What Web Developers Use For Tools


What Web Developers Use For Tools
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If you’re looking for a web developer, then you’ll need to look past the College Basketball picks. However, we’re not here to focus on web developers but rather on the tools they use to make the magic happen.

What is a web developer?

Having a clear understanding of what a web developer does. A web developer deals with creating and maintaining websites. A web developer is mainly responsible for the technical aspects of the website, such as performance and capacity. Performance and capacity both measure the speed and how much traffic the website can handle. In addition to their job, web developers can also create content for the website. 

Types of web developers

There are three different types of web developers. Below we take a deeper look at the three different types of web developers. 

Back-end web developer

The back-end developer is an expert meant to build and maintain mechanisms that will process certain data and perform certain actions on websites such as those that hold College basketball predictions. Back-end developers deal with the interactive part of the website. These interactive actions include doing things such as filling out live chat forms, making payments, or any other action that requires the user to interact with the website or app. 

Back-end web developers deal with tasks such as framework utilization, database management, building code, and troubleshooting and debugging web applications. It’s important to note that back-end web developers deal with the part of the website that users cannot see. 

Front-end developer

Front-end developers are meant to create websites and apps with the use of web languages such as Javascript, HTLM, and CSS. Front-end developers build elements in the website or app, such as images, navigation, animation, buttons, layout, and content organization. The main focus of a front-end developer is to ensure that the user has a flawless experience with all elements working as they should, even if all they are searching for are the college basketball picks today

Full-stack developer

A full-stack developer is an individual who is capable of completing both back-end and front-end tasks. Full-stack developers have various responsibilities, which include helping with the design and development of software, testing and debugging software, writing clean code, designing user interactions on the web, developing APIs and RESTful services, and many more. 

What’s the difference between full-stack, front-end, and back-end developers

Although there is a distinct difference between front-end and back-end developers, there is an overlap when it comes to the two, and that’s where a full-stack developer comes in. Below we take a look at the difference between all three forms of web development.

Front-end developers

  • Interface and user-facing systems
  • Development (visuals, navigation, and interface)
  • The main focus is on user experience
  • Focused mainly on aesthetics 

Back-end developers

  • Server and database of app or website
  • Uses PHP, Python, and Ruby
  • Stores information in a database
  • Creates a back frame

Full stack developers

  • Deal with overlap (Front and back-end developers)
  • Cross-discipline web development skills
  • Responsible for the overall experience

Tools used by web developers

Different web developers will have different tools that they use however, below is a general list of tools used by web developers.

  • Sublime text
  • Chrome developer tools
  • jQuery
  • GitHub
  • CodePen
  • Sass
  • AngularJS

Skills needed by web developers

If you’re looking to become a web developer, you’ll need certain skills. Below we take a look at the different skills needed by a web developer.

Computer literacy

Computer literacy is defined as the ability of one to use a computer and related technology efficiency. Computer literacy skills can range from elementary to advanced.

Interest in technology

To thrive as a web developer, you’ll need to take a keen interest in technology. New technology is constantly being released to the public, making it easier for you to fall behind and become outdated. Keeping up with new trends will keep you in the loop and updated.

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