How to Choose The Best WiFi Router for Your Home?


How to Choose The Best WiFi Router for Your Home

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Normally, when we need to buy a router, we just go to the shop and ask a seller for help. Since not all sellers are willing to give us useful advice, it is suggested you choose your router. Here are things you should know to choose a suitable one for your family.

Different Standards of a WiFi Router

There is a standard of each wifi which is different from others. It could be IEEE802.11a or IEE802.11b, for instance. We call it standard, but it does not necessarily mean that the standard can apply to all periods. In fact, each standard is just for a certain stage.

This is thanks to the fast pace of technological development, leaving the old standards incompatible with the modern model of a wifi router. Different brands of routers will have their own standards. How to access routers of different brands? Visit to know more.

modern wifi routers
Modern wifi routers give good experience using wifi. Source:

If you want the best performance of the routers, it is advised to use the latest version of the standards. The old ones, of course, still can work, but updating the modern ones will give you a better experience using wifi.

The latest version of wifi routers has the standard of IEEE802.11ac. With an extra high speed of data transferring that exceeds the 600Mbp limit, it will allow you to enjoy high-speed data experience.

The Wired Connectivity of a WiFi Router

The most common way to connect a router to an Internet source is through Ethernet. However, there are also several different ways to do so, including through broadband, a USB with Internet data. So, an arising question is how to select a wifi router? The first thing to do is to determine the Internet source used at your house, whether it is Ethernet, broadband or USB.

If you have an Ethernet, choose a wifi router with more than one switch for Ethernet for later arising demand. If it is broadband, the wifi router must meet several requirements of a broadband device. And as for a USB, the wifi router must have USB ports.

If your house is small, maybe using a USB with Internet Data is a wise choice because it is much more simple and convenient than other methods. Many modern router models equipped with USB ports are available in the market so that you can make a choice.

In addition, when choosing a wifi router, don’t just look for a cheap one because each router has its speed rate limit. The cheap one, of course, has lower speed than the expensive one. Take Ethernet as an example, while the data transferring speed in the cheap router is about 100Mbps, the speed of a modern one can reach 1Gps.

Choose the antenna

External antenna routers
External antenna routers offer a stronger signal. Source: Wandering Lilies

The antenna of the wifi router is a must when choosing a suitable router for home-usage. The reason is that it could determine the speed of data transferring of your network. If the signal from the antenna is strong, the data transferring is quick and you can enjoy better network service.

When classifying wifi router in terms of an antenna, there are two types of the router: the one with internal antenna and the one with an external antenna. The external antenna allows you to change the direction to the area where you want the wifi to be strongest.

This is also the advantage that the external antenna router has over the internal antenna router. Moreover, as it is an external antenna, the signal is stronger than the other.

However, when it comes to space sufficient, the internal antenna router is more portable and convenient. You should consider your demand and situation carefully before choosing the wifi router.

Wifi Frequency Bands

Normally, a wifi router has two frequency bands, including 5GHz and 2.4GHz. These two frequency bands are the standard which is applied to the wifi router globally. Some wifi routers have two different radios, facilitating users when using the network. Each radio offers a separate network.

If there are not too many devices connected to wifi in your house, there is no need to care about these radios. However, in case there are massive wifi users, it is needed to divide and arrange users into each band. The division and arrangement are aimed at optimizing the accessing speed so that every user can enjoy a stable and smooth network.

Normally, the wifi routers with two frequency radios are used in business or organization rather than home usage to ensure data transferring speed in each device. However, if you like, you can buy and use it for high speed and better performance.

WiFi Security

You are not safe when using a wireless network because it is an easily vulnerable network. This network can be hacked and cracked, which means that hackers can get access and know whatever you do on the Internet.

From this, they can send harmful files to your devices that once you click and open these files, your devices will be attacked. Therefore, when choosing a wifi router, you should put the security factor at the top priority.

Choose a router with WPA2 (Wifi Protected Access 2) because this type allows you to set a different password for your wifi. Your devices, including smartphone, tablet, laptop or TV, have to be compatible with WPA2 so to work properly.

Block strange users from using wifi network
Block strange users from using wifi network and attacking your devices. Source: TechGenix

As the demand for wireless router security increases, especially in businesses and organizations, manufacturers add more functions to increase security fences. Extra encryption and monitor devices, for instance, can block strange users from entering your wifi network and from attacking your network and devices. Different functions relating to your privacy and security are also brought to modern wifi routers to meet your requirements.

WiFi Speed

802.11 standards are the normal speed for wifi routers set by most manufacturers. However, this speed cannot be maintained all the time but just in ideal conditions. So, don’t expect too much as sometimes the data speed is extremely low and you cannot do anything but let it be. The massive users, interference and weak signal can lower the data speed.

Moreover, to ensure the data speed in every room in your house, make sure you place a wifi router in the center of the house and in an area where the signal is not blocked by walls and equipment.

If you want to enjoy a good experience when using the network, it is necessary to choose a good wifi router. All other issues related to router, wifi, or IP address please check out Hope that this article will give you an overall guide to select a wifi router for your home.

Wrapping Up

We have checked the various features of the WIFI routers that need to be considered while purchasing it for your home and office. However, we have covered the basic issues related to the router. If you want to check out more advanced issues that should be considered the you must check out them at

If you still have any issues that is pressing you then feel free to ask us by commenting at the end of this article. We will behappy to assist you.

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