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Looking to Get Your Business Online With A Full-Service Web Host? Every business needs an online presence. In today’s digital world, an online presence is a must. Whether you sell any product or services online but you still require a website for your business to provide a platform where users can know about your business and can contact you easily.

Most small business owners are not much aware of taking a business online or building a website. It is even difficult for them to select the right hosting provider for their website from thousands of available options.

Finally, they end up paying a huge amount to web development companies just for simple tasks. We have already covered step-by-step tutorials on how to start a blog/website on WordPress. But this article is about selecting a full-service web host for your website and taking your business online in simple steps.

HostPapa is one such full-service web host providing customers with a range of full-featured hosting packages at reasonable prices.

Starting from domain registration, fast web hosting, email marketing, website building, and more. HostPapa offers you everything that is needed to take your business online successfully.

Without wasting much time let’s dig a little deeper into the company’s comprehensive suite of hosting services.

HostPapa – A Full-Service Web Host

A full-service web host offers you all the features that are required to build a website for a successful online presence. HostPapa offers a wide range of services for small businesses but before we take them one by one let’s check the basic services that are offered by them.

HostPapa Basic Services:

  • Business Class Hosting
  • Optimized WordPress Hosting
  • Basic and Advanced Email Hosting
  • Premium Cloud Backup
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Free Domain
  • Office 365
  • G Suite
  • DIFM – Website Design and Management Service
  • And the list goes on…

Let’s get into the details of all the services and features offered by HostPapa.

Domain Registration and Transfer

The domain name is the first building block of taking your business online. Your company’s online identity starts with your domain name. HostPapa offers you to buy the domain name directly from their website. They support most of the popular domain extensions.

Not only that they also offer free domain names with their long-term web hosting plans. Apart from domain registration they also allow you to transfer your existing domain name to other hosting providers.

The domain name also allows you to build your online identity through custom business email addresses like

If you have still not decided on the domain name then our guide will help you to select the best domain name for your business.

Next comes the selection of a web hosting service that suits your business needs.

Hosting Services

Selecting a hosting service for your website is very important. If you are starting a simple blog or website then you must go with the shared hosting services. If you are planning to set up your online store then you must choose VPS hosting or Dedicated hosting.

Whatever your business requirement is HostPapa is a one-stop solution to all your business needs. They offer a wide variety of hosting plans with high-performance hosting services.

Let’s now check out the various HostPapa hosting services.

1. WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the most popular CMS powering 45% of online websites. HostPapa offers dedicated WordPress hosting plans to make your websites running on WordPress fast and secure. HostPapa offers WordPress hosting over fully optimized servers to offer enhanced performance with fast page load time and content caching.

Full-Service Web Host hostpapa wordpress hosting

The in-built WordPress security and monitoring keep your website safe from online threats. Additionally, Jetpack Security includes tools for malware scanning, spam filtering, and protection from brute force attacks.

Apart from speed and security HostPapa also offers pre-installed software with automatic updates and professional themes to take your website online hassle-free. The 24×7 professional WordPress support team helps you solve all issues.

HostPapa has everything for you to start building your WordPress website on day one. If you are planning to start your Website on WordPress then go ahead.

2. VPS Hosting

When you are completely focused on taking your online business to the next level you require more resources and computing power for your website. This is when you have lots of daily visitors to your website and your shared hosting plans are incapable to take care of the traffic load. This is the time to move your website to VPS hosting having dedicated resources.

Their enterprise-grade VPS hosting gives companies the power, control, security, and support they need to meet the new online business challenges that come with rapid growth.

You host any number of domains and websites with VPS hosting. HostPapa offers fully scalable and optimized e-commerce, with heightened security and the most useful apps. There’s support for a range of programming languages and the service utilizes up-to-date hardware that includes enhanced SSD drives and current Intel Xeon, processors.

The VPS servers are fully manageable with cPanel or WHM. Alternatively, if you want full control over the server then you can ask for root access through SSH.

HostPapa’s managed VPS hosting service provides a flexible, fast, and scalable alternative to shared web hosting.

