Pros and Cons of Online Employee Training


Pros and Cons of Online Employee Training
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People are an essential resource of any company, and allow you to achieve your goals. The team’s professionalism directly affects the company’s growth and development. Employee training is highly important and online training has more benefits for employees. The strategy of ‘growing an employee within the company brings the best results. Thanks to this, qualified employees can make independent decisions for the benefit of the best LMS.

How to tailor online training to your business

We have put together a few essential tips for you on what the online worker movement should look like:

  • Interactive format

Online training is very different from the offline format. Without personal motivation and self-discipline, an employee cannot complete the course and acquire the skills necessary for the job. How to help them? Only conduct lectures live and do not send recorded materials to colleagues. 

The second solution is to conduct training in an interactive format. Add gamification or unusual ways of engaging to help keep your employees focused on other things while they improve their skills.

  • Systematic and gradual

In many companies, training is situational: a problem has arisen and it is urgent to find a suitable online course and send employees there. However, such an approach is unlikely to show results.

An employee competency map will help: think about what the person in each position should be able to know and what skills they need to acquire. You can even create a complete checklist to guide you when choosing employee training.

Benefits of Online Training

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Distance learning should be perceived as a ‘building block’ in the education system. Then its advantages will be as useful as possible, and its disadvantages will be smoothed out.

Easy accessibility

Employees can theoretically undertake online training from any convenient place: the kitchen or the summerhouse, at a party, or in the attic. Indeed, you don’t need a lot of space just to use a laptop and a notebook, and a pen.

Addresses all skill levels

Such training allows you to fully immerse yourself in the educational environment and improve your skills without interrupting the work process.

Reduces learning time for your employees

Reduces the time your workers have to spend studying. The time an employee spends starting and finishing training sessions, traveling, taking breaks and meals, and teaching a group rather than an individual can be reduced with e-learning for employees.

Scalable for any number of employees 

Speaking of learning on the go, one of the most significant benefits of workplace e-learning is that it is unrestricted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to an increasingly international and tiny workforce.

Your employees can access training whenever they have the time and opportunity, no matter where they are.

Maintains employee productivity

Online training using gamification, videos, and other interactive content can greatly increase your employee organization and learning retention speeds.

Financial savings

Once received, the course will remain in the company and may be in the Republic for the training of all current and expected employees. To a large extent, the expected cost of the rate ‘per availability’ is assumed to be used.

Disadvantages of Online Training


Of course, this format has shortcomings and negative aspects, which today are primarily caused by a flaw in the mechanism, a spontaneous transition ‘in haste’. Among the negative aspects:

Less face-to-face interaction

Some employees may feel lost in online learning when they have no one to turn to. Numerous employees need to ask questions during training to understand fully. With online learning, this is not always immediately available. While online communication allows employees to ask questions, they may not get an immediate response to their problems.

Poor-quality training can result in poor-quality work

Teachers need to understand how to use digital learning methods for online training management. However, this does not always happen. Teachers may not be tech-savvy and may not have the necessary resources and technology to deliver online classes.

Technological limitations

Not all businesses are equipped with the necessary technology to conduct online learning. A lack of budget can make it challenging to introduce new training programs, and some companies may find it easier to stick to traditional methods. 

Monitoring of instructor quality 

If you permit your employees to select courses, you will need a measure to evaluate the quality of the teachers. Outsourcing your learning system means that you will have less influence on how the system is delivered.

Lack of hands-on learning

One of the limitations of online learning is that not every topic can be conceptualized.

Kills team spirit

In many cases, training takes place individually, and each employee is focused on themselves and forgets about the team spirit.

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  1. If you allow your employees to choose classes, you’ll need a way to assess the quality of the professors.

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