A Beginner’s Guide On How To Design A Website Using WordPress


How To Design A Website Using WordPress
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As an inexperienced web designer looking to set up a website without needing expert or professional assistance, building your website from scratch can feel overwhelming, daunting, and intimidating. Whether you’re looking to publish NCAAF schedule content or intend on establishing a personal blog, you can build a website from start to finish in just a few simple steps. 

WordPress is free and highly reputable open-source software for helping beginner and expert web designers launch websites that feature plugin architecture and various template systems. For the perfect guide on how to go about designing a website through WordPress for all ages and skill levels, you can continue reading for more. 

Steps To Building A Website

Powering close to 43% of all websites published on the internet, WordPress is a popular website platform that only requires three things to get you started. These three things are:

  • A domain name
  • WordPress hosting
  • Roughly 45 minutes of uninterrupted time

Website Setup

With WordPress, you have thousands of add-ons and designs right at your disposal to help you create the website that you’re looking for. You can download this free and put together any kind of content without worrying about restrictions and limitations. 

By arranging your own web hosting provider and custom domain name, you can use WordPress for free. The domain name is the URL address visitors will type in their browsers whenever they want to visit your site. On the other hand, web hosting is considered the website’s “home.” The web host is where you’ll store all your website’s content and files. By organizing these two things, you’re well on your way to beginning the process of setting up your website.

Install WordPress

You can download and install WordPress in just a few easy steps by simply requesting your browser to lead you to a credible site that will offer a WordPress link. You don’t need any technical experience to do this. Once you’ve successfully set this up, you can begin customizing your website by choosing your template of choice and creating new pages. 

Choose A Theme

How your site appears to the public will be controlled by your WordPress theme of choice. Behind each theme, you have all these specially designed templates that professionals have put together. Here, you’ll simply select a theme to install on your website and change its appearance and details according to your services and requirements. 

Add Your Content

As you work with WordPress, you’ll find two default content types: posts and pages. With posts, these content types relate to blogging functionalities and will appear to you in reverse-chronological order. On the other hand, you have pages that are static type content pages titled:

  • About
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policies
  • Your custom landing page

You can add content according to the service you’re offering and then create separate pages to suit what you intend on publishing. Not everything has to be perfect from the onset. By covering the basics, you can always edit and update your content and website with time. 

Customize And Tweak Your Website

After creating some content for your website, you can move on to customizing everything, so it all comes together in a neat and presentable layout. You can do this by doing the following:

  • Setting up a standard static front page
  • Changing the site’s title and tagline
  • Setting up settings for comments
  • Creating navigation menus

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