How To Access Tamilrockers When It Is Blocked By ISP Provider (Guide)


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With the release of Rajnikant and Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0, Chennai High Court ordered to shut down the most famous piracy website Tamilrockers.

In fact, I have my self tried to find the latest URL of Tamilrockers, but their latest URL was also blocked by ISP providers as soon as it was functional.

Everyone is looking for various tricks to access Tamilrockers website for downloading movies.

I have the easiest way to access Tamilrockers even if it is blocked by ISP providers. You will find Tamilrockers 2018 is regularly migrating from one domain name to another to keep providing their services.

As soon as their previous domain name is blocked, you’ll access Tamilrockers on a different domain name. In my last article, I have been updating the latest Tamilrockers domain name on which it can be accessed.

But today I will be telling you a simple trick to access Tamilrockers even if it is blocked by your ISP provider or it is inaccessible.

How to Access Tamilrockers?

To access Tamilrockers you have to make use of VPN or proxy services. You can use free proxy service such as Kproxy but I will recommend you to use paid proxy services to protect your privacy.

Just go to the proxy service and enter the latest Tamilrockers domain name which you have accessed and is currently blocked by ISP providers.

If you don’t remember one then you can find the latest Tamilrockers domain name from here.

Once you have found out the latest blocked domain name of Tamilrockers, just follow the simple procedure given below to access the website and know the latest Tamilrockers domain name.

Step by step procedure to access Tamilrockers with screenshots:

1. Open free proxy service such as


2. Enter the latest Tamirockers URL from the above link into the search bar.


3. Find the latest Tamilrockers link on the search bar for direct access or you can directly download the movies from the proxy server.


4. Click on the movie you want to download and you can download movie either by torrents or direct download link.


Remember, the latest Tamilrockers link URL provided above is updated regularly. You can directly access the Tamilrockers website for downloading the movie from the website link given in the post.

If in case the link provided into the post is not working then you can access Tamilrockers website by this method.

But we will recommend you to always use paid proxy service for accessing the Tamilrockers and torrent websites to protect your privacy.

How to Download Movie From Tamilrockers?

Tamilrockers offers movie downloading by two methods, direct movie download and another one is downloading from the torrent.

Downloading the movie from the direct download links provided on the Tamilrockers website is pretty easy and all you have to do is to just click on the link and go to the third party website where the movie is uploaded and click on the download link.

The direct download method is recommended for users who are having a good internet speed without any disturbance or timeout.

If the internet speed is slow then the downloading will be slow and if the internet gets disconnected in between then you might have to start the movie downloading from the beginning.

Another method is downloading movies from Tamilrockers website with torrents. This method is recommended for all the users and even for slow internet speed.

The movie downloading depends on the number of peers and if you are downloading any new movie then you don’t have to worry about that.

You can easily download the movie with torrent by using any free torrent client. If you still have doubt you can go through our step by step guide for downloading the movie via utorrent.

Tamilrockers Alternative

If you are a huge fan of Tamilrockers then this is the best article which will help you access the latest Tamilrockers URL even if it is blocked by the ISP providers.

In case you have not found your favorite movie on the Tamilrockers then you can try to download the movies from the list of best alternative website to Tamilrockers.

The best Tamilrockers Alternative websites for downloading movies will help you download your favorite movies just like Tamilrockers.

Final Words

In this article, we have shown you the best trick to access the Tamilrockers website even if it is blocked by the ISP providers.

You can access the Tamlrockers website directly from the latest links provided on the website or you can use the proxy services to access the Tamilrockers website.

If in case you face any problem in accessing the Tamilrockers website then leave us a comment on this article and we will update the article accordingly to provide you with the full access to the website.

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