How To Increase Page Views Per Visit On Your Blog? (15 Awesome Hacks)


How To Increase Page Views Per Visit

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Bounce rate on your website will adversely affect the SEO of your website. But the important question is How to increase the page views per visit on your blog to reduce the bounce rate.

It is important to write better and more engaging content on your website. The original and detailed content on your website will help you reduce the bounce rate.

But apart from writing good contents, there are few other things that need to keep in mind for increasing the page views per visit on your website.

Most of the users just visit the landing page from the search engine or a social network and go back from the site without visiting any other page it causes to increase in bounce rate.

So you must have to install Google Analytics plugin on your site to know page views of your different web pages, it will also help you to get stats of bounce rate.

How To Increase Page Views Per Visit?

We have listed here the most important factors that need to be considered while writing an article to reduce the overall bounce rate on your website.

1. Interlink Your Posts

Interlinking is the process to put your website’s other pages link in a new blog post. Interlinking is one of the easiest ways to increase pages views of your website, it requires simply put the most relevant link on a keyword or phrase that you have written before.

For example, you can see some links in this article and visit those internal but relevant pages to get more information.

See More: Best WordPress Plugins for Internal Linking

2. Show Related Posts

If you don’t have a similar phrase or keyword but want to put one of your useful available articles on your site you must have to use some relevant phrases or short titles along with words like “see more” or “read more” during or after the paragraph.

People don’t know what else is inserting available on your website so you have to tell them by using some relevant phrases to our previously published articles.

3. Show Excerpts on Front Pages

Once again it is necessary to let the people know what else is on your site, it will draw them on other pages of your site and spend more time while reading other posts.

Showing excerpts, help you to decrease your site loading time and tell the visitors what is inside the title.

4. Splitting Long Pages/Posts

If you have thousands of words to write in an article you can split your posts into multiple pages will help you to increase page views. You can use words like <!–nextpage–> and link the relevant post under the text.

However, while following this tip you have to make sure that you have sufficient content to display on each page.

5. Interactive Sidebar

A sidebar full of related posts, popular posts, recent posts, and categories will help you to attractive visitor’s attention to other pages of your website that will simply increase the page views of your website.

6. Adding Relevant Videos

Yes adding relevant videos on your blog post will definitely engage the readers. If you have not made the video then you could search some relevant videos over the internet and put it in your post.

The video should be related to the topic and should give some more knowledge towards the article.

7. Showing Popular Posts At Sidebar

Basically, popular posts are the best content of your BLOG. Right?? So, to keep it fresh and evergreen you should show them to your BLOG’s visitors. Moreover, if you have a niche blog, your popular posts will be the best bet to keep your visitor stick to your blog for longer.

You can use an internal linking technique which I mentioned in the first point, to further keep readers on your Blog for the longer period.

8. Increase Blog Speed

Everyone hates slow website. For anyone visiting your website with a slow internet connection will be a nightmare for him. Improving your blog speed so that it can be accessible with slow speed internet connection also.

If your webpage is taking more time for loading then the visitor will not like to toggle between the pages and rather close your website to increase the bounce rate.

Recently I have moved my blog from shared hosting to VPS hosting for this reason. But if you are a beginner then go for shared hosting. A fully SEO optimized shared hosting will be best suited for you.

9. Tweak Your Blog Design

This technique is evergreen as everybody loves BLOGS, which have a good design, and you can always try to experiment with your BLOG’s design.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make a big difference. With a better BLOG design, your visitors will tend to stay more on your BLOG and will increase pageviews of your BLOG. Here are a few articles, which will help you to get a good design for your blog:

10. Optimize your site’s content

The number of page views that your site registers are entirely dependent on how your site’s pages are formatted. This entails the inclusion of the right keywords that have the potential of generating traffic. Conversely, formatting of the title tags and headers is also paramount.

Landing pages should have long tail keywords to increase their chances of being located through organic searches.

11. Add a sitemap

Online readers are 50 percent less patient in comparison to print leaders. They are less likely to peruse through your bulky website searching for a piece of specific information. That’s why you need to add a sitemap to guide your visitors. Basically, a sitemap acts as the index of your website.

They increase your site’s usability and visibility online.

12. Include Search Box

Many visitors would like to search for some additional content on your website. If in case your website is not having any search box then it will be difficult for readers to seel all your blog post and filly he will move to search engine with his query.

Search boxes noticeably increase page views as users can navigate to specific topics of interest conveniently.

13. Include a freebie page

Do you have several eBooks you can offer to your readers for free? If so, you can increase page views by rewarding any visitors who sign up for such free resources. The seemingly simple process of a customer signing up for an email has a great impact on your site’s page views.

14. Adding Info Bars

Yes adding info bar about the special offer on your website or any content can engage the user. If the user find is attractive he will definitely visit that page and thus reduces the bounce rate on your website.

In some case, even subscriber pop box also works. Remember popup content should not be more than once per visit, as it will irritate the user and he might leave your website. If the user clicks the close button of the popup box then that box should not appear again when he is visiting any interlinked article.

15. Make Your Site Easy to Interact With

Encourage discussions in comment threads. If your site develops a lively interactive community, site visitors will want to return often to see what others are saying.

Final Words About Increase Page Views Per Visit

While following above shared steps you will see an increase in pages views of your website that will surely decrease your site bounce rate, which means the search engines will give you more value and more value means more visitors that converts into more revenue.

If you feel any of the points is left out and not covered into the article then do let us know by leaving a comment on this article. We will be happy to add it into the article for our readers.

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