3. Managed Shared Hosting

Managing all your hosting plans are simple with the HostPapa easy-to-use control panel. But if you want to completely focus on your business and leave the hassle of managing the servers with HostPapa, then you can do that with managed shared hosting plans.

In this plan, HostPapa takes care of all your server needs and the security of your websites. All you have to do is keep focusing on your business.

Under managed shared hosting plans they offer:

  • Professional support for shared hosting
  • Exclusive front-of-the-line access
  • Web security support
  • Website performance support
  • Email setup support
  • Script and app support and more…

HostPapa’s managed shared hosting service provides a flexible, fast, and scalable alternative to manage all your online needs.

4. Reseller Hosting

If you are planning to start your own business website then this is not your piece of cake. But if you’re looking for an online business to sell web hosting packages to your clients then HostPapa offers best-in-class reseller hostings.

A wide range of plans and an easy-to-custom control panel helps you to start your reseller business within no time.

HostPapa Reseller hosting offers you the best plans to set up your web hosting business.

High-Performance Hosting Servers

It is important that your website should be available at all times and should take the traffic load, especially during peak hours. HostPapa has deployed fast servers with a state of the art technology providing a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

The lightning-fast hosting servers deliver your content in the blink of an eye. HostPapa achieves that kind of visitor-friendly performance by combining its SuperMicro servers with Cloudflare’s robust content delivery network.

HostPapa offers smart solutions for your small business with its high-performance servers. All websites are hosted on these fast, secure, and reliable servers with great uptime.

Email and Office Tools

HostPapa is a full-service web host that offers email and office tools for your business. Communicating with customers is most important for any business. Communication should be effective in two ways with enhanced security. HostPapa offers great tools offering multiple options to communicate with your clients. They are offering a range of affordable plans that meet the needs of any size business.

The basic email plan gives you the email address for your business on your company name, like The email address on the name of your company gives a professional appearance to your clients rather than using the Gmail address.

The Advanced Email plan adds features that improve email mobility and security, so it’s the ideal choice for companies that rely heavily on smartphones and tablets.

HostPapa also offers Microsoft Office 365 service at a reasonable rate. Another similar offering of business-class email paired with office productivity tools comes in the form of their G Suite service.

Whatever communication plans you need for your business HostPapa has it all. You can trust their services to take your business to new heights.

Online Stores

Online stores today are in fashion. Whether you want to sell physical products or digital products, HostPapa has the solution for all your e-commerce requirements. It enables you to launch a store that projects a professional image for your company and includes all the transnational capabilities and security you need to do business online.

HostPapa offers easy to use online store builder for you to start your own e-commerce store. The tool helps you to create a professional store that is compatible with all devices including smartphones and tablets.

Alternatively, you can create an online store on WordPress also with the help of woo-commerce. Initially, you can go with the WordPress hosting plans to start your store and then move to VPS hosting once you have more users and transactions.

To provide security to online transactions HostPapa employs SSL certificates, automated backups, and regular security updates to eliminate vulnerabilities and protect against data loss.

SSL Certificate

A small business website or an e-commerce store needs to collect the sensitive data of the customers. So it is important to protect customer information during all online transactions.

To protect that data, HostPapa offers advanced layers of security with SSL support.

An SSL certificate ensures there’s no way your data can be intercepted and used by hackers because it converts the data being sent into unreadable code.

HostPapa offers free SSL certificates will their hosting plans. The free certificates are from Let’s Encrypts. Alternatively, you can also include easy-to-install GlobalSign SSL certificates that are recognized by 99.9% of all web browsers and employ up to 256-bit encryption.

Final Words About Full-Service Web Host

HostPapa is definitely among the best full-service web host. They had made their reputation in the market by providing the best in class security, reliability, technical expertise, and providing world-class customer support.

If you looking for a full-service web hosting provider then HostPapa is the right choice. They give lots of discounts and offers from time to time. Below is the link to HostPapa where you can check other features and any ongoing discounts.

If you come across any other such full-service web host offering services so cheap then do leave us a comment at the end of this article and we will be happy to add it to the list. HostPapa comes with a money-back guarantee and hence it gives you another reason to try the service for your small business.

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