How To Host a Successful Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) Session (Updated)


How To Host a Successful Reddit AMA

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You have probably had thoughts about posting some AMA content on Reddit, right? 

«I am open to your questions!», — it is not as straightforward as you think. A body of your AMA strategy is knowing what you want to talk about.

Ask me anything sounds like a really open-ended concept, but it’s better to suit your audience. Here are a couple ways to find the right subreddit for your AMA.

1. You can search Reddit for AMA requests.

If you can line your AMA up with what someone has requested, you are in the right way for a successful AMA.

2. You can search for a community related to your topic.

These are a few ways to find subreddits:

  • Google “Reddit” plus the topic you are interested in.
  • Look for related subs listed in the sidebar of subreddits.
  • Find related subreddits mentioned in comments of posts.

Tip: First, make sure that AMAs are hosted there.

Scheduling the AMA

The next step is to rely on the moderators of that sub and tell them that you are going to do some AMA here and want to get their approval.

When you have the supporting moderators, you have more chances for successful AMA hosting and fewer chances of the AMA being removed halfway through.

Adding to that, starting the conversation with moderators is a thought-out opportunity to take yourself to attention and get the support of the most influential members of the community. It always helps to be on the good side of the influential.

With the blessing of the moderators, you can schedule a time. Use the tool Reddit for Later to see what time of day gets the post voting activity on individual subreddits.

When you find a community where your AMA topic is a good fit, you have found a qualified and interested audience for your public discussion.

But if you want to grab more readers’ attention, just having a good plan will not be enough. The r/lAMA subreddit is huge with over 17 million subscribers. And if you are not a famous politician, artist, or Reddit’s favorite child it would be kind of difficult to reach the TOP and get popularity. But here is one tip: you can buy Reddit upvotes. It’s quite simple — the more upvotes, the more people will notice your post and the closer the cherished star fever.

Finally, here are some dos and don’ts to help you navigate an AMA and keep the crowd on your side:

  • Don’t be defensive. Make sure you are not turning your account into a spammy environment. Don’t ignore negative comments — hard or easy, answer the questions thrown there.
  • Do joke, be friendly and show good humor, but don’t be offensive. Sign off the post and thank Reddit when you are ending the AMA.

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