The Future of Customer Service – 5 Trends to Keep in Mind


The Future of Customer Service
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There are a lot of advancements in every field of life. Every day we encounter the news of some innovation that is being made in the field of technology. As far as customer service is concerned we can see that companies around the world are working to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their customer service departments. For instance if you call spectrum customer service number you will first encounter an automated response or if you want to make a bill payment you will see an automated response and that helps you to pay your bill within minutes. This is one of the aspects that is achieved by integrating artificial intelligence.

There are recent advancements that are being practiced by some top companies around the world in the customer service field. Before we move towards the trends of the future customer service let us tell you the primary focus of a customer service department. No matter what latest technology you are using, you need to keep into consideration certain aspects for a better future of your customer service.

The Future of Customer Service in 2021

  • There has to be an integrated approach between self-service and live service, you need to give your customers an option to get help from a live agent as well.
  • The customer service reps or agents should have problem-solving skills, sound product knowledge, and excellent communication skills.
  • The role of customer service is to provide a proactive approach even if it is through automated response.

The impact of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence involves machines that operate like a human brain. The main goal of artificial intelligence is to provide a human-like environment. Most of the companies plan to create an environment in the customer service department where the customer will receive automated responses and the need for an agent will be eliminated. This means that you will create an environment where you will not need to hire any customer service agents.

AI to perform the basic tasks 

There are many tedious tasks that a customer service agent has to do daily that can be made easy and done with help of AI. These tasks include sorting out emails, keeping records of the complaints made by customers, or rerouting calls to customers, all these simple tasks can be done with help of artificial intelligence.

Machine Language is used to create an environment that performs these simple tasks. The algorithm of machine language is updated that brings a positive impact on the daily ground tasks.

A new Reality

We can see the emergence of predictive customer service. It involves a complete artificial intelligence integrated environment where the need of a customer is predicted and measures are taken beforehand. For example, the AI software or machines that are used in airlines can predict if a passenger will be late the automated customer service will book another flight for them. This approach eliminates the need for a human customer service agent as it involves a more proactive approach.

Role of Voice Channels 

One of the desired use of AI for customers is voice channels for example Google Assistant or Alexa. No one can deny the importance of an email or online chat because most of the users are inclined towards the online chat option. The voice channels are a fun way to engage the users. People use Google Assistant in their daily lives, it is created to assist the consumers, users speak through voice recognition software, Google Assistance responds to the queries of the users. It is simpler and more effective, users can save an ample amount of time if the customer service involves voice channels.

AI Bots 

Previously many companies employed Chabot for providing customer service but it received backlash from many consumers. Presently after more research and enhanced AI approach, some companies are using AI agents that respond to the customers more naturally and it can be even more effective because you can feed information in the AI agents that can assist the customers faster than ever.

Where a customer service rep can get confused over the line or might not have proper knowledge or skills, AI bots can be made more advanced to fill in that gap.

In Conclusion,

We can predict a revolution in the future of customer service in the coming years. There is extensive work that is being done to provide more accurate results through artificial intelligence. Customers can get a human-like response but in a more accurate and targeted manner with help of AI. No one can replace humans in the end but with help of technology, better results can be made and customer service can open more doors for the customers and assist them more effectively. With each passing day, new trends can be seen and the future involves an amalgamation of humans and technology.

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