10 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites in 2023 (Updated List)

List of updated best Torrent websites to download the latest movies, web series, games, apps, and more.


Best Torrent Search Engine Sites

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If you are close to the torrent ecosystem then you must be aware of the best torrent search engine sites. But those who are new must have heard the term torrent search engine for the first time when the FBI nabbed the operators of KAT.

Since torrent sites are banned in most countries officially or by ISP providers, most of the torrent sites started calling themselves torrent search engines. Torrent search engines are a website that does not host torrent file directly on their server but helps you to search for torrents from other websites.

You can directly enter the name of the torrent you want to download and these torrent search engine websites will show you tons of results from other websites. You can select the best-suited torrent for you and download it.

So, you can add torrent search engines to your list. But before moving ahead, we already have other attention-seeking lists that you might want to see in your free time:

Best Torrent Search Engine

Below you will witness the list of the best torrent search engines which are functional. You can download your latest movies, web series, games, apps, and more from these torrent engines.

1. Torrentz2 (Not Working)


Torrentz2 is the clone or the alternative of the now-offline site torrentz. From the time when torrentz search engine closed, torrentz2 came into existence. Even the torrent site pitches itself as a clone or replacement of the defunct site.

The torrent search engine features the same interface and it’s also available in the onion version for users who want to access it over Tor. The torrentz2 search engine only provides the search bar to find your favorite torrents from the index of over 62 million torrents sourced from 90+ torrent sites.

The torrentz2 has a user-friendly interface but the only annoying thing is the popup ads that get triggered whenever you click on any link on the website. Torrentz2 is among the best torrent search engine sites.

2. Torrents.io


This is the most popular meta torrent search engine site. The website is very different from any other BitTorrent-related site. The homepage of torrents.me features an extensive list of torrents from various websites.

It also displays the search trends for popular queries made by the users. The website does not display any annoying pop-ups and has a clean and easy-to-use interface. As you scroll down, you can find torrent sites divided into different categories.

Torrents.io also provides you a list of 600 torrent sites and invite-only trackers, ranked by rating and traffic numbers, which gives some orientation into the torrent site jungle.

Visit Torrents.io

3. Toorgle


The next name in the list of the best torrent search engine is google inspired by Toorgle. Just like Torrentz2 it also features only the torrent search bar on the homepage.

The overall view of the website looks outdated, but it makes the website lightweight and makes it capable to load even on slower internet connections.

Once to type the search query over the Toorgle torrent search engine, it crawls over the 450 torrent sites to find the best result for you. You can check out the torrent file as per your requirement and download it.

The website is blocked in most countries by the service providers. But you can use any of the proxy sites from the list to access the website.

Visit Toorgle

4. Veoble


The Black search engine website is among the most powerful torrent search engine sites on the internet. It is quickly gaining popularity among users.

Using the custom Google Search, Veoble provides torrent search and image search options to the users. After firing up a query, the results can be narrowed down on the basis of torrent sites, language, etc.

It also gives you the option of making veoble your search engine to fire any query over the internet. Veoble is an all-in-one search engine powered by Google Custom Search. It uses a black background to lessen the brightness of your screen and prevent eye strain.

Visit Veoble

5. TorrentSeeker


TorrentSeeker is again a robust torrent search engine that also uses google custom search to show the results from 100+ torrent sites.

Its simple-to-use interface makes the torrent search process easier than ever. However, the great looks and feels are only limited to the homepage. The results page isn’t that pleasing. Anyway, it does what it does, its job of finding the torrents users want.

It gives you the best results from the various torrent sites as a result of your fired query. The torrent search engine is popular among torrent lovers.

Visit TorrentSeeker

6. Xtorx


While searching for the best torrent search engines over the internet, I could find another great torrent search engine that exists by the name of Xtorx. Xtorx also features just a search bar on its homepage.

The search engine is fast and displays the results within no time. But the sad part about the Xtorx torrent search engine is that it does not provide any way to filter your search result.

Xtorx provides search URLs for other torrent sites. That means clicking any of the results would open a new search on another torrent site.

Visit Xtorx

7. Get-Torrentz (Not Working)


It’s a very popular website that has many former names. Starting from New Torrents, then HotTorrentz, and now Get-Torrentz. Once you search for torrent in the website search bar, a list of results will pop up in front of you.

Last year the website got re-designed and the sad part is that it is not optimized according to mobile devices. But the search result of the torrents also provides you details of the seeder and leecher ratio or even file size.

8. Zoogle (Not Working)


Zoogle is again a good torrent search engine and gaining popularity very fast. The homepage of Zoogle is not like the homepage of traditional torrent search engines like Torrentz2. the homepage is having a small search bar and the rest of the page is filled with images.

Apart from the search bar, the homepage displays the most popular Movies and TV shows. The user can create an account and subscribe to the RSS feed of Zoogle.

The website great source for downloading the latest movies, games, music, and TV torrents. The sad part of the website is that it displays unwanted pop-up ads on every click thus making a bad user experience.

9. BTDB (Not Working)


BTDB is also known as the BitTorrent search engine or BitTorrent Data Base. The homepage of the website is like the traditional torrent search engine having only the search bar.

They are currently indexing 128M+ torrents. Once the search query is fired it searches tons of websites over the internet to get the best result.

You can select the torrent file as per requirements and even you can download the file with the help of magnet links too. While performing a search for torrents you can apply filters such as relevance, size, add time, and even popularity if you want.

This search engine also allows you to see the rating for different torrents which surely helps you in making decisions pretty well.

10. AIO Search


The concept of the AIO torrent search engine is great. It is not like the normal torrent search engine where the user doesn’t have control of the search result.

In an AIO search user can select the list of torrent sites from which he wanted the results to be displayed. The torrent search engine will display the result from the torrent sites which are checked and will omit the other torrent sites.

Thus the user has full control over the search result. It is also worth noting that AIO Search isn’t only used when searching for torrents. You can also use it to search for images, videos, subtitles, and even streaming websites as well.

Visit AIO Search

Wrapping Up Torrent Search Engine Sites

We have seen the list of best torrent search engine sites to download your favorite torrent. All the torrent search engines mentioned above are among the most popular sites.

If you have come across any other torrent search engine sites then do let us know through the comment section of our website. We will update the torrent search engine list accordingly.

We always recommend you use VPN or Torrent Proxy sites to access any of the torrent websites to protect your privacy.

The torrent search engine site list and links are regularly updated in this article. We recommend you kindly bookmark the website for future reference.

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