How To Redirect Reader’s Attention With Comment Redirect


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How To Redirect Attention Of Users With Comment Redirect
Munish Siwatch

Munish Siwatch

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Often you want to redirect the attention of the user to a specific page of your website after completing a said task. This page can contain special notes, offers, recent deals, and product details. This page also comes in handy while redirecting your users to pages containing special deals on your website and even downloads you are offering to your user for your product.

If pages are redirected to the deals pages offering special deals for users, it can even fetch you some extra money with affiliate marketing. The comment redirects WordPress plugin will redirect the attention of your users to the specific page of your own interest.

This plugin redirects your first-time commentators to a WordPress page of your choice. This is an excellent plugin to use if you want to thank your first-time commentators. You can send them to a page where you have written some kind words for them. See the demo redirect thank you page.


Most blogger uses pop-up ads or sends emails to the users about the promotion of their website deals and products. But they can sometimes be annoying to the user and the user may lose interest in reading the article from your website. So redirecting the user after reading the full article can help him gain attention to your redirected page and will engage the user for some time. As mentioned above it can help to increase the revenue of your website.

To use this plugin, you must create a page. Then download the plugin and activate it. Use the settings to select which page you want the users to redirect to. And you are good to go.


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