. This template features a magnificent gallery that will give you a possibility to illustrate all your projects and successful works.

If you shoot weddings and love stories, but at the same time you provide images for fashion stores, you can easily arrange all your photos in the gallery.

Your customers will see the diversity of you images, and they will also be able to sort them. If people want, they can apply filters and have a look at those photos that they wish to see.

On a Single Project page, you may go into even more specific details. You may give the description of the project, state its date and expose professional information, such as types of cameras and lenses used.

The Services page will be beneficial to those who want to find out some facts about what they get when they hire you for a certain purpose.

As a way to communicate with your visitors and potential clients, fill in the Contacts page. It’s really easy to write your address, email, and phone numbers.

It is also possible to include a form of quick messaging to give people the possibility to get in touch with you in a couple of seconds.

Want more options to choose from? WordPress themes travel also great for creating a modern and professional photographer website.

